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Gathering style="text-align:center; width: 80%"
Alchemist [ G / R ]
Farmer [ G / R ]
Miner [ G / R ]
Fisherman [ G / R ]
Hunter [ G / R ]

This profession gathers wood and makes wood planks and potions that are used by the Carver and Smith profession to repair weapons. Wood is heavly used by bow carvers, staff carvers and wand carvers but may also be used in smaller amounts in other professions. As your lumberjack level improves, you are able to cut more and more different types of trees.




Only certain axes may be used to cut trees, see: Category:Lumberjack axes

Other axes don't work as tools for the moment.


  • Amakna (4,8), (6,16), (3,22), (4,30)
  • Astrub (1,-25)
  • Bonta (-23,-56)
  • Brakmar - N/A
  • Pandala
    • Pandala Village (26,-36)
    • Terrdala (30,-39)
    • Akwadala (24,-25)
    • Aerdala (17,-32).
  • Incarnam (3,3)


See Lumberjack/Recipes.


See Lumberjack/Gathering.


See Lumberjack/Guides

Tree locations

See Trees

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A player wearing Lumberjack clothing.

The set of Lumberjack clothing is dropped in pieces by Undead Lumberjacks in the Temple Trekking minigame. Lumberjack clothing, when worn, gives extra woodcutting experience for cutting logs. Woodcutting skill. Level 44 Woodcutting is required to wear Lumberjack clothing. The pieces of Lumberjack clothing are as follows:

Each piece of Lumberjack clothing worn raises the amount of Woodcutting experience earned per log by a certain amount, but there is an additional bonus when wearing the whole set.

The individual bonuses are as follows:

This adds up to a total bonus of 2.0%. However, actually 2.5% extra experience is given for the entire set, so wearing the entire set gives an additional bonus of 0.5%.

A full lumberjack set can be stored in the armour case in the Costume Room of a player-owned house.

When using the whole set, the experience per log can be calculated by using the formula math, rounding to the nearest tenth of an experience point.

How to get

Lumberjack clothing is obtained during the Temple Trekking minigame. One of the events players may encounter during Temple Trekking is an area where there is a broken bridge, a zombie, and no trees. This event is where Lumberjack can be obtained. In this event, undead lumberjacks come out of the water. The undead lumberjacks drop planks, which can be used to repair the bridge, but the undead lumberjacks also drop pieces of the Lumberjack set. No more than one piece can be obtained for each event, and a player can get the same piece more than once. A player going for the lumberjack set should kill the undead lumberjacks until they drop a piece, and then continue across the bridge. The undead lumberjacks appear one at a time, but there is a break of one minute after five have appeared. If a player has killed five and still not gotten a lumberjack piece, time can be saved by logging out and logging in, which causes the next set of lumberjacks to start appearing without the minute wait.

The fastest way to obtain a set of lumberjack clothing involves taking any person through route one (the easiest route). This enables the player to skip past most combat events. In addition, the player should carry slayer rings or Kharryl Teleport runes to teleport out of the Bog event, and possibly also the sick people event, due to the time these events take.

For profit while going for lumberjack clothing, a player can kill the Swamp snakes encountered and sell the obtained hides for profit. Players must bring a Knife to harvest the hides; using the Protect from melee prayer while fighting the snakes may be recommended. Nail Beast Nails from the Nail Beast are used in herblore and can be profitable as well, however the Nail Beast Charms are the real prize giving over 1k summoning xp when turned into pouches. Many players chose to playout these two encounters. After having completed an encounter it is best to take the evade path rather than the continue trek as this increases chances of more enocounters before trips end, however this will have an adverse affect on the reward offered for the trek. Reward tokens are given for completed treks, but they will not be very valuable due to the easiest route being used, and so many events being skipped over. However, the value of the reward tokens can be increased slightly by using the hard NPCs instead of the easy or medium NPCs.

All of the lumberjack items can be obtained on any of the routes, although it is possible that the pieces have different probabilities of being dropped on the different routes.

The lumberjack top is the hardest to get of the four pieces. This has been confirmed by Mod Mat K on RuneScape Forums[1]. It seems that the relative rarity of each of the four pieces is proportional to the bonus Woodcutting experience that they provide: the top is the rarest with an 0.8% individual bonus, and the boots seem to be the most common with a 0.2% bonus.

Mod Mat K confirms that the lumberjack top is the rarest piece of the lumberjack set.


  • When examining the clothes, it says, "You'll certainly be alright wearing these" referring to The Lumberjack Song. The clothes themselves look just like those that the typical lumberjack (played by Michael Palin) wears.


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From Yu-Gi-Oh Card Maker Wiki

English: Lumberjack
Attribute: FIRE Image:Fire.png
Types: Warrior/Effect
Level: 4 Image:Star.pngImage:Star.pngImage:Star.pngImage:Star.png
ATK/DEF: 1500/2000
Card Lore: When battling a Plant-Type monster, this card gains 2000 ATK and DEF during damage calculation only.
Sets with this Card: Seeds of Victory - SoV-04X
Card Limit: Unlimited
Other Card Information: Gallery - Rulings
Tips - Errata - Trivia
Lores - Artworks - Names
Facts about LumberjackRDF feed
Level 4  +

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