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From The Vault

Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel settlement

sections: Bridge of Los
Docks of Los
Gladiator Pit
Secret Vault
Vault-Tec Warehouse
leaders: Blake
merchants: Hieronymus
factions: Church of the Lost
quests: Find Brotherhood Paladins
The following is based on Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Los is a ghoul city in Texas that covers a whole dock area and a heavily damaged bridge. It is inhabited by ghoul fanatics known as the Church of the Lost, who kill all humans who wander into the city limits and even kidnap some for their bloody rituals. The leader of this cult is Blake, a horror and an astonishment, a powerful, but insane ghoul warrior. The cult itself is very dangerous, as they use poison dogs, laser weapons and suicide bombers to defeat their enemies. However, not all Los ghouls are bloodthirsty killers and some are not part of cult.

Some of them are friendly and live on the western part of the city's bridge. There you can find an engeneer, Giese, a merchant Hieronymus and old traveller who comes from The Hub, Harold, but all he does is send you on a quest to find his missing body parts. Another friendly ghoul and a merchant, Salieri, is found nearby, in the docks. The ghouls of Los manage a Gladiator Pit, an arena where anyone could fight for money and the crowd's entertainment.

The Secret Vault built by Vault-Tec for top secret Forced Evolutionary Virus research can be found under Los. It is a holy mission of Blake and his cult to protect this Vault, as they consider it to hold an evil inside, that should never be released.

Everything changes in Los when an army of Super Mutants, led by Attis, attacks the city. They quickly make their way to the only remaining entrance to the Vault and take it over, leaving only few of their soldiers to protect the entrance from raging ghoul fanatics. Some time later, a Texas Brotherhood of Steel forces come, aiming to battle Attis's army. They were stuck between the ghoul fanatics and Super Mutants soldiers, and soon only Rhombus, who led this force, survived, being captured by Blake.

Much later, the Brotherhood Initiate, through information of Vault Dweller, find the city. He liberates Rhombus, kills Blake and comes to fight his way through the Secret Vault. Inside, he activated the self-destruction sequence and the explosion wiped out city ruins on the other side of the Bridge of Los. As it's seen in Fallout 2, Harold managed to leave Los before its destruction and to go to Gecko.


Appearances in games

Los appears only in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel.

This article uses material from the "Los" article on the Fallout wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

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