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Lon Shevu
Biographical information

possibly Coruscant


ca.12 ABY


41 ABY (75), Coruscant

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Chronological and political information

Legacy era

"There's law, and there's justice, and sometimes they're not the same thing."
―Lon Shevu

Lon Shevu was a Human male captain in the Galactic Alliance Guard in 40 ABY and avid Bolo-ball player. He was known for his dislike for Colonel Jacen Solo's actions, despite being his second in command. He had a girlfriend named Shula Pakasj, whom he married that same year. He was captured and killed by Jacen's Sith apprentice Tahiri Veila that same year, after he had exposed Jacen's Sith identity, Darth Caedus.




Joining the Galactic Alliance Guard

Prior to his Guard service, Lon Shevu was a member of the Coruscant Security Force. He was handpicked by Colonel Jacen Solo, leader of the Galactic Alliance Guard as his second in command, due to his loyalty. At first, Shevu would help Solo and his apprentice, Ben Skywalker, think like military officers instead of Jedi and even like pilots on their first missions. With Ben, he captured Ailyn Vel, under the name Ailyn Habuur, on a raid, which led to her death.[1]

Shevu personally interrogated Vel without success, though he threatened to call her daughter, Mirta Gev, who was the GAG's only lead on what she was doing. Shevu would turn the interrogation to Jacen, though he regretted it, as he realized Solo would possibly kill her while interrogating her. He would be too late though, as Solo killed her by probing her mind using the Force. Shevu remarked on how Jacen should had left Habuur to him, and how he didn't want any more prisoners to turn up dead due to Jacen. He also questioned Jacen's motives, and expressed his negative opinion with Solo's treating of his apprentice Ben Skywalker, whom he had grown fond of.[1]

During his early days in the GAG, he would often disagree with fellow GAG member Heol Girdun as to how they should work. Along with a large contingent of GAG troops, Shevu placed thousands of Corellians under house arrest after a supposed Corellian bomb detonated in Galactic City. After telling Ben that he couldn't find his friend, Barit Saiy, he told Ben that he should stick to doing things by the book, and wouldn't give Ben his opinion on Vel's death.[1]

Befriending Ben Skywalker

Shevu and his troops wore black body armor in combat, that looked similar to that of Stormtroopers. He lived with his girlfriend, Shula, on Coruscant. Months after the Confederation war began, Shevu was ordered to bring Ben and Jori Lekauf to Vulpter where Ben was to assassinate Confederation leader, Dur Gejjen. Gejjen had been behind the plot to kill pro-Galactic Alliance Hapan Queen Mother Tenel Ka, as well as found in negotiations with Chief of State Cal Omas. After Ben completed the job, Shevu attempted to sacrifice himself to look as if a crazed spacer killed the Prime Minister instead of the GAG, though Jori Lekauf disobeyed his orders and sacrificed himself, causing Ben and Shevu grief.[2]

After telling Lekauf's family of what happened, Shevu allowed Ben to stay at his home with him and Shula, though the stay was brief.[2] Sometime later Shevu had heard rumors of Bothans trying to smuggle a proton bomb onto Coruscant.

Double agent

"Whatever it takes, and I'll stay on the inside as long as I possibly can. And he likes to have me around, even on the Anakin Solo."
―Lon Shevu, agreeing to spy on Jacen Solo

When approached by Ben to investigate Jacen Solo, now secretly Darth Caedus, together, he told Ben he had already begun and explained the absence of Shula to keep her safe if he were to be found out by Caedus or the GAG. Personally, he would have preferred the justice of Boba Fett on Caedus, but was willing to settle for the GA's and the Jedi Council's. Shevu also became a double agent, and was an informant for the Jedi. While trying to investigate Caedus' StealthX, he had to stall Girdun so the job could be done.[3]

Using a CSF Forensics droid, Shevu and Ben were able to investigate Caedus's StealthX and discovered one twenty-nine centimeter long hair of Mara's, with a tag and blood on it, confirmed by comparison with one of Mara's hairs that Luke Skywalker still had in his possession. Later, this evidence was corroborated by Caedus's confession to Shevu that he had brawled with and eventually killed Mara Jade Skywalker. Ben's recordings of the scene of the murder, the physical evidence, and a recording of Caedus's confession were all presented by Ben on Endor to his father, Han and Leia Organa Solo, and Jaina Solo.[3]


Weeks after the Second Battle of Fondor, Shevu met with Ben on Coruscant and informed him that Caedus's fleet was moving to Roche. During the meeting, Shevu was captured by Caedus's Sith apprentice, Tahiri Veila and the GAG. Though his wounds were minimal, he was not treated and his pain was meant to force Ben to reveal the location of the Jedi base. When Ben refused to cooperate, Tahiri Veila unleashed Force lightning on Shevu, accidentally killing him. Shevu's last act was to order Ben not to reveal the location of the base, and to stay quiet. The medics tried to resuscitate him but had no success. When Ben escaped from GAG custody, he arranged for Shevu's body to be sent to Shula. Shevu was instrumental in the redemption of Tahiri Veila, for his death sowed doubt in her actions and role as a Sith.

Personality and traits

"You trust Shevu?"
"Yes. There's a such thing as Force certainty, and I have it in that young man."
―Admiral Cha Niathal, and Luke Skywalker

Shevu, an honest man, was known for not shying away from the dirty work in battle. He would express fine leadership abilities during the first GAG missions, and would use his past police experience to keep GAG casualties to a minimum.[1] As a former CSF officer, Shevu did understand the consequences of losing a friend in battle, but also understood how one should make a mission the highest priority.[2]

Though he was very loyal to the Galactic Alliance at the beginning of the Second Galactic Civil War,[1] he would become a spy for Cha Niathal before the Second Battle of Fondor because of his extreme dislike for Jacen[3]. He disliked Jacen for putting Ben on the front lines of war, and how he treated Ben as an adult, though he was only a kid and felt that he shouldn't have been in the GAG at the age of 14.[1] Shevu would often try to protect him during GAG missions, going as far as to be the one who would sacrifice his life if Dur Gejjen's assassination was botched, though Jori Lekauf took that responsibility with his life.[2] However, this would ultimately lead to his death, as Tahiri exploited this and killed him to try to convince Ben to reveal Shedu Maad's location.[4]

Behind the scenes

Shevu was created by author Karen Traviss in the Legacy of the Force novel Bloodlines, and was expanded into a major character throughout the series before being killed off by author Troy Denning in the last novel of the series, Invincible.


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