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The Logbook is found on the bridge of the Galbana.
"I hope everyone remembers to keep the log going!"

The Logbook is a feature in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings which acts as a sort of in-game journal, where the members of Clan Galbana post several thoughts and opinions throughout their journey, as encouraged by Penelo.




Well, I guess I'll go first. Here we are on a sky continent, and nobody knows what we'll find. It's pretty exciting! I just hope everyone remembers to keep the log going! - Kytes

First Encounter

Today we met one of the people who live on the sky continent. He's an aegyl named Llyud, and he doesn't talk much at all. I think he may have something against Sky Pirates. - Kytes

No Manners

That aegyl is so rude! Never says "hello", never says "thanks"...never says anything! What trouble did we cause to deserve this?
- Filo
You cause trouble in your own way, Filo. Just kidding! Don't be mad.
- Kytes


Kytes certainly didn't mince words.

Well, today I'm looking after the ship while everyone's away. Ba'Gamnan's restless as usual... I could use a way to pass the time. - Tomaj


I think I've found the answer to our Ba'Gamnan trouble. I don't want to say any more until I'm sure. After tonight we'll know, one way or the other. - Tomaj

Ba'Gamnan's Bane

Tomaj told me how it works, but I still don't trust it. I just hope Ba'Gamnan doesn't break free in the middle of the night and come for me... It's kinda scary in my room all alone. Maybe I can stay at Penelo's? - Kytes

Log Check

I'm sure you'll be fine on your own, Kytes. Llyud, this log is for the entire crew, which you're now a member of, so write something when you have the time. That goes for you too, Vaan. Don't tell me you're too busy captaining to scribble something down! - Penelo

Captain's First Log

Happy now? I'm writing! I don't think a log check should count as your entry. What am I supposed to write? "Isle of Megalith ahoy! Rudders full to port!"? - Vaan

Clouds Below

Rescued fellows from attack. In pursuit of sky pirates. We make for the Fane. May the clouds be below us. - Llyud

That's it?

Is that all you can say, Llyud? There has to be something more you could write. We are your friends after all. - Filo

Grand Opening

No need to bicker! If I don't see you at the grand opening of my shop, then we'll have something to argue about. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into this... not literally, of course. - Tomaj


When Vann let us into the shrine, the auralith was out in the open, just asking to be stolen. The aegyl sure are trusting. - Kytes

An East Wind

Strong winds worry at my wings in spite of fair weather today. I know of no aegyl who would steal as sky pirates do. - Llyud


Sneaking into the shrine the other day reminded me of breaking into the palace. I'd never have met Balthier and Fran if it wasn't for that. Now we're practically inseparable! Practically... - Vaan


Buisness has been brisk, and I've thought of a good use we can put the sky saloon to. I've also taken in a stray Yarhi. I think there may even be a place for it in my plans. - Tomaj

Master Artificer

Master Tomaj, I must object to you calling me "it". I am a master artificer, and you cannot expect to receive my services if I am not treated with the proper respect. - Cu Sith, Master Artificer


So are we going to fight the Judge of Wings? The one Balthier couldn't even beat? - Kytes I'd give Balthier a little more credit. Wouldn't you agree, Vaan? - Penelo

The Leading Man

It'll take more than that to stop Balthier. Something bad always happens to the leading man, in the first act, but everything gets straightened out by the end. I'm sure he's already off hunting treasure. He'll turn up before we have a chance to miss him. - Vaan


I almost feel bad for Ba'gamnan. Even those othe bangaa he's always with don't want anything to with him. Buut that's what he gets for terrorizing people all the time. - Filo


Does nobody appreciate all I've done? The shops in the sky saloon, the notice board- I'd have to say I've done pretty well. Because no one else will say it for me!
- Tomaj
I appreciate you, Master Tomaj.
- Cu Sith, Master Artificer

A Hard Bargain

I'm full of hidden talents. Maybe I'll teach you someday, Penelo.
- Filo
Lucky for Filo, Rikken's not as cutthroat as he looks.
- Kytes


I didn't hear Kytes saving us hundreds of thousands of gil. It's not my fault Rikken can't win at his own game! - Filo

Like Phon Coast

Now, now. Play nice. I can see why so many people came to the skysea. The water's beautiful! Don't you wish you could just jump right in? - Penelo

Like a Shark

I'll have you know I'm an excellent swimmer. - Tomaj

Like a Dog

I can dog paddle! - Kytes

Like the Idea

I'm always up for a swim. - Vaan

Like Solid Ground!

Well, if you asked me and nobody did, by the way, I think we have much bigger things to worry about! Besides, not everyone can swim, you know. - Filo

Like Sky Pirates!

Filo's right. We have work to do!
- Penelo
How did this come up again?
- Kytes
So, we're not going?
- Vaan
You tell 'em, Penelo!
- Filo

Clear Skies

All is clear. Rescued Rikken once again. Tomaj reports a sighting of the Judge of Wings. Course is set for Yaphi Caverns. One thing puzzles me. Why would one want to submerge one's self in water? - Llyud

Passing Time

Don't knock it until you've tried it! Anyway, here I am stuck on the ship while everyone's away again. The shops are stocked, the decks are tidy, and there's nothing for the notice board. I think I'll take Cu Sith out for a stroll. Nice day for it. - Tomaj


Of all the underhanded treachery! That spineless snake Ba'Gamnan thinks he can get back at us by taking Filo? Mark my words- he'll pay for this! Make him pay for this, Vaan! - Tomaj


I barely remember being taken, but now that I'm back on this hip I'm osrt of scared. Not so much of Ba'Gamnan as the Judge of Wings. But everything'll be fine, right, Vaan? - Filo

Smooth Sailing

Turns out Rikken was sitting on a goldmine! And now I know just where to go and just what to do! I just don't know why the ship is shaking... - Tomaj


I have to admit, keeping a log is more fun then I thought it woul be. Vaan doesn't seem to be enjoying himself, though. He'd better snap out of it before Penelo snaps him out. - Tomaj

Dry Dock

The aegyl are surprisingly good with their hands, and the repairs have gone smoothly. Unfortunately, even with the repairs done the ship won't budge. She's as stubborn as her captain. - Tomaj

State of Mind

Well, the captain may be sinking but the ship should be soaring soon enough. And not a momnet too soon. People are starting to go a little stir-crazy, if you ask me. - Tomaj


I went outside to announce the repairs were done to a decidedly muted reception. How did it come to this? I never really liked Velis, but I can't stand to see Penelo crying. Time to take matