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This article contains art, spin-off fiction, theories, reference and community material created by fans inspired by Lost.
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Lost Video Island, aka "LVI" (at, is a Lost fansite which collects and categorizes fan-made videos. LVI is the largest repository of Lost-related videos and music videos, including almost 6000 videos as of May 2009, and almost 3000 vidders (video makers).

Videos submitted to LVI are put through a screening process by the LVI Council - a group consisting of some of the more prominent vidders - which are then awarded seals of approval to determine the video's merit. Videos that display adept editing skills, storytelling, and originality are given these awards, which in turn help signify to viewers the best videos. Like other art-centered fansites, such as the Lost Fanfiction Archive, videos submitted to Lost Video Island often focus on characters, and actively use pairings to describe and sort the videos.


Since its creation in November 2004, Lost Video Island has collected thousands of Lost-related videos, mostly set to music, including some well-known to the Lost Community, such as:

Each video is treated depending on its vidding merit rather than its fame in the Lost Community, with hopes that those most-deserving of praise will recieve it. The awards LVI disperses reflect this mindset, as did the results of LVI's 2005 Best Video Tournament.

The videos are categorized by:

  • Character
    Major characters, minor characters, or flashback characters
  • 'Ship (relationship)
    Jate, Skate, PB&J, Jun, Jacket, Shayid, Shoone, Hubby
  • Overall category
    Action, Romance, Angst, Comedy, Drama, Alternate Universe (AU), Crossover

Videos may also be marked by a "LVI Council pick" medal, as well as bronze, silver, and gold "Viewer Pick" medals awarded by the broader community of LVI users.

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