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Luck is a recurring stat in the Final Fantasy series, although it is not as common as other stats. It usually affects things such as Critical Hits and finding rare items, but also can influence other stats like Evasion and Accuracy. In other games, where there is no luck stat, there are other stats which determine these instead.




Final Fantasy

Luck made its first appearance in the original Final Fantasy. In this game, it, along with character level, was meant to determine the success or failure of fleeing a battle. However, the calculation did not work exactly as intended, resulting in a Running Glitch.

Final Fantasy VII

Luck appears as a battle element in Final Fantasy VII, not to be confused with "All Lucky 7s", the higher the character's luck is, the more EXP and rare items they acquire. Luck stats can be upgraded permanently via Luck Source.

Final Fantasy VIII

In Final Fantasy VIII, players are able to junction magic spells to their own luck stat. The way to do this is to have a GF learn Luck-J either on its own or with a Luck-J Scroll. Luck determines critical hits, items dropped/stolen in battle, and cards dropped/stolen in battle.

Final Fantasy IX

In Final Fantasy IX, luck appears to affect the rate of being inflicted by status ailments.

Final Fantasy X

Luck in Final Fantasy X affects the character's chances of critical hits, the chances of evading attacks, and accuracy. However, unlike its predecessors, it can only be upgraded via activating a "Luck Sphere" in an empty node, and then using a "Fortune Sphere" to upgrade.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Luck is a Clan Privilege in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. It raises Evasion and chance of the Opportunity Command.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Luck in Dissidia Final Fantasy affects many aspects in the game. Luck can be raised with a number of accessories, and some equipment sets, such as the Genji Set. Having higher luck increases the rate EX-Cores appear. Also, if a character has high luck, they experience a higher percentage of Battlegen accessories being dropped. Lastly, high luck increases the chance of enemies dropping their accessory or equipment during battle.

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