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Lost Tribe of Sith
Organizational information
Title of leader

Grand Lord[1]

Governing body

Circle of Lords[1]

Other positions

Lost Tribe of Sith strike team[2]


Tahv; Kesh[1]

Official language(s)

Keshiri language[2]

Affiliated organizations/governments

Sith Empire[1]


Dark side of the Force[1]

Notable locations/temples

Sith Temple[1]


Lignan crystals[1]

Historical information
Date of founding

5,000 BBY[3]

Planet of founding



Yaru Korsin[3]

Other information
Notable members

The Lost Tribe of Sith was a marginal Sith Order operating on Kesh.



In 5,000 BBY, the Sith starship Omen crashed-landed on the planet of Kesh. Commander of the Omen, Yaru Korsin fought with his half-brother, Devore Korsin, over command of the Sith, and Yaru killed Devore.[3] The survivors of the crash soon met with Adari Vaal, a native Keshiri woman who had been branded as a heretic by her people. With the aid of Vaal, Korsin tricked the natives into believing that the survivors were the Skyborn, the gods of the Keshiri. Korsin was proclaimed as the Grand Lord of the Skyborn, and he began to mine for the metals needed to repair his vessel, but Vaal knew that the metals needed to repair the Omen—if they existed on Kesh at all—would be buried deep beneath the planet's surface, and that it would take many years to find them.[5] Over the centuries, the survivors multiplied into a large force. The Lost Tribe slowly grew in numbers and strength, awaiting the day when the Sith Empire would locate them and usher them into their rightful place in the galaxy.[1]

By 37 ABY a festival, Presentation, had been established. This festival presented one way for any Force-sensitive Keshiri to join the Tribe.[4] Around the time of the Second Galactic Civil War, in 41.5 ABY, the Sith made contact with Ship, a Sith Meditation Sphere awoken by Ben Skywalker on Ziost one year earlier. The vessel informed the Lost Tribe of the destruction of the Sith and the rise of the Jedi, and began to train the Tribe's apprentices for a war against the weakened galaxy. Meanwhile, it also helped them to raid starships in order to form a new armada.[1]

Within two years, the fleet consisted of several dozen ships, including the rebuilt Omen. Meanwhile, in the Kathol Rift, Jedi Grand Master Luke Skywalker came into contact with the Codex, an Aing-Tii artifact that enhanced his presence in the Force. His presence was felt by the Tribe, and Ship informed them of the threat that he presented to them. Grand Lord Darish Vol and Lady Olaris Rhea handpicked a strike team to hunt down and kill Skywalker, but Ship abruptly left the planet, following a mysterious call in the Force. The strike team, led be Rhea, was then tasked with recovering Ship before eliminating Skywalker.[1]

The strike team, which was led by Lady Rhea, eventually tracked Ship to a planet in the Maw, where they encountered a being called Abeloth. Abeloth claimed to have been stranded on the planet for the last thirty years, but in reality she was in control of the whole planet itself. Also, it was her power that had called Ship away from the Tribe, and she continued to prevent the Sith from recovering the Meditation Sphere. Rhea's apprentice, Vestara Khai, discovered the true nature of Abeloth, but the other members of the team remained unaware. Abeloth used the flora and fauna of the planet to kill many of the Sith, but after discovering Skywalker's presence beyond shadows at Sinkhole Station with his son, Ben Skywalker, she finally allowed Ship to return to them so that they could continue on their mission, under the condition that they capture the Jedi rather than killing them. Rhea, however, later changed the objective back to kill.[2]

Sith apprentice Vestara Khai, sole survivor of the strike team

The Sith ambushed the Grand Master and his son at Sinkhole Station, a space station that was home to the Mind Walkers. During the ensuing fight, Sith Master Yuvar Xal attempted to execute a coup to take over command of the team from Rhea. He attempted to kill the Keshiri Sith Saber Baad Walusari while his apprentice, Ahri Raas, attempted to kill Khai. The betrayal failed, however, and Khai killed Xal as Raas was killed by one of the Skywalkers. The skirmish wore on, and eventually the only remaining members of the team were Rhea and Khai, who dueled with Luke. They were distracted by the younger Skywalker opening fire from the Jade Shadow onto Ship in the Station's hangar, however, and Skywalker took advantage of this to kill Rhea. Khai, however, escaped and fled to Dathomir, with the two Skywalkers pursuing her.[2]


The Lost Tribe was ruled by a Circle of Lords, installed in a the capitol building in the heart of the the capital city of Tahv. The Circle of Lords consisted of thirteen Sith Lords, seven High Lords, and one Grand Lord, regarded as the most powerful Sith in the Tribe. The known ranks in this isolated Sith order were, from lowest to highest: Sith Tyro, Sith apprentice, Sith Saber, Sith Master, Sith Lord, High Lord, and Grand Lord.[1]

Gavar Khai, a Sith Saber

In addition to the city of Tahv and several smaller outlaying settlements, the Tribe also had a Sith Temple constructed over the ruins of the Ship of Destiny, which was the name for the remains of the Omen. The Temple, a massive black edifice jutting out of the Takara Mountains where the ancient Sith ship had crashed, was constructed from the mountain peak itself. It was in the Temple that Sith apprentices were mentored and trained.

For the Tribe, any flaw, including scars and deformities, was a strike against one's potential for advancement in the hierarchy. The Sith were firm believers in merit over birth, and though a stigma was attached to the native Keshiri of Kesh, several were admitted into the Tribe and trained in the dark side of the Force, and by 41 ABY one Keshiri Sith served on the Circle of Lords.[1]

Original members of the Lost Tribe of Sith

Sith survivors of the Omen's crash:

Members of the Lost Tribe

As of 43 ABY:

(†=confirmed death);


Grand Lord

Circle of Lords members

Sith Masters

Sith Sabers

Sith apprentices

Sith Tyros

Unknown status

Behind the scenes

It is interesting to note that some of the Humans the Lost Tribe was formed from were themselves descended from a group who hailed from what would later become the Tapani Empire, a government that would also become ruled by High Lords.


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