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Real Name
The Lost Messiah, The Lucky One



Exiles, rebel forces on his homeworld, formerly X-Men

Arize (creator)

Dazzler (wife)

Shatterstar (alleged son)


Base Of Operations


6' 2"

80 lbs (36 kg)



Unusual Features
Three fingers and a thumb on each hand, leather-like skin, hollow bones, two hearts, left eye that glows

Marital Status

freedom fighter, stuntman rebel, adventurer

Engineered to fight the Spineless Ones, (Alien)

Place of Birth

First appearance

Longshot #1
(September, 1985)



In the dimension known as Mojoworld, beings called the Spineless Ones ascended to ruling the area. A temporal loop drove them mad. They ordered a number of humanoid slaves created to serve them. However, Arize, their creator, deemed that they should be able to fight their oppressors and gave a number of them enhanced abilities. He was exiled for refusing to provide advanced weapons to the Spineless Ones.

Longshot is the most notable of these 'freemen', imprinted with an imperative to seek freedom and granted with several unique abilities.

He was forced to perform dangerous stunts due to his unwillingness to cooperate as a slave of Mojo. Longshot eventually began a rebellion after meeting Arize. Longshot became a legendary hero, but was captured by the Spineless Ones. They artificially induced amnesia in him so he would become a submissive slave. Instead, Longshot fled and found an inter-dimensional portal to Earth. It is on Earth where he was dubbed "Longshot" because he continually acted against heavy odds in his exploits. Longshot had many adventures on Earth.

Mojo ultimately came to Earth, determined to prevent Longshot from returning to their home world and telling the humanoid slaves how Earth was ruled by human beings. Mojo feared that this news would inspire further rebellions. Once coming to Earth, Mojo began planning to enslave its population. Meanwhile, Longshot began regaining his memories. Aided by Ricochet Rita, Quark, and Doctor Strange, Longshot defeated Mojo, forcing him into an inter-dimensional portal. Spiral followed Mojo, and Longshot, Ricochet Rita, and Quark also entered the portal in order to


follow Mojo back to his home world. Longshot intended to kill Mojo there and then to lead his thousands of fellow humanoids from his home world to Earth where they can be free. Mojo, however had other plans, and teleported him back to Earth at a time before he recovered all of his memories.

The mutant heroes known as the X-Men found the amnesiac Longshot, and he participated with them in many adventures while trying regain all of his memories. During his time with the X-Men, Longshot met and developed a romantic relationship with Dazzler.

After the events of Inferno, however, he decided to leave Dazzler and the team in order to regain his lost memories. Longshot recovered his memories and gathered Dazzler with the help of Lila Cheney to go to the "Mojoverse" and overthrow Mojo once and for all. Instead, they were captured. Dazzler was tricked into luring the X-Men to help free Longshot, where they were put into a version of The Wizard of Oz. Professor X was able to help them override the influence, and Longshot apparently killed Mojo with a blade. Longshot and Dazzler decided to stay in Mojoworld. They married and were expecting a child.

It was prophesied that a future warrior, a son of both normal humans and the Arize-created humanoids would ultimately stop Mojo. Shatterstar (Benjamin Russel) is thought to be this child. However, his connection to Benjamin Russel and why Dazzler seemed to lose her child is unknown.

A clone of Mojo sought to take over, but was defeated with the help of Spiral. The real Mojo did return, promising even more violence to keep the ratings up. Newly created X-Babies based off of the Age of Apocalypse wreaked havoc on the dimension. Dazzler returned to Earth in time to help an interim X-Men team, but feared Longshot was dead.

When Mojo diverted the reality-hopping Exiles to the Mojoverse, the team sought Longshot to help them defeat Mojo and continue their mission. While they found him and freed him from his prison, Longshot was unwilling to help, saying he was tired of losing to Mojo. Longshot seemed to regain some of his confidence by the time the team confronted Mojo, but did not contribute to the fight. Later, the Exiles made a bargain with Mojo, getting Longshot to help them in their pursuit of Proteus (Kevin MacTaggart), though Mojo had again removed his memories.

Powers and Abilities



Known Powers: He was genetically engineered and augmented by magical means to have certain superhuman abilities.

Superhuman Speed

Superhuman Agility: possesses the equivalent musculature of a human male, but is much lighter due to having hollow bones.

Superhuman Reflexes

Superhuman Endurance

Superhuman Attractiveness: some degree of supernatural attractiveness which tends to compel women to fall in love with him upon first sight.

Psychometric Insight: can also telepathically "read" the recent memories of a person by making physical contact with him or her.

Psychometry: can read "psychic imprints" that people leave on objects that they have handled and sometimes can even look into the future of the person or object he touches.

Probability Field Manipulation: The mystical augmentation gave him the ability to affect probability fields through psionic means in order to give himself "good luck" in his activities. This allows incredibly unlikely events to happen in Longshot's favor. This ability is tied into the positive aspects of his personality: should he attempt to use his powers for a selfish or evil act, or should he give up hope, his powers will fail to function or even backfire, giving him bad luck.

He has a star shaped scar on his left eye from being branded. The scar is only visible (glowing brightly) when Longshot uses his powers.


Longshot is proficient in the use of jet-packs for flight, and in the use of beam weapon side-arms.



Longshot carries blades which he hurls with inhuman accuracy. Initially and most often depicted as skien style shuriken (straight edged blades with a trailing balance pinion), some artists have depicted the blades as much larger, and a recent Exiles artist has depicted them more akin to tapering spikes more resembling bo-shuriken. His throwing blades have always been carried in a bandoleer which artists have never been consistent in depicting. The lowest number of pouches in the bandoleer has been seen to be 33 exactly, but the bandoleer has also been seen with upwards of 60 pouches and the more common depictions seem to be somewhere in the 40's. During his original incarnation, until his return to the X-Men in the early 90's, Longshot carried a long dagger in a sheath strapped to his right thigh, and a small knife in a sheath on his right boot. Longshot has always carried a shoulder bag and large belt pouches, in which he has kept many collected objects that have caught his fancy. Originally, his belt held three pouches (two on the right, one on the left side where he normally wears his shoulder bag), though four pouches were much more regularly depicted thereafter. Small pouches were seen on his boot until the early 90s, but disappeared along with his dagger and knife. A larger pouch strapped to his right thigh has been depicted in all appearances of Longshot since the dagger ceased to be used. During his X-Men years, Longshot also carried a folding grappling hook and rope either carried looped around one shoulder or stored in his shoulder bag, and a set of throwing spikes which produced net-like wires between them to restrain a target.


  • Mojo has claimed that he is a unique being in the multi-verse, and his Mojoverse a unique reality. By extension, other natives of the Mojoverse would be similarly unique. However, the recent appearance of Ultimate Mojo and Ultimate Longshot would seem to refute Mojo's claims.


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