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Lomi Plo
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36 ABY

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Human (Dathomiri)



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"There is nothing wrong with vengeance. It is a noble emotion—a powerful one."
―Lomi Plo to Alema Rar

Lomi Plo was a Nightsister and a Sith Master, active during the Yuuzhan Vong War.

Lomi may have once been affiliated with the Shadow Academy and the Second Imperium, but by the time she was captured by the Yuuzhan Vong, she was a member Darth Krayt's One Sith. Rescued by the Myrkr strike team, she aided them in their mission against the voxyn, but she and fellow Sith Welk then stole the Tachyon Flier with Raynar Thul onboard. They escaped into the Unknown Regions and apparently created Gorog, a Killik nest, unknown to the other nests. Lomi was responsible for the Dark Nest Crisis and the Swarm War.

At the conclusion of the Swarm War, Lomi was killed by Jedi Grand Master Luke Skywalker.



Lomi Plo was a Nightsister, possibly a member of the Great Canyon Clan under Tamith Kai. She is sometimes thought to have been a student of Brakiss's Shadow Academy for the Second Imperium, as was her future partner, Welk, but this is not clear. By the time of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, she was a member of the New Sith Order based on Korriban, acting as Sith Master, and perhaps lover, to the Togorian named Morto.

Along with an apprentice, she was sent to escort Lumiya to join their group at its base. However, they were cut off from their destination by the unexpected speed of the Yuuzhan Vong advance, and Lomi and her apprentice were captured by the invaders.

Lomi subsequently found herself enslaved alongside Welk and other Force-sensitives aboard the Worldship Baanu Rass, as specimens for human experimentation, and especially as live prey for the voxyn. After being rescued by the Myrkr strike team, she took vengeance on her captors by creating a Force net and slowly contracting it, ultimately slicing a Yuuzhan Vong shaper into pieces. This act greatly unnerved Anakin Solo, but impressed Alema Rar, who was still mourning the death of her sister. The members of the strike team were less than pleased to discover that they had rescued two Dark Jedi — and would have been even less pleased if they had known at the time that they were Sith.

Using their knowledge of the Worldship, Lomi and Welk guided the strike team, but were perturbed when they discovered the nature of the mission. In order to escape, they stole the Tachyon Flier, injuring Lowbacca and abducting Raynar Thul in the process. The ship eventually crashed in the Unknown Regions, severely burning all three aboard, leaving them scarred and deformed.

Lomi and Welk were incorporated into the Killik nest that rescued them and, through their knowledge of the Force, they appear to have created the Gorog nest. Lomi became known as the Unseen Queen of the Dark Nest. Because Lomi wanted nothing more than to hide, the nest had taken on that characteristic and hid from the other nests. Lomi also gained the ability to render herself invisible to someone who had doubt in their mind. Because of this, the extent of Lomi's injuries were unknown, but in later encounters Lomi was revealed to have had a pair of Killik arms above her Human ones, her eyes were replaced with Killik eyes, her lower jaw was replaced with a Killik mandible, and one of her legs was replaced by a Killik leg.

In 35 ABY, the Dark Queen was present with the Dark Nest is the Qoribu system, at Kr. She and the Night Herald Welk worked with Alema Rar to engage Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade Skywalker. Lomi fluttered around the edge of the battle, invisible to the combatants, draining the power cells of the Jedi whenever she was able to. Luke, wielding Alema Rar's lightsaber and his own, lost both weapons, but still killed Welk. Lomi thrashed out, trying to kill Luke by throwing him into Gorog larvae, but Luke survived, and Lomi chose to retreat, as many more Jedi were on their way. Despite this, Luke and the other Jedi believed the Dark Nest to be destroyed.


The Swarm War

Lomi Plo, however, survived, molding Alema Rar into the new Night Herald, and making increased efforts to undermine the Galactic Alliance than last time, spending a year dispatching pirates to raid Alliance shipping between Reecee and Adumar, and flooding the populace of insect worlds with black membrosia, making them addicted. This culminated in an accident - or perhaps intended - that left Supreme Commander Sovv dead at the hands of membrosia-drunk insect pilots.

The Galactic Alliance dispatched the Fifth Fleet to blockade the Utegetu Nebula. Lomi Plo had also spent her time concocting a story to convince UnuThul that absorbing Chiss into their nests would not make the Colony rife with Dark Nests, and with the worlds that the Jedi had provided the Killiks all poisoned by a nano-tech environmental defense system, the Colony quickly responded by working with the Dark Nest to destabilize the Chiss and Galactic Alliance while constructing fifteen massive Nest ship's - the spark was turned into a war when Jacen Solo attacked the Chiss Supply Depot Thrago with his Jedi friends, the Chiss blaming the Colony and striking.

