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Lucifer Rising
Series: Doctor Who -
Virgin New Adventures
Release Number: 14
Doctor: Seventh Doctor
Companions: Ace, Benny
Enemy: Piper O’Rourke, IMC
Setting: Lucifer system, the moon of Belial
Author: Jim Mortimore and Andy Lane
Publisher: Virgin Books
Publication: May 1993
Format: Paperback Book, 346 Pages
ISBN: ISBN 0426203887
Previous Story: Deceit
Following Story: White Darkness


Publisher's Summary

'If I’d wanted to spend the rest of my life hoofing it around grimy spaceships for no good reason I’d have stayed in Spacefleet.'

Ace is back. And she is not in a good mood.

Bernice has asked the Doctor to bring the TARDIS to the planet Lucifer, site of a scientific expedition. It’s history to her: the exploration of alien artifacts on Lucifer came to an abrupt halt three centuries before she was born, and she’s always wondered why.

Uncovering the answer involves the Doctor, Bernice and Ace in sabotage, murder, and the resurrection of eons-old alien powers.

Are there Angels on Lucifer? And what does it all have to do with Ace?


  • E flat minor is the Doctor's favourite key.
  • While meditating in his cell he levitates.
  • He likes Arcturan tea as well as Earl Grey and Lapsang Souchong and thinks that tea tastes better out of a Wedgwood pot.
  • Dreams of being naked and stabbing someone.
  • Finds it hard to sit down to eat a meal with people after her time in the Spacefleet eating ration packs or eating from food machines.
  • Amongst the types of Dalek she fought in Spacefleet were Bombardier Daleks.
  • Carries a hip flask containing alcohol doped with various smart chemicals.
  • Made her reputation excavating Ice Warrior citadels on Mars, which formed part of her first visit back to Earth (after she fled from Spacefleet). During the excavation, she made love to a man named Tim in the egg chamber.
  • Piper O'Rourke
  • Spy for IMC.


  • This is the first appearance of the 'modern' Adjudicators.
  • Cold fusion generators can be made from Zyton Seven fused with hymetusite using a parranium catalyst.
  • Lucifer is a gas giant orbited by the moons Belial, Moloch, Astarte and Demogorgon.
  • There is a sea of zelanite on Lucifer.
  • The inhabitants of Delphon find the surgical removal of limbs to be highly sexually alluring.
  • In the Axorc Sector it is considered to be the height of good manners to serve oneself up for dinner on special occasions.
  • The Rills have a political system in which the uglier one is, the more power one attains.


"The original plot for Lucifer Rising had the Cybermen as the primary villains. A group of them had found religion and were travelling the universe in a space-going cathedral. Until a fairly late stage (in fact, after contracts had been signed) Legion in was, in fact an Alpha Centaurian."[1]


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  1. DWM: DWM Issue 252 (Licence to Kill p.28)

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