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In a previous incarnation, Lucien inhabited the Dreaming in the form of a large, black raven.

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Lucien is a mythological characters whose origins are rooted in the Dreaming. He was once the personal attendant of Dream and served in the form of a large black raven named Mister Raven. Lucien was the first of such beings to assume such a role. Successors include the former Interpol agent Matthew Cable. After retiring as a raven, Lucien was granted human form whereupon he became the librarian of Dream's palace. In the physical world, this palace manifested itself as a gothic manor in Transylvania called Ghost Castle. In this capacity, Lucien also served as the caretaker and guardian of the castle along with his werewolf companion Rover. Lucien continued to serve as librarian of Dream's palace during the seventy years period in which Dream was imprisoned by Roderick Burgess (and later by his son Alexander Burgess. When Dream returned to his station, he had Lucien conduct a complete census of the dreaming, including the various nightmare entities residing within the House of Secrets and the House of Mystery. Soon after, Dream gave Lucien a promotion and he became one of the highest ranking authority figures in the Dreaming.

Powers and Abilities


Lucien has a photographic memory and is a master storyteller.


  • Although this character was originally introduced during DC's Earth-One era of publication, their existence following the events of the 1985-86 limited series Crisis on Infinite Earths remains intact. However, some elements of the character's Pre-Crisis history may have been altered or removed for Post-Crisis New Earth continuity, and should be considered apocryphal.

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Release date Unknown edit
Race Mahjarrat
Members NPC? Yes
Quest NPC? Yes - Temple of Ikov, While Guthix Sleeps
Location East Ardougne pub, and north-west of Varrock.
Sells items? No
Skill requirement? No
Quest requirement? No
Gender Male
Examine Before While Guthix Sleeps: He walks with a slight limp.

During While Guthix Sleeps: A Mahjarrat of incomprehensible power.
Notable features A mysterious Mahjarrat, wielder of the Staff of Armadyl and Stone of Jas.

Lucien is an extremely powerful Mahjarrat and necromancer. He arrived in Gielinor in the Second Age with the rest of his kin from their homeland of perpetual warfare, Freneskae, prior to the commencement of the historic God Wars. Following the banishment of Zamorak, Lucien seemingly diminished in strength, but he has slowly but surely begun to return to power. Now, he has regenerated all of his former skill, and it is soon shown that he is conniving to threaten Zamorak's authority by positioning himself as the undisputed Lord of the Mahjarrat, presumably by using the Stone of Jas and Staff of Armadyl to afford him control over the very foundations of life itself.

With these two historic objects, many believe he may be powerful enough to be considered a God (or at least the most potent Mahjarrat to ever exist, surpassing even Zamorak himself on the battlefield). Furthermore, Lucien could become the successor of the God of Chaos if his plot to overthrow the Chaos Lord and lead the clan of the Mahjarrat into the future ultimately succeeds.

Lucien plays a prominent role in the Temple of Ikov quest. During the quest, he gives players the Pendant of Lucien, a sign of his following that appears to calm others and reduce their fear. If the player opts to follow the path of Armadyl during the quest, they kill him, although he is able to resurrect himself and enter the realm once more. He also has a crucial role in While Guthix Sleeps, having finally shed his misleadingly frail form to become the skeletal necromancer that he truly is.

It would appear that Jagex is attempting to firmly establish Lucien as a central antagonist for future events in RuneScape. His next appearance is unknown, but the Guardians of Armadyl, having lost their staff, now have even more of a reason to pursue the Mahjarrat until they are able to recover the artefacts.

Lucien's location in East Ardougne.
Lucien's Location in Varrock.


Skills and Abilities

In physical combat, Lucien is laughably weak. During the Temple of Ikov quest, should players fight him by choosing to ally with the Guardians of Armadyl, he is only level fourteen and attacks by hitting players with his wooden staff. Viggora, a former ally of Lucien who was condemned to an eternity as a spirit by Zaros for his role in serving as one of Zamorak's principle bodyguards, commented that his efforts to lift a sword were amusingly pathetic.

Despite his lack of strength during the quest, it has been suggested that he is far more powerful than he leads players to believe. His initially unimposing physique appears to be the result of a spell or years of isolation. Lucien is capable of summoning vast undead armies large enough to besiege cities and has even been rumoured to possess the magical ability to conceal god artefacts and assume control over them. He is also able to read minds and even slightly control them, as shown when you try to kill him without an Armadyl pendant. He is also very intelligent, a trait that other Mahjarrat (such as Hazeel) do not have. Lucien appears to be learned in ancient lore, particularly where valuable artefacts are concerned.

