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"An enclosure for Crystal Pillar made by Esthar. 3 miles tall and 1.5 miles wide, the enormous enclosure boasts a high-tech facility. It floats by causing a reaction with the Crystal Pillar. A stone from the moon is sealed inside. It was probably built to cause the Lunar Cry through artificial means."
—Lunatic Pandora - FFVIII Info Corner
Lunatic Pandora

The Lunatic Pandora (ルナティックパンドラ, Runatikku Pandora) is the name of a huge structure in Final Fantasy VIII. In one of the Laguna flashback sequences, Laguna, Kiros and Ward passed through the Lunatic Pandora. In the flashback sequence, Laguna could change things in the cave-like tunnels inside for the later visit by Squall and his party members.

The Lunatic Pandora consists of two parts: the large crystal pillar inside, with cave-like tunnels that run throughout; and the surrounding case, a large, semi-rectangular structure built around the pillar made of a dark material, most likely a type of metal. It can be assumed that Esthar constructed the case, since the emblem of the nation of Esthar is prominent on the side of the structure.



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Lunatic Pandora Interior

Originally the Lunatic Pandora was a Crystal Pillar that was discovered by the ancient Centra civilization. The Centra viewed it as a source of divine power and moved it to their own capitol, unaware that the Crystal Pillar was really a tool that reacted with the moon to aid in the Lunar Cry, the process of monsters arriving on the planet. Once the Lunar Cry hit, the capital of Centra was destroyed, leaving behind only the massive crater that now makes up most of the "modern" Centra continent. The crystal pillar sank beneath the sea, only to be rediscovered by the Estharian Sorceress Adel and her troops sixty-two years later. Lunatic Pandora is a name which encompasses the Crystal Pillar and the casing that was built around it to make it mobile.

When the Lunatic Pandora and the Crystal Pillar it houses couple with Tears' Point, it forces a super-intense reaction with the moon, leading to a Lunar Cry of epic proportions. The face of the planet changes after this event, with more and more powerful monsters inhabiting every corner of the world. It is thus likely safe to assume that the crystal pillar's most prominent purpose is to couple the moon and planet together, although its actual origin is never mentioned in the game.

During the events of Final Fantasy VIII, Seifer raises the Lunatic Pandora and moves it to Tears' Point, activating a second Lunar Cry on the Esthar continent. The Lunatic Pandora later houses Adel's tomb as she awakens from her cryogenic slumber. Squall and his comrades enter he Lunatic Pandora and dispatch Adel as she awakens. When Ultimecia begins to possess Rinoa, Ellone sends the two back in time to allow Ultimecia to begin Time Compression. The Lunatic Pandora fades as Squall, Rinoa and their allies fall through time, and its ultimate fate is not revealed. If the player leaves Ultimecia Castle and returns to the world map, the Lunatic Pandora has vanished, leaving the possibility that it was simply absorbed into time during Time Compression.


The Lunatic Pandora/Crystal Pillar is seen in different locations throughout the game. First, after years unfound after the disaster in the Centra civilization, it was being excavated in the Centra Excavation Site then moved to be studied by Esthar at the Lunatic Pandora Laboratory. Years later, after being abandoned and then re-activated from a watery grave in the ocean, it was brought to Tears' Point where it stood until the end of the game.

Musical Themes

"Lunatic Pandora"
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The musical theme "Lunatic Pandora" plays whenever the player enters the gargantuan structure.


Lunatic Pandora refers to the fact that the Crystal Pillar is a gateway for monsters to be released on the Planet, an analogy of the Jar that brings all kinds of evil according the myth of Pandora's Box. Lunatic, aside from meaning "a reckless impetuous irresponsible person" is also the adjective corresponding to the Latin word Luna, "Moon". Lunatic Pandora therefore is the name of the object, a box, filled with Evils from the Moon.


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