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Lorenzo Antonio Slzfi

Lorenzo Antonio Slzfi (Earth-50)
Real Name
Lorenzo Antonio Slzfi


Jennifer Sparks (wife, divorced), Regis Slzfi (father)


Base Of Operations




Marital Status

Prince of Bryggen, and Chancellor for the Duchy of Lancaster

First appearance



Lorenzo is from the Sliding Albion Universe, a universe where Earth made contact with aliens in the 1500's. At first the two sides cohabited the Earth peacefully, but soon the "blue skins" as they were called sought to conqueror the planet for themselves. Under the leadership of the ruthless Regis, the blue skins were able to take over their Earth.

On Wildstorm's Earth, contact was made with the Sliding Albion Earth in the 1920's. The same pattern followed in later decades. At first there was peace but then the two sides began to fight. In the middle of the conflict, Lorenzo fell in love with Jenny Sparks and the two got married. However, the marriage did not last and Lorenzo was captured by British forces and imprisoned at the Rendelsham facility.


World's End

After the events of Number of the Beast, Lorenzo found himself free of Rendelsham. However, for reasons yet unknown, he chose to stay at Rendelsham behind the scenes where he has The Golden at his disposal as well as a working shift-door.

It was then revealed during Kaizen Gamorra's successful attack on the Carrier in UnLondon that Lorenzo intended on returning back to Sliding Albion by using the shift-door. He kidnapped Swift and the Engineer and coerce the later to help him locate his reality by putting Swift into the Bleed.

Powers and Abilities


Lorenzo has increased agility and superior hand-to-hand fighting capabilities. He is also proficient with many forms of weapons.

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