With the war the Chiss had started, all Lomi had to do was maintain enough resources to distract the Jedi - by attacking the Alliance further - and the Killiks would crush the Chiss. However, when Lomi Plo attempted to break out of the Utegetu Nebula, she was engaged by the Jedi, who managed to focus long enough on her to disable eleven of the nest ships. However, the Alliance could not prove itself to the Chiss because UnuThul stole the Admiral Ackbar, and started using it against the Chiss, who believed the Alliance had handed it to the Killiks.

And so, in 36 ABY, Lomi Plo met Luke Skywalker three times in lightsaber combat. The first time, in the Utegetu Nebula, she was invisible to Luke, and he was only able to engage her by trusting the Force to direct his hand. Luke had tracked the Dark Nest to one of fifteen nest ships in the Utegetu Nebula, and crashed on the Dark Nest vessel to engage her. Even while assisted by Han Solo, Tarfang and Jae Juun on the outside of the nest ship, and with Mara supporting in a StealthX, Luke barely escaped with his life, Lomi repeatedly using her extra arms to drive Luke back - himself unable to imagine her with extra arms.

In the second she carried two lightsabers (her personal white saber and one short purple saber). Lomi had been repairing the eleven nest ships left behind in the Utegetu Nebula, and made efforts to distract the Alliance by sponsoring coups on the numerous insect worlds of the Alliance. The Jedi united to defeat these, and headed to the Utegetu Nebula as the nest ship fleet was completed, and poised to leave.

As the Jedi disabled the nest ships hyperdrives, and the Fifth Fleet arrived to engage and destroy the nest ships, Luke, Mara and Jacen led a team to track down and kill Lomi, now able to see the Dark Queen of the Gorog. The subsequent battle saw Lomi make use of Luke's fear to freeze him in his tracks, her Gorog nest assisting her in very nearly killing Mara and Jacen - Mara was shot by a Gorog when Lomi misdirected an attack from Luke at her, and Jacen had Lomi's purple lightsaber embedded in his chest. However, in the moment of victory, Mara shot her full in the chest. Wounded, Lomi fled, abandoning her nest ship the moment before it exploded, heading for Tenupe to joined UnuThul and the Moon Swarm armada.


The Jedi and Galactic Alliance quickly followed her, acting to capture and neutralize the Colony once and for all, even as it snapped shut a trap on two-thirds of the Chiss fleet. Lomi, aware that if UnuThul was captured the Dark Nest could be destroyed, intervened in the middle of the fight between Luke and UnuThul, and taunted Luke by using his own lightsaber that was confiscated by UnuThul on Woteba. The two Force users engaged Luke, disabling his sword arm. Luke scissored his legs and popped Lomi's knee out, and then knocked UnuThul unconscious.

Detecting the location of the Fifth Fleet medical ship, Lomi redirected three Killik swarms to destroy it - and kill Mara and Jacen. However, Luke revealed they were not aboard, and Lomi acted purely on instinct, knowing full well she could not flee on a broken knee, and couldn't hide behind Luke's doubts. She stuck to either side of Luke, and he simply stepped between her guard, slicing Lomi into four pieces.

Luke found himself surprised that a woman of flesh and blood and chitin had nearly brought the galaxy to the edge of an eternal war, but had triumphed.


The Sith had little news of Lomi after the Yuuzhan Vong War, and only discovered her fate from Alema Rar, who arrived on Korriban in 40 ABY. Morto in particular was shocked to learn from Alema that she had become the leader of the Dark Nest.

Powers and abilities

Lomi Plo was a skilled user of the dark side of the Force. It is unknown when Lomi Plo gained her skills, as by the time Anakin Solo and the other Jedi met her in 27 ABY, she had possibly been a Dark Jedi of the Shadow Academy, a Nightsister, and was a member of the One Sith organization.

By this time she was able to create an energy web that could dice her opponents into pieces, including Yuuzhan Vong, which have shown resistance to most uses of the Force. Additionally, she was an expert at the mind trick, using it on Anakin Solo successfully.

When encountered again in 35 ABY, Lomi Plo was equipped with many more Force skills. As Alema Rar has noted that Lomi instructed her in skills of concealment, it is likely that Lomi learned these skills while the Dark Queen of Gorog, rather than inherited them from the Colony's mind. It is also possible she already knew them, but was unable to achieve them, as Lumiya held in relation to Sith battle meditation.

Lomi Plo had gained the ability to conceal herself behind a person's doubt, making her invisible to sight and sense, and was now able to drain energy from any power cell - including lightsabers, entire droids and StealthX's. With these skills she was able to test Luke Skywalker numerous times.

Beyond her skills with the Force, she was a skilled lightsaber duelist, using Jar'kai against Luke Skywalker in the last two of their fights, wielding two lightsabers - a white-bladed weapon, and then a purple bladed shoto. When she lost that, she made use of Luke Skywalker's own green bladed weapon.


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