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Artwork of Luca in The After Years by Akira Oguro.
Sprite(s) Luca's portrait Luca's Final Fantasy IV field sprite Luca's The After Years battle sprite
Japanese Name Luca
Kana ルカ
Romaji Ruka
Job Shop Hand
Skill Analyze, Big Throw
Birthplace Dwarves' Castle
Age 4 (Final Fantasy IV)
21 (The After Years)
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Laterality Right-Handed
Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Character
"She is the only daughter of the Dwarven King Giott. She studies engineering as Cid's apprentice, mastering the skills of airship steering and maintenance. She yearns for the surface world and frequently travels back there to visit. Luca uses her mechanical dolls Calca and Brina to assist her in battle."

Luca is a non-playable character in Final Fantasy IV. She is the princess of the Dwarves in the Underworld, and the daughter of King Giott. She also appears in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years as a playable character.



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Final Fantasy IV

Luca with Giott during the ending.

She is the keeper of the Calcabrina dolls, which fall under the control of Golbez in an attempt to take the Dwarves' Crystal, which she is disgusted by. She also is the keeper of the key to the Sealed Cave, which doubles as her necklace. She entrusts the key to Cecil Harvey so he can protect the Dark Crystal. She later appears in a tank during the attack on the Giant of Babil and then in the Tower of Prayer. In the ending, she attends Cecil and Rosa Farrell's wedding with her father.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Luca returns seventeen years later in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years as an apprentice to Cid Pollendina and a playable character. She encounters Rydia and tells her how the Mysterious Girl has started stealing all the dark crystals.

They return to the Dwarven Castle aboard the airship Falcon, and witness the Red Wings airship fleet arriving before them. Inside the castle, they find that the mysterious maiden has already claimed three of the Dark Crystals, with only the one located in the Sealed Cave remaining. With the permission of Giott, Rydia and Luca set out for the Sealed Cavern in hopes of obtaining the last remaining Dark Crystal before the Mysterious Maiden. Though they manage to recover it, they are ultimately defeated by the Maiden, who taunts Rydia, destroys Calca and Brina, and takes the Dark Crystal. Rydia and Luca are forced to flee the Underworld aboard the Falcon and retreat to Agart for repairs. They enter a cave and find some of the material they need to fix the Falcon and, depending on if they found the Mythil Nut, Bolt, and Spring, either scrap Calca and Brina for the remaining parts or fix them as well. Shortly after finishing the repairs, they are attacked by the Eidolon Titan.

When all hope seems lost, they are suddenly rescued when a man clothed in dark armor and a black mantle appears, defeating the phantom creature easily. The Man in Black boards the Falcon and urges the pair (or party if Calca and Brina are fixed) to travel to the Tower of Babil before history repeats itself. Joined by Edge Geraldine, the Ninja King of Eblan, they gather the others in order to break a force field that surrounds the Baron Castle, and then to defeat the Maiden.

She joins the party who embark the Lunar Whale to stop the True Moon from crashing into the planet. Inside the moon she and Cid repair Calca and Brina into their perfect form. Together with the party they manage to defeat the many creatures that emerge from the crystals, as well as the Creator. Luca is laster seen in the Dwarven Castle with Giott, Cid and his grandson, who are fixing an airship trying to figure out if powering it up with the Crystal's power would work. In the end she is seen helping Cid disarm the Red Wings.

Abilities and Equipment

Luca in battle

She fights alongside her two dancing Calcabrina dolls, Calca and Brina. She wields wrenches, hammers and axes and has the ability to throw them from the back row with her Big Throw, in addition to Cid's Analyze ability. She can also use the following Band abilities:

  • Lightning Brain Buster: Luca (Attack) + Rydia (Black Magic)
  • Double Tomahawk: Luca (Attack) + Cid (Attack)
  • Mecha Kite: Luca (Analyze) + Zangetsu (Human Kite)
  • Ice Crush: Luca + Palom + Leonora (Event)
  • Delta Evolution: Luca (Attack) + Ceodore (Attack) + Ursula (Attack)
  • Go! Calcabrina!: Luca (Attack) + Calca (Jive) + Brina (Dance)
  • Flare Tornado: Luca (Big Throw) + Edge (Ninjutsu) + Rydia (Black Magic)
  • Petal Whirlwind: Luca (Analyze) + Porom (White Magic) + Leonora (Black Magic) + Ursula (Kick)
  • Palom in the Sky: Luca (Big Throw) + Palom (Bluff) + Leonora (Black Magic) + Porom (White Magic)
  • Makeshift Cannon: Luca (Big Throw) + Ceodore (Attack) + Ursula (Kick) + Palom (Black Magic) + Porom (White Magic)
  • Final Calcabrina: Cid + Calca + Brina + Luca (Event)


  • On the official English website for The After Years, it was erroneously reported that Luca can use White Magic, and has since been removed.
  • In the GBA remake of the original Final Fantasy, Luca is referenced as one of the names the player can choose for the White Mage job.
  • Strangely, in The After Years, Luca no longer has the shadowed face she did in the original game. Luca states that she "was never a fan of dwarven fashion". Another possibility is that this may be a feature of adult dwarven women, because her adult father also has a shadowed face.

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