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Lumbridge Swamp Caves contain a number of indigenous Slayer monsters.

The Lumbridge Swamp Caves is a member-only, dangerous cave system located beneath the Lumbridge Swamp. It is home to a variety of slayer monsters and is also known as the "slayer cave", although there are also some friendly faces within.

Players can net fish for frog spawn in these caves. This requires level 33 Fishing. Players may also fish for slimy eels and cave eels. Players will need 28 Fishing to catch slimy eels and 38 to catch cave eels.

To enter, players should bring a light source (preferably not an 'open' light source like a candle), rope, a spiny helmet (purchased from slayer masters), antipoisons or super antipoisons, and a tinderbox. If players enter the caves without a light source bugs will rapidly bite them hitting 1's and can kill the player quickly depending on their hitpoints.



Lumbridge caves location.

The main entrance to the caves is south of Lumbridge, between the water altar and the mining site. This is the most commonly used entrance. The minimap highlights the location of this entrance with an icon: (!). A spiny helmet is absolutely necessary when using this entrance, as there is a wall beast in between the entrance and the rest of the caves.

The basement of Lumbridge Castle houses another entrance to the caves, though players must have started The Lost Tribe quest to use this route. First break through the loose wall in the north-west corner of the cellar, then go south and mine through the wall there. Players need not wear a spiny helmet if they simply wish to visit the Tears of Guthix minigame, as there are no wall beasts on the path there. You may want to be a level of at least 97 (beast levels are up to 119 so you may want to bring food).

Swamp gas

The caves contain swamp gas, which is highly flammable. In some areas, this will cause an open light source (such as a lit candle) to explode around ten seconds after being in the caves. This does 10 to 20 damage to the player's Hitpoints, depending on the Hitpoints level. It also extinguishes the candle, so players need to light it again using a tinderbox. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that players have a lantern.

In order to detect these areas, players can look on the walls between rooms. If a symbol is there, that means an open light source will explode. Players who still have the Goblin symbol book from The Lost Tribe may notice that the symbol represents one of the Goblin Tribes. The name of that tribe translates to "the flatulent".


The following monsters are found in Lumbridge Swamp Caves:


The following non-player characters are found in Lumbridge Swamp Caves:

  • Juna - the guardian to the Tears of Guthix cave


The following quests involve Lumbridge Swamp Caves:


The following music tracks are unlocked or used in Lumbridge Swamp Caves:

  • The Lost Tribe
  • The Power of the Tears
  • Tears of Guthix
  • Cave of the Goblins

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