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Series: The Next Generation
Writer(s): F.J. Desanto
Artist(s): Bettina Kurkoski
Publication information
Printed in: Boukenshin
Pages: 144-189
Date: 2367
Stardate: 44012.3

Loyalty is a Star Trek: The Next Generation manga story from the 2009 anthology Boukenshin, published by TokyoPop. The story, written by F.J. Desanto and illustrated by Bettina Kurkoski, deals with the fallout of the events of the episode "The Best of Both Worlds", with Will Riker arguing with Starfleet Command that Jean-Luc Picard should resume command of the Enterprise even after his experience as Locutus.



From the back of the anthology Boukenshin
When Starfleet Command expresses their concerns over Picard's brush with the Borg, Commander Will Riker will have his devotion to his captain put to the ultimate test - possibly at the cost of his own career.


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Related stories

  • The Best of Both Worlds (TNG episode) - This is a follow-up to the episode, showing Starfleet Command's reaction to the incident, and them questioning Picard's fitness for continued command. It features Elizabeth Shelby who first appeared in the episode.
  • Family (TNG episode) - This story is set about the same time as the episode "Family" and depicts Picard departing for his visit to his family home in La Barre, France.
  • Scorpion (VOY episode) - During the hearing footage is played of Captain Amasov giving his analysis of the Borg, which Kathryn Janeway later quoted from her research on the Borg in this later Voyager episode.


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Card Lore: All monsters on the field cannot be affected by their owner's card effect, nor attacked by their owner's monsters.
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