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Lunarian Boy.

Lunarians are a race of moon inhabitants from Final Fantasy IV. Many years prior to the events of the game, they lived on a planet between "the Red Planet" (Mars) and "the Great Behemoth" (Jupiter). However, their planet was about to be destroyed, so the Lunarians fled. They came to "the Blue Planet" (Earth), but humans were still in the process of evolution. The Lunarians decided to sleep and await the day the humans could understand and live peacefully with them, so a second moon was created. The Lunarians went to sleep near the moon's core, while one of them, Fusoya, stood guard over them. The only entrance to the path to the core was concealed underneath the Crystal Palace.

The Lunarians sleep at the Sleep Room in The After Years.

Fusoya's brother, Kluya, eventually built an airship known as the Lunar Whale to travel to Earth. Kluya taught the people there advanced technology such as Airship building and the Devil's Road, and taught them the secret of magic. Kluya also fathered two sons, Cecil Harvey and Theodor Harvey. Kluya was eventually killed by a group of "angry humans" and his spirit came to rest atop Mount Ordeals.

Although the majority of Lunarians were content to sleep, Zemus believed that they should use the Giant of Babil to destroy humanity and leave Earth to the Lunarians. It is for this reason, as well as the protection of the Lunarians as a whole, that Fusoya sealed Zemus and forced him to sleep. Though asleep, Zemus was still able to use his immense psychic powers to control others tainted with darkness. He was eventually able to take control of Theodor, and christened him Golbez. Golbez's Lunarian blood made him even more susceptible to Zemus' manipulations.

Under Zemus' control, Golbez gathered the eight Crystals of Earth and activated the planetary elevator within the Tower of Babil, transporting the Giant of Babil to Earth. Through the combined efforts of Cecil Harvey and his allies, the Giant was destroyed and Golbez was freed from Zemus' control. Golbez returned to the moon with Fusoya, intent on killing Zemus for all he had done. Confronting him in the moon's core, the two were able to kill Zemus, but his hatred survived and developed a consciousness of its own, becoming the beast Zeromus. After Zeromus was defeated, the Lunarians decided that the Earth would be better off without their presence, and made their moon move out of Earth's orbit, heading for parts unknown.

In Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, the moon is targeted by The Creator for their Crystals. Fusoya and Golbez must fight Maenas, who revives Zeromus to attack them. Golbez manages to escape to Earth, but Fusoya remains behind as Zeromus uses his Big Bang attack. Golbez is teleported aboard the Lunar Whale and sent to Earth. The fate of Fusoya and the Lunarians after this is unknown, though Golbez mentions in the ending he plans to return to the moon and find out.

Physically, Lunarians appear nearly identical to humans, although if Fusoya's physical appearance is any indication they are very long-lived. Cecil and Golbez possess no distinctive physical traits that would identify their heritage, and Fusoya furthermore claims that Cecil looks exactly like Kluya in his youth, though this is contradicted in the DS version where Golbez is shown to have the greatest resemblance to Kluya, while Cecil greatly resembles their mother Cecilia. Lunarians are natural mages, and Golbez, Zemus, and Fusoya all know the ultimate magic Meteor as well as a variety of other high-level spells, and the spirit of Kluya is able to grant Meteor to Tellah as well.


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