As Lucien is a Mahjarrat, he is far more dangerous than any human. He has lived for over five-thousand years since his arrival in Gielinor from Freneskae, and has the ability to enter a state of healing that will repair all but the most fatal of wounds. He likely possesses multiple physical forms, as do most Mahjarrat, but it would appear that his primary form is an intimidating lich. He can also, as a necromancer, bring himself back from the dead with even more brawn and intellect. Lucien can teleport at will without the utilisation of runestones. As shown in While Guthix Sleeps, he can summon a considerable amount of beasts without even showing one bit of exhaustion. It is assumed that he faces no limitations in summoning, suggesting he may have mastered the secrets of summoning. Either that or his powers simply come from the Stone of Jas and the Staff of Armadyl.

In While Guthix Sleeps, he reveals his true form and wields the Staff of Armadyl, which he appears to swing over his head. The flying bones that emerge from it transform into undead warriors or incinerate opponents. Lucien is also able to easily deflect an attack from Hazelmere, further showcasing his inhuman strength. It is unknown if he was able to taint the staff in order to spew such necromancy forth, and his sudden skill is not elaborated on. It is rumoured that the Staff of Armadyl is channelling power into him. Movario wrote in his research notes: "I steel myself at this thought - his powers have increased significantly since he acquired the staff and I remember the stench of death and overwhelming magic that surrounds him. The degree of his spellcasting and incantations have started to border the insane".

Movario also wrote that Lucien is able to perform the incantation of 'Deamonicas Abhoris', the dark art of binding demons to a perpetual state of torment, which is considered to be impossible.

Since obtaining the Stone of Jas, Lucien's abilities are believed to have grown to a level unprecedented in mortals. At this point, his power is as close to a god's as is possible.


Arrival in Gielinor

In the Second Age, the Menaphite god Icthlarin brought the Mahjarrat to Gielinor from Freneskae. The Mahjarrat, Lucien among them, had been enslaved by the desert god, although some have suggested that they never fully succumbed to his rule.

For years the Mahjarrat served under their master, their war-like abilities frowned upon by Icthlarin. Two stories tell of their freedom from Icthlarin's rule. One states that Icthlarin was disgusted with their cruelty and abandoned them. Another says they willingly joined the god Zaros and were liberated from Icthlarin's reign. Whatever the case, Zaros soon saw their usefulness and rallied them to his side. With their assistance, Zaros established a kingdom of unrivalled size and power, stretching to include modern-day north-western Morytania, Misthalin, Asgarnia (it is unknown if the southern parts of modern Misthalin and Asgarnia also were part of the Zarosian empire), and the entire Wilderness.

Zamorak's Betrayal

Amongst the Mahjarrat's substantial numbers was Zamorak, a warlord that proved his strength on the battlefield countless times. He soon rose to the position of general, making him one of the most influential individuals in Zaros's army. Yet, despite his favour with the god, Zamorak had long silently plotted against the Empty Lord, and had already gained a considerable following. Amongst his followers was Lucien, a Mahjarrat who craved power and ancient knowledge above all else.

Through a long series of events, the Staff of Armadyl fell into Zamorak's hands. Believing a god weapon could have the strength to overthrow Zaros, he led an army to Zaros's fortress and assailed it.

Zamorak attacked Zaros in his own chamber, while his allies such as Lord Drakan, Thammaron, Enakhra, Zemouregal, Hazeel, and Viggora fought his bodyguards outside. If Lucien had not been otherwise preoccupied, he most likely would have fought alongside the rebels. Through pure luck, Zamorak impaled the Empty Lord and stole his godly powers. Zaros slowly faded from existence, cursing all those who aided Zamorak. Lucien, his blood flowing with powerful magics, was unaffected. It seems that he was the one who discovered the Saradominist spy Lennissa, though he knew she could come in useful at another time.

The gods, despite their rivalry, banished Zamorak for slaying one of their own. Lucien was amongst those that went into hiding in order to ensure his survival. Zamorak's banishment, however, was not to last.

For his betrayal, Azzanadra holds Lucien in contempt. During Desert Treasure, he refers to his fellow Mahjarrat as a "dog", expressing his utter fury over Lucien's role in ensuring his imprisonment.

The God Wars

Zamorak soon returned and rallied behind him an army with which he could conquer the world. Many other gods had also gained power, and soon a series of wars would engulf the world for 4,000 years, bringing it to the brink of destruction.

Lucien returned to Zamorak's side, using his necromancy abilities to assist his Lord. As few documents survived the Wars, little is known of Lucien's exact role. When Guthix awoke and ended the Wars, Lucien began to operate silently, secretly working to aid Zamorak in his return to power. It is revealed in While Guthix Sleeps that Lucien views himself as the successor of Zamorak, and he is willing to betray the God of Chaos in order to attain control over the Mahjarrat.

2008 concept art depicting Lucien wielding the Staff of Armadyl.

The Siege of Varrock

For two thousand years, Lucien would remain relatively quiet, forgotten by most save the Guardians of Armadyl. However, he was far from finished.

After the breaking of the Shield of Arrav, Lucien started amassing an undead army. Before the shield was broken he couldn't attack Varrock, as it would block his magicks and he was physically not strong enough to lead a successful siege. However, fortune was smiling upon him. In the year 154 of the Fifth Age, Lucien used this army to lead a massive assault on the city of Varrock. Assisted by powerful mages such as Solus Dellagar, Lucien's undead army seemed unstoppable. However, Varrock, still supplied with runes, was able to defeat Lucien's army easily. In fact, he was defeated so quickly that the majority of the population never learned his name, and only a few organisations such as the Temple Knights ever fully understood the attack. After this incident, Lucien fled back into the shadows with seemingly no disappointment.

It is unknown exactly what Lucien's goal in attacking the city was. Given his intelligence, it is unlikely he would have been defeated so easily unless he had a goal other than taking the city. Since Lucien intends to rally the Mahjarrat behind him by utterly destroying Zamorak, it's widely assumed that Varrock would be his first target in any hypothetical invasion.

Despite his frail exterior during the siege of Varrock, Lucien's power reaches its peak in While Guthix Sleeps, as evidenced by his ability to annihilate opponents with surprising ease, such as he did to Hazelmere. He appears to be immune from certain attacks, as he absorbs a spell cast by Hazelmere before proceeding to reduce the valiant gnome to ashes.

Search for the Power Source

Lucien recently has begun to search for a power source of unknown nature. Enlisting the help of a mortal mage and warrior, Movario and Darve, he has begun to tirelessly search for the mysterious source of energy. Movario and his intellectually lacking assistant are currently investigating the Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon, where they believe the energy may be slumbering. If players have a Pendant of Lucien equipped, they elaborate on their plan.

Ultimately, it is revealed that the "power source" Lucien was searching for is the Stone of Jas, an artefact the Gods made use of to construct the world and introduce magicks into it via runestones. With the stone, the Mahjarrat believes that he will be able to assume control over life itself, in addition to absolute authority over all of the magicks in the realm. Presumably, he intends to use the stone to overwhelm Zamorak and force the kingdoms of the world into submission.

It is disclosed in While Guthix Sleeps that Movario's loyalty to Lucien is not unwavering, as he comments that no deal for his master possessing their ultimate discovery, the Stone of Jas, is "set in stone" for the moment. However, Movario himself concedes that the force emanating from Lucien is unmistakably strong and worthy of admiration, as evidenced when is able to detect the Mahjarrat in the Ancient Guthix Temple before he materialises.

With Darve, he flees from the Temple of Guthix at the end of While Guthix Sleeps, having been unsuccessful in his effort to receive more time with the Stone of Jas after the player defeats its watchful guardian, the Balance Elemental. It is unknown if Movario still intends to work with Lucien in order to augment his knowledge of magicks.

The Quest for the Staff of Armadyl

A detailed image of Lucien during Temple of Ikov.

The following takes place during (and after) the Temple of Ikov quest.

In the current year 169 of the Fifth Age, Lucien enlisted the assistance of an adventurer. At the time, he was assuming the form of an incredibly frail man who covered his face with a hood. Not telling the adventurer who he was, he asked them to retrieve an ancient artefact known as the Staff of Armadyl from a temple north of East Ardougne

Lucien, as he appears in Temple of Ikov.

The adventurer took one of two routes: they either took the staff from the Guardians of Armadyl and delivered it to Lucien, or they learned of his true identity and slew him. However, the efforts of the adventurer who guarded the staff were in vain.Movario was able to steal the staff from the Guardians of Armadyl, as said in a note handed to the adventurer by a Guardian of Armadyl. Idria seems to be leading them in their effort to retake the staff and, as a consequence, ensure that Lucien does not reach the state of godhood.

Either way, Lucien is now travelling "North", where a number of Mahjarrat are gathering for undisclosed reasons. What he needed the staff for was initially unknown, but it is revealed in While Guthix Sleeps that he believes it will assist him with unlocking the Stone of Jas and his subsequent transformation into a deity. He appears to perceive the player as a distinct threat to his ambitions, as he attempts to dispose of the player character twice by attacking him directly (which was interrupted by the arrival of Hazelmere) and summoning two Tormented Demons to seal his destruction as he teleports away with the coveted Stone of Jas. Considering that he is a Mahjarrat, Lucien is likely aware that the player was able to survive.

Relations with Zemouregal

The following takes place during the Defender of Varrock quest.

Lucien has recently attempted to establish an alliance with the necromancer Mahjarrat Zemouregal. Sharathteerk, his gargoyle ambassador, reveals that Lucien is also in search of an unknown artefact (the Stone of Jas, Guthix's foremost tool in establishing runestones) and that an alliance would be beneficial to both. Currently Zemouregal appears to be rejecting the idea. It is unknown if Lucien intends to involve Zemouregal in his attempt to reform the leadership of the Mahjarrat.

While Guthix Sleeps

During While Guthix Sleeps, Lucien sheds his frail form and reveals himself to be a skeletal necromancer capable of raising the undead and easily slaying some of Gielinor's greatest heroes, such as Hazelmere, with little effort. He nearly kills the player at his base when the player's false identity as Surok is compromised, and proceeds to slay six of the eight warriors that teleport to the battlefield with the order to rescue the player character and neutralise Lucien. This would be consistent with Hazelmere's vision, which predicted that eight soldiers and a man donning robes (the player) would confront an adversary, and only the 'Slayer and warrior' would ultimately survive. It seemed inconceivable that warriors such as Hazelmere and Sloane could be taken down so effortlessly by Lucien, who was perceived as physically lacking among the Mahjarrat.

Soon, it is revealed that he intends to use the Stone of Jas to undermine Zamorak's authority and raise himself as the leader of the Mahjarrat (presumably by encouraging an uprising to dethrone Zamorak). He remarks that he will use the Stone of Jas's ability to regulate life forces in order to enslave the kingdoms of Gielinor and re-establish Mahjarrat authority in the realm. At the Ancient Temple of Guthix, he teleports away with the Stone of Jas (Even though Movario warned him that his research on the artefact is not yet complete) and casts Deamonicas Abhoris, which summons two powerful Tormented Demons to finish off the player, stating that in order to be worthy of being one of his followers, you must defeat one of them.

It is unknown if Lucien intends to return to the North after securing the Stone of Jas. The idea of him heading to the location of his fellow Mahjarrat is plausible, considering his desire to destroy Zamorak could not become an actuality if he did not first secure the loyalty of Zamorak's staunchest loyalists. How he plans to do this is currently a mystery.

After the quest Lucien in Ardougne and Edgeville is replaced by a Local Thug.


Lucien wielding the Staff of Armadyl.
  • It is possible Lucien may be the reference to the game character of Diablo, who is named Lucion. He was a necromancer and waged a war on a group of monk knights. Also, Lucion is often described as a old hooded man whose powers were more then expected.
  • Originally, Lucien appeared to be a man wielding a small dagger, black robes, and a black full helmet. He later received a graphics update, giving him the appearance of a fully robed, bent-backed man whose face was not visible. He appears like this, except during While Guthix Sleeps, at which point he has shed his disguise. It is likely that the robed form was Lucien's human form, whereas his skeletal body is his lich form.
  • Sharathteerk mentions, during the Defender of Varrock quest, that Zemouregal and Lucien are cousins, which is confirmed in The Curse of Arrav quest in one of Zemourgal's notes. The similiarities they both share is having eyes that are red.
  • Lucien reveals that he intends to usurp Zamorak in While Guthix Sleeps by using the Stone of Jas to strengthen the Mahjarrat and control the life force of the world. This could lead to a replication of the uprising that led to Zamorak attaining godhood and Zaros fading from existence; something that started the first God Wars.
  • Viggora sees himself as a superior fighter to Lucien, and this is true of their human forms.
  • Lucien appeared on a RuneScape website front page banner, wielding Staff of Armadyl. Speculation on his location was intense before the release of While Guthix Sleeps; it was later revealed to be the Ancient Guthix Temple.
  • During the While Guthix Sleeps quest, Lucien states: "I am Lord Lucien, Master of One Thousand Curses. Look upon my works and despair." The last part is a reference to the poem Ozymandias by Percy Bysshe Shelley where an inscription reads, "I am Ozymandias, king of kings. Look upon my works, ye Mighty, and despair!"
  • It is possible that Lucien was the shady character mentioned in the Battered Tome who gave the Barrows Brothers their powers, as he is seen resurrecting skeletons who appear to be wearing something similar to Barrows armour during a cutscene in While Guthix Sleeps. However, others believe it was Sliske.
  • If you try to attack Lucien in his Edgeville location, he states, "You do not wish to attack me, I am your friend." and your character repeats it. This is a reference to Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.
  • According to his examine text, the hooded Lucien apparently walks with a limp, as you can see when he walks.
  • Lucien's name may come from the Latin word "Lucian", which roughly translates to "man of light."
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This article is about the scientist. You may be looking for Jedi Master Lucien Draay.

Dr. Lucien was a technician working for Imperial Intelligence. He, along with Dr. Tobias, believed that 3PO-series protocol droids could, with slight modification, be used as excellent infiltration droids. Lucien developed the Dedicated Energy Receptor.


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