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Lowerworld Vertigo is a location in Final Fantasy XIII. It is located in Bowdam. The fal'Cie Anima resides in it.

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The Lowerland Veritgo was a "strange ruin" located on Bowdam and did not have a entrance until thirteen days before the beginning of the game. It was taken to Cocoon in secret by Galenth Dysley in the aftermath of Great War. The entrance formed when Fang and Vanille, who were inside the ruins, were uncrystalized. Serah accidentally found the entrance and was turned into a l'Cie by Anima. Eleven days later, Serah was taken to the ruins by Anima.

After the Sanctum discovered the existence of a Pulse fal'Cie inside the ruins they decided to move it back to Pulse so it was taken to Hanged Edge. Lightning and Snow Villiers each ventured inside the ruins to rescue Serah, taking Hope Estheim, Sazh Katzroy, and Vanille with them before confronting the fal'Cie. While the fight occured, with Lightning's group made into l'Cie in the aftermath, PSICOM's properity changed to simply destory the ruins but Anima obliterated Hanged Edge and the ruins fell in the Lake Bilge, crystalizing it.

Enemy Formations

  • Ghast
  • Ghoul
  • Anima (Boss)
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