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The Lunar Subterrane in the DS version of Final Fantasy IV.

The Lunar Subterrane is the final dungeon in Final Fantasy IV. It's a massive cave complex, filled with strong monsters. It can only be accessed from Crystal Palace once the Giant of Babil has been destroyed.

The caverns contain a great deal of hidden passages and strong monsters, including dragons. As the final dungeon, the strongest equipment pieces in the game exist here for the SNES and PlayStation versions. There are also many monsters hidden in treasure chests, and at the bottom of the cavern lay several sealed relics guarded by minions of Zemus. Eventually, the caverns leads to an area where the floor consists mainly of shiny tiles. The walls are still made of rock. This area is titled the Lunar Core in the Advance version of the game, but is part of the Lunar Subterrane in all other versions. In the Easytype version that was only released in Japan, there's a save point on one of the last floors in the subterrane. In reference to this, The After Years brings it back, but has replaced it with a healing tile.

The area is infested with semi-boss monsters as random encounters, such as Behemoths and Red Dragons. Lower levels also contain Zemus's Malice, Zemus's Breath, and Deathmasks, enemies unique to this area. The boss Ogopogo also lurks here guarding the strongest weapon for Edge.

The upper areas of the core are connected via stairways, but lower areas are connected via teleporters. In the deepest area the party can find Zemus. Presumably there also exists an even deeper area where the Lunarians are sleeping.



The Lunar Core, deep within the Lunar Subterrane, in the DS remake.

Final Fantasy IV

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Cecil and his friends descend the Lunar Subterrane after destroying the Giant of Babil, following Fusoya and Golbez, who head for the core in order to defeat Zemus.

The heroes confront Zemus in the Lunar Core

After going through several battles in the subterrane, the heroes finally meet Zemus, Golbez, and Fusoya, who are battling as they arrive. Golbez and Fusoya are able to defeat the evil Lunarian, but his hatred is revived as Zeromus, who defeats his opponents. Only with the help of the blessings of his friends Cecil gets back on foot and uses the Crystal that Golbez gave to him, which in turn gives a physical body to Zeromus and thus allows it to be defeated.

After Zeromus' death, Golbez and Fusoya head to the sleeping room deep within the Moon, while Cecil and his friends return to their planet.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

The Lunar Subterrane reappears in the Lunarian's Tale in The After Years. It is first visited by Golbez at the start of the tale. He goes through it starting on the bottom floor to reach the Crystal Palace, where he reunites with Fusoya. Both of them later return to it in pursuit of the Mysterious Girl. They fight Zeromus's Malice there. The player later returns in the final tale while heading to the Depths.


The Crystal Room portal to the Lunar Subterrane

Final Fantasy IV


  • Black Garb
  • Fire Whip
  • Sage's Staff
  • Dragon Mail
  • Dragon Shield
  • Dragon Gloves
  • Dragon Helmet
  • Artemis Arrows X10
  • Artemis Bow
  • Elixer
  • X-Potion
  • Crystal Mail
  • Crystal Shield
  • Crystal Gloves
  • Crystal Helmet
  • Stardust Wand
  • White Robe
  • Protect Ring X2
  • Minerva's Plate
  • Fuma Shuriken
  • Golden Apple
  • Cabin
  • Murasame (won after defeating White Dragon)
  • Ragnarok (Crystal Sword) (won after defeating Dark Bahamut)
  • Holy Lance (White Spear) (won after defeating Plague)
  • Ribbon X2 (in the room after defeating Lunasaur)


Final Fantasy IV: The After Years


The background music that plays inside the subterranean areas is "The Red Wings".

The background music that plays inside the moon's core is called "Giant's Dungeon", the same as the Giant of Babil's.

Enemy formations

Final Fantasy IV


Warlock X3
Warlock, Kary
Warlock, Kary X2
Red Giant
Red Giant X2
Warlock, Kary, Red Giant
Warlock X2, Red Giant
D. Bone
Warlock, D. Bone
Blue D.
Blue D. X2
Ging-Ryu, Red Giant
Fatal Eye
King-Ryu, Ging-Ryu
D. Fossil
Pink Puff (in a single room)
Pale Dim (Boss)
Wyvern (Boss)
Plague Horror (Boss)
D. Lunar x2 (Boss)
Nintendo DS

Lunar Core

Floor 1
Behemoth Behemoth Behemoth Behemoth
Red D. Red D. Red Dragon Red Dragon
EvilMask EvilMask Wicked Mask Deathmask
Ogopogo (Boss) Ogopogo (Boss) Ogopogo (Boss) Ogopogo (Boss)
Floor 2
The Lunar Core
Red D., Behemoth Red D., Behemoth Red Dragon, Behemoth
Red D. x2 Red D. x2 Red Dragon x2
Behemoth x2 Behemoth x2 Behemoth x2
Red D. x3 Red D. x3 Red Dragon x3
EvilMask x2 EvilMask x2 Wicked Mask x2
Nintendo DS
Floor 3
Mind Mind Zemus's Mind Zemus's Malice
Breath Breath Zemus's Breath

Floor 4
Zemus (Script)
Zeromus (Script)
Zeromus (Boss)


Other Appearances

Dissidia Final Fantasy

The Lunar Subterrane

The Lunar Subterrane is the representative arena of Final Fantasy IV. Firion battles Jecht here, and Terra and Zidane begin their storylines here as well. Cecil and Bartz fight Golbez here in their respective story lines.

The Lunar Subterrane is a very large arena dominated by high cliffs and lines on the ground player can skate along. The Crystal Palace and Lunar Whale can be seen on the background. Also, in the ending, the Moon appears as the camera turns to Cecil when he returns to his original world. The Lunar Subterrane's alternate stage features more destroyable cliffs and background elements than the default stage.

Interestingly, while being named The Lunar Subterrane, the stage is clearly the Lunar Surface.

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