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Luna - Armed Archfiend
English: Luna - Armed Archfiend
Attribute: DARK Image:Dark.png
Types: Fiend/Ritual/Effect
Level: 4 Image:Star.pngImage:Star.pngImage:Star.pngImage:Star.png
ATK/DEF: 2300/1700
Ritual Spell Card Required: "Offering of the Dark Commander"
Card Lore: This card cannot be Special Summoned except with the Ritual Spell Card, Offering of the Dark Commander. Pay 700 Life Points during your Standby Phase(This is not optional). Once per turn, you can Special Summon 1 DARK Monster from your Graveyard, except for cards that include "Luna -" on their names. This card cannot be destroyed by effects that do not Target it.
Sets with this Card: Revolution of Might REMH - EN003
Rarity: Super Rare
Card Limit: Unlimited
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Normal Monsters (Fiend-Type)

Archfiend Villager

Effect Monsters (Fiend-Type)

Archfiend Dante - Archfiend Guardian: Jigoku - Archfiend: Kamikaze
Archfiend Mechanic - Archfiend Mirror - Archfiend Spear Soldier - Archfiend of Speed
Archfiend Watchman - Dark Archfiend Ruler Ha Des - First Class Archfiend
Mufin Archfiend - Negative Class Ultimate Archfiend Ha Des - Zeroth Class Ultimate Archfiend
Puppeteer's Doll - Archfiend Blaster - Infernal Wing Archfiend - Miasma Archfiend
Archfiend Harbinger - Justice Archfiend - Reaper Archfiend - Archfiend Apocalypse
Archfiend Supporter

Fusion Monsters (Fiend-Type)

Archfiend Kuriboh - Archfiend Lord Dante - Darkness Skull Archfiend

Hybrid Monsters

Blader of Light

Ritual Monsters (Fiend-Type)

Luna - Armed Archfiend

Synchro Monsters (Fiend-Type)

Archfiend King Terror - Ruler of All Fear

Non-Fiend-Type Archfiends

Archfiend Lord Apocrolipha - Archfiend Lord Ba‘al Zebûb - Archfiend Lord Forneus
Archfiend Lord Glutnger - Archfiend Lord Krateius - Archfiend Lord Luferious
Archfiend Lord Ozarus - Archfiend Lord Zyklon - Archfiend Shadow Dragon
Crimson Dragon Archfiend (Ritual Monster) - Gilfer Legend (Synchro) - Nature Root-Insect Archfiend
Red Dragon Archfiend / Chaos - Spawn Dragon Archfiend (Dark Synchro)
Star Dragon Archfiend

Spell Cards

Archfiend Chessboard - Archfiend's Final Fusion - Archfiend Group Blast
Archfiend's Rain - Archfiend's Servant
Crimson Inferno Ritual - Offering of the Dark Commander

Trap Cards

Archfear - Archfiend Possession Virus - Archfiend Tamer



Luna (Dark Commander)
Luna - Darkness Commander - Luna - Deity of Darkness - Luna - Armed Archfiend - Luna - Divine Light - Luna - Toon Commander - Luna - Divinity of Light and Darkness

Support Cards

Reimu-H - Blessing to the Dark Commander - Offering of the Dark Commander - Servant of the Darkness Commander - Luna's Lead Scientist - Salvation of the Darkness Commander - Darkness Commander's Decree - Dread Dragon - Dread Chimera - Darkness Commander's Trap Hole - Darkness Commander's Revival

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