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Lucky Shades
DR: 1
item HP: 150
weight: 1
value: 39
effects: +1 Luck
repair: Doctor Li's Glasses, Eyeglasses, Reading Glasses, Sunglasses, Three Dog's Glasses, Tinted Reading Glasses, Tortiseshell Glasses
base id: CB54B

The Lucky Shades are a pair of sunglasses which confer a +1 Luck bonus upon the wearer.


These sunglasses are worn by a mannequin after heading straight through the entrance to a red brick building (a store called "Lucky's"), which is located southwest of Tenpenny Tower near the southern edge of the game map. The building, adjacent to a destroyed building and a parking lot, is easily visible from the entrance to Warrington Station.


  • Lucky Shades can be repaired using any eyewear (Eyeglasses, Reading Glasses, etc.). The Lucky Shades aren't marked as "owned" (text, crosshair in red), so taking them won't count as stealing.
  • Lucky Shades look identical to the Sunglasses but is a bit darker in the glass.
  • Lucky Shades have a weight of 1 when the sunglasses has 0, but the luck increase makes up for it.
  • The lucky shades do not appear to take damage.


  • The shades can fall off the mannequin and land on the mannequin stand, where picking them up may be difficult. Exiting and reentering the area may cause the glasses to move, but they can always be found on the bottom of the mannequin stand after a few tries - look hard, as they are nearly invisible.
  • If the shades have fallen, they can usually be retrieved by: entering third person and crouching near them, then rotating the camera until "take" message appears; first dislodging them with explosives; or both.
    • Other, more specific methods of retrieval involving positioning the PC and rotating the camera to access the "take" message - which may be of special interest to players of the PS3 version - include the following:
      • Method 1:
        • Stand in front of the mannequin, facing the same direction the mannequin is facing.
        • Make sure the camera is behind you; in the correct position, the camera angle will be looking almost directly over your head.
        • Slowly move your cursor over your position and the "take" message should appear.
      • Method 2:
        • Stand in front of the mannequin (between its base and the nearby chair), facing the damaged section of wall beside the refrigerator at the end of the shop.
        • While in this position, adjust the camera in third person; it should be as close to the player as possible, and roughly face away from the mannequin. The "take" message should appear when near this position.
      • Method 3:
        • Crouch on the corner of the mannequin stand, facing the chair.
        • In first person view, slowly move the cursor towards the HAM radio on the shelf.
        • The "take" message should appear when the cursor is near the radio.
      • Method 4:
        • Shoot the feet of the mannequin with the Zhu-Rong v418 Chinese Pistol
      • Method 5:
        • Throw a frag mine so it lands flat on the mannequin stand's front right (your right) corner. Throw five more on top of it. They should stick easily after the first. After this, shoot the bottom mine, causing it to explode. This should dislodge the glasses.
  • In the (almost always) event that the Shades fall down (on PS3 this is almost always the case) explosives (mines more than others) can be used to knock it out of mannequin (but most times a bigger explosion 'Fat Man' or 'Nuka Grenade' will be required)
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