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Lucas Simms' House

inside: Megaton
owner: Lucas Simms and Harden Simms
cell name: MegatonLucasSimmsHouse
ref id: 00003A29

Lucas Simms' House in Megaton is the residence of Lucas Simms and his son Harden.



The house is protected with an Average lock on the door which cannot be unlocked through console commands. The lock can be picked or unlocked with the key, which is in the possession of Lucas Simms. Picking the lock is not an easy task for beginning burglars, especially since the door is in Stockholm's field of view (requiring fairly high Sneak skill, especially during the day). The Good alternative is to simply complete The Power of the Atom by disarming the bomb; Simms will then feel comfortable enough with the player's presence to leave his door unlocked from that point on. The inside of the house has the same arrangement of rooms as the player's Megaton House.

Turn around at the top of the stairs and you will see a green patch. Above it is a "Hatch to Megaton". You can climb out and walk onto the airplane wreck for a wonderful view of Megaton as a whole, as well as a pretty good sniper position. This hatch is always unlocked and is another potential means of entry to acquire the Bobblehead, if you can manage to get to it.

Notable loot

  • Bobblehead - Strength on the desk in the bedroom on the second floor (turn left at the top of the stairs). Collecting it, like all Bobbleheads, is not considered stealing, and does not result in Karma loss.


  • You must collect Strength Bobblehead from Lucas Simm' House before the destruction of Megaton, or you will have no way to obtaining it in the future (without console commands)!



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