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This information was revealed in part through the
Lost University
Introductory Course: LOST 101
Semester 1
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Semester 2
HIST 101: Ancient Writing on the Wall ART 101: Inspiration and Expression with Jack Bender
LAN 101: Foreign Language for Beginners LAN 201: Advanced Foreign Language
PHI 101: I'm Lost, Therefore I Am PHI 201: I'm Right, You're Wrong: The Us Vs. Them Mentality
PHY 101: Introductory Physics for Time Travel PHY 201: Advanced Physics of Time Travel
PHY 301: New Physics with Jeremy Davies PSY 201: Self Discovery Through Family Relationships
SCI 201: Jungle Survival Basics

The LU logo
Lost University is an interactive multimedia experience which was launched at Comic-Con 2009. The Lost University website can be found at The website promotes a fictitious university through which fans can enroll in courses that relate to content relevant to Lost. According to the website, Lost University was established in 2004. The course content is accessible to those who own the Season 5 Blu-ray set, via BD-Live. Some support materials will also be available through iPhone applications that will be available for download. Unlike previous Lost interactive experiences, which are considered alternate reality games, Lost University unashamedly admits its connection to the show, failing to establish a solid "fourth wall" common to ARGs. The professors and instructors include guest speakers from the cast and crew of Lost, as well as consultants used on the show for classes on topics such as hieroglyphs.

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment General Manager Lori MacPherson said of the project, "A lot of the things in Lost University play into things that will happen in the final season, you just won't realize it until you start watching the final season." [1]



An example student ID card

Student Enrollment began on September 22, 2009 (the fifth anniversary of the show's debut, as well as the fifth anniversary of the crash of Flight 815). A countdown timer on the website counted down to the enrollment date. Upon enrollment, new students are required to take a 23-question test on their Lost knowledge. After the test is completed, a unique Student ID card is issued with an ID and PIN number for use with the Season 5 Blu-ray feature. As soon as enrollment is complete, students can take their first course.

Course Catalog

Formal courses began on December 8, 2009 (the U.S. launch of the Season 5 Blu-ray and DVD discs). Before this date, however, enrolled students could take the introductory course LOST 101.

Semester 1

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HIS 101 LAN 101 PHI 101 PHY 101 PHY 301 SCI 201
Ancient writing on the wall Foreign language for beginners I'm lost, therefore I am Introductory physics of time travel New physics with Jeremy Davies Jungle survival basics

Semester 2

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ART 101 LAN 201 PHI 201 PHY 201 PSY 201
Inspiration & Expression with Jack Bender Advanced foreign language I'm right, you're wrong: the us vs. them mentality Advanced physics of time travel Self discovery through family relationships

The Lamp Post (news)

On the Lost University website there is a news feed called "The Lamp Post". It contains various, and mostly fictitious, pieces of news about the happenings at Lost University. The contents of these posts are primarily concerned with the release of the Season 5 DVD, information for students enrolled in Lost University, and amusing fictitious events that are referential to aspects of Lost (e.g. campus-wide unexplained bright light).

Tutoring Center

From November 11, 2009, tutoring sessions are available on the Lost University website. The sessions are carried out by a tutor named Tom.

Meet Your Tutor!


My name is Tom and I'm happy to be a member of the LOST U tutoring team. I'm here to help you brush up on some of the basics and share with you some of the insider advice I've acquired through my years here at LOST U.

I will be available to meet every couple of weeks to discuss a new topic that I think will help you out. Check out my shedule below to see what I have planned. Looking forward to meeting you!


The schedule for these sessions is as follows:

Date Session Title
11/11/09 Session 1 DUDE, DON'T TELL ME WHAT I CAN'T SAY
12/16/09 Session 3 HATCHES AND PATCHES
01/20/09 Session 5 LOST A-Z: IT'S ALL CONNECTED


The "Lost University" seal.
The DHARMA logo seen on the background of the site
Hurley's notebook has the same logo
The hieroglyphs from the countdown timer
  • The seal shown on the Lost University website and video contains the university motto "auctoritas sodalitas scientia", which can be translated from Latin as "authority, fellowship, knowledge" [2].
  • The Lost University mascot, which can be seen in the university logo, is a polar bear. (Official Lost Podcast/September 22, 2009)
  • A fraternity mentioned in The Lamp Post is called Epsilon Kappa Omega, which transliterated would be Eko. According to the post, the fraternity is holding recruitment in the Orchid lawn in which banyan trees can be found. These are references to the character Eko, the Orchid DHARMA station, and the banyan trees found on the Island.
  • According to The Lamp Post, there is a place called the Hume Amphitheater on campus. This is a reference to Desmond Hume.
  • According to The Lamp Post, the Student Center is named after the founders of the DHARMA Initiative, the DeGroots.
  • During the study group section of the introductory video on the Lost University website, Gerald DeGroot, co-founder of the DHARMA Initiative, is seen as one of the teachers.
  • The Numbers can be seen in the room numbers of all the rooms in which classes take place.
  • The Lost University website contains a DHARMA logo in the background on the course catalog page. This logo shows three books with an apple on top surrounded by a Bagua. This "School" logo has also been seen in a Season 5 episode. ("Some Like It Hoth").
  • When the enrollment countdown timer on the Lost University website reached zero, an alarm sounded like that in the hatch, and revealed hieroglyphs. These hieroglyphs translate as "The summoned one ordains it."
Flyer front
Flyer back
  • A flyer found among the items at the Lost auction booth at Comic-Con had a hand-written number on the back. Calling that number reaches a voicemail message:

Professor Adam Nussdorf at Lost University. Professor Nussdorf is on sabbatical so will return to his office on September 22nd. This machine currently does not accept voicemail.

Pressing certain keys results in a subsequent message that asks for a password followed by a pound sign. Currently the password is unknown or unavailable

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  • Lostpedia blog post: "Lost University - New ARG and Blu-Ray supplement" [3]
  • Los Angeles Times article on Lost University [4]

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