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The Lunar Whale in the Nintendo DS remake.

The Lunar Whale, also known as the Big Whale, is the ultimate airship found in Final Fantasy IV that is bestowed on the party with the aid of the elder of Mysidia.

The ship was constructed by the Lunarian Kluya, and is capable of of spaceflight between the Red Moon and Earth. After using the Lunar Whale to travel to Earth, Kluya put it to rest in the sea near Mysidia, at a point where the continent's shape forms a "dragon's maw" (as referred to in the Mysidian Legend). The Lunar Whale's specifications were likely used by Kluya to build other airships, as he is credited with teaching humans how to construct the crafts.

Later, during the events of Final Fantasy IV, Golbez acquires all the Crystals and the Lunar Whale is raised from the sea to allow Cecil and his allies to travel to the Red Moon. After Zemus is killed, the Lunar Whale is returned to the waters from whence it came. However, in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, the Lunar Whale reappears, somehow on the Red Moon. Golbez uses the craft to return to Earth, and it again serves as transportation between the two locations.

"Born from dragon's maw".

In terms of size, the Lunar Whale's sprite is three to four times the size of other airships, but moves more slowly. Because of its size, in the Nintendo DS version, the ship is incapable of landing in some places that the Falcon and the Enterprise can do so with ease. It is also unable to enter the crater to the underground. The ship has a mechanical Fat Chocobo in the rear of the ship, and several beds to heal the party (these are shaped like pods in the Nintendo DS version). The Crystal of Flight rests in the cockpit and controls travel between the Red Moon and Earth, and other Crystals are used to power the airship. Unlike the other airships shown in the game, the Lunar Whale seems to possess no weaponry. It also has a theme song unique to it named "the Big Whale" (or "Magical Ship" as it is called in the Nintendo DS version) that plays whenever the party boards the Whale.

Other Appearances


Dissidia Final Fantasy

The Lunar Whale can be seen in the Red Moon as a background element besides the Crystal Palace. Also, its field icon is used in the Duel Colosseum mode to represent higher level enemies.


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