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Lumbridge Sage
The Lumbridge Guide.
Release date 6 June 2005 (Update)
Race Human
Members NPC? No
Quest NPC? Yes- Recipe for Disaster
Location Lumbridge
Sells items? No
Skill requirement? No
Quest requirement? Unstable Foundations
Gender Male
Examine He provides new players with useful information.
Notable features Talks to players about Lumbridge.

The Lumbridge Sage (real name Phileas, previous title Lumbridge Guide) is a non-player character who can tell players about the history and politics of Lumbridge. He can be found just east of Lumbridge Castle.

Phileas is rescued in a subquest of Recipe for Disaster, after being attacked by the Culinaromancer and frozen in time for his own protection by Gypsy Aris, by the player making him a Cake of Guidance.

He used to be more of a general advice giver for new players, telling players not to tell anyone their password, what to kill, how to make money, and more. He did not specialise in tutoring any specific skill.

The Lumbridge Sage's stall.

The RuneScape Game Guide describes Phileas as "the oldest and wisest citizen of Lumbridge"[1].

Terrova, the Magic Instructor on the old Tutorial Island, also mentioned that the Lumbridge Sage is a friend of his, indicating the two have known each other well at some point in their lives. Terrova also advised new players to go to him for advice and guidance.

According to Postbag from the Hedge 39, he had several professions before becoming the Lumbridge Sage. One of them involved keeping owls but most of them were scholarly in nature. He has been a history teacher, a travelling dictionary salesman and an encyclopaedist (he wrote the 'G' section of Encyclopaedia Gigantica). His most recent job was at the Varrock Library but he left after a disagreement with Reldo.


  • A Saradomin owl and a Broodoo shield can be seen at his stall.
  • Around 25 June 2009, there was a leak in the knowledge base that the Lumbridge Guide would be receiving a makeover, and be renamed the Lumbridge Sage.[2][3]
  • The Lumbridge Guide was renamed the Lumbridge Sage on 17 September 2009, along with the release of the new tutorial and several other changes to the Lumbridge area.
  • His location has been changed twice, the most recent move giving him his current prominent position where new players will more easily notice him. This is ironic considering that he was subsequently updated to no longer play as important a role for new players.
  • For a short while after his title was changed certain things, like his Recipe For Disaster subquest in the quest journal, still referred to him as the "Lumbridge Guide." This was soon changed in the update on the 13th of October.
  • The owl will occasionally fly from his post upon a stool with books covering it to the ground, where he will look behind the Broodoo shield and inside a cup, possibly for valuables or food.
  • He gives player moderators the ability to teleport to the player moderator room.
  • You can see Phileas' old chathead (before the Advisor system update) to the right.
Must have visited the Make-over Mage...



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