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Lucky 8 Ball
uses: +1 Luck
weight: 1
value: 4
quests: Ticking Timebomb
base id: 0002EDFB

The Lucky 8 Ball is a unique Pool Ball that can be obtained by healing the injured Timebomb in Big Town (Red´s clinic). It will only be given to the PC by Timebomb after the Super Mutant attack is repelled. Unlike normal pool balls, it can't be used as Rock-It Launcher ammo.

It has a weight of 1 and increases Luck stat by 1 point (up to a maximum of 10) as long as it is carried in the inventory. If you drop it (including storing it in a locker in your house) you will "no longer feel lucky," and the luck bonus will be removed until you pick it up again.


  • The luck +1 effect is not shown in the Status Effects section of your Pipboy, but you can see the increased stat under the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. section.
  • There is a glitch if you are carrying the Lucky 8 Ball when you pick up the Luck Bobble Head. To avoid it, drop the 8 ball then get the bobble head, then pick up the 8 ball.
  • It is possible that the +1 Luck effect will stop working. If this happens, when you put the Lucky 8 Ball in your inventory it will display the "Good luck added" message, followed immediately by "You are no longer feeling lucky". One fix is to give it to a companion through dialog, exit the dialog, then take it back through dialog. This will restore the +1 Luck while in your inventory.

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