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Lorna Simon was a female human Starfleet officer, born around the time of the 2180s. Simon had a reputation for getting the job done, and not being hesitant to get her own hands dirty to get it done. Her no-nonsense attitude leavened with a dry humor served her well through more than five decades in Starfleet.

By the 2240s, by-then Commander Simon had been offered a captaincy and command nine times, but refused them all, simply not desiring the full burdens of the center seat. She had developed a good working relationship with Captain Robert April, who viewed her as a strict grandmother figure and stabilizing influence on the bridge, and was always quick to offer advice to her captain. When April took formal command of the new Constitution-class USS Enterprise, Simon accepted his offer to serve as its first officer (also acting as science officer). (TOS short story: "Though Hell Should Bar the Way"; TOS novel: Best Destiny)


Personal timeline

  • 2180s: childhood
  • 2190s: teens and Starfleet training
  • 2200s (twenties): early Starfleet career
  • 2245 (sixties): First Officer of USS Enterprise


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