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map marker: Warrington Station
(Tenpenny Tower)
metro: Warrington Station

Lucky's is a trading post in Fallout 3. Its location, southwest of both Tenpenny Tower and Warrington Station, at the bottom edge of the map, is not noted on the World Map. The store is inhabited by a Scavenger and contains some rare items, ideal for fulfilling the requirements for many schematics. Most of the items (notable exception: the Lucky Shades) are marked owned (text & crosshair are red) but are not for sale.

The grounds immediately surrounding Lucky's are usually populated by several different types of enemies, making fights between them a regular sight in the area. It is easy to get caught in a three- or four-way battle when coming out of the store.

Items of Interest


  • The scavenger won't even sell you any of the stuff in the store. The only way to get anything, except the copy of Pugilism Illustrated and the Lucky Shades, is to either steal them or kill the scavenger. Note that if you kill the scavenger, he has a lot of loot on him, including a Nuka Cola and a Roving Trader Outfit which lets you get discounts when trading. Your loot may vary depending on your skills.
  • The scavenger in the store can be the same as(or looks similar to)the scavenger from a random encouter, in which you can repair his faulty robot in turn for some minor supplies (a few power cells and scrap metal).
  • If the Scavenger catches you stealing the items in the shop they will be removed from your inventory and given to him. You can then buy the removed stolen items from him.
  • Beyond the game boundaries, a very large crater can be seen behind the store. Obviously a bomb was dropped there. This doesn't make sense though, as Lucky and his neighbor's building is still standing. It should also be noted that the part of Tenpenny tower that is boarded up is on the wrong side if a bomb did indeed fall there. but the crater is very small, too small for a nuclear device, so it is likely from a smaller explosion which would not damage the building.
  • Outside of the store is a random encounter with Mercs or Regulators, so be prepared to fight!


  • Occasionally a Deathclaw or a Giant Radscorpion will materialize in the store. (Confirmed on the Xbox 360 and PS3)
  • Lucky's shades can sometimes get stuck in the mannequin stand. (confirmed on Xbox 360 and PS3.)
  • It is possible for the Scavenger to randomly attack Fawkes.
  • With a slight chance, a deathclaw will spawn in here with a longer arm ( like when you shut a door on a dead body) funny, but scary.
  • Occasionally when you exit the store there will be no people or enemies in view or on the radar but Talon Mercs or Regulators will suddenly appear in front of you out of thin air. (Confirmed on Xbox 360 and PS3)

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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

Lucky's was a casino owned by an Ortolan nicknamed Lucky. It was famous for the card and dice games that took place there. High stakes sabacc games were often held there and drew in many skilled gamblers. While the casino wasn't affiliated with a particular criminal syndicate, it did pay protection money to the Hutts.

It was also known for its high quality food. Lucky used the best ingredients and his dining room overlooking the sabacc arena was a popular destination.


This article uses material from the "Lucky's" article on the Starwars wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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