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The Lunar Cry begins
"Refers to monsters falling from the moon. Completely destroyed the cities of Centra. Occurs when monsters reach a saturation point on the moon. It's believed that there are factors on the planet that cause this phenomenon. This phenomenon has occurred many times in history and will reoccur in the future."
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The Lunar Cry (月の涙後, Tsuki no Namida) refers to a phenomenon in Final Fantasy VIII where creatures of the Moon - monsters - fall to earth at regular intervals. The monsters that roam the planet are the ones that had bred since the last Lunar Cry. This phenomenon may also transform animals into monsters.


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The Lunar Cry descends upon the Lunatic Pandora.

It is said that when the Lunatic Pandora, a magical pillar of evil portent, is in perfect alignment with the moon, the Lunar Cry can be performed, and monsters will be summoned from the moon to wreak infernal havoc on earth. It happened once before in the past, bringing terror to the Earth. When the Cry was performed, monsters came down from the moon and destroyed the entire Centra continent, leaving only ruins.

When Seifer, under the control of Ultimecia, raises the Lunatic Pandora from the sea, he steers it towards Tears' Point, a structure built where exists the most effective place to perform a Lunar Cry. The Lunar Cry occurs, and up in Outer Space, a possessed Rinoa releases Sorceress Adel.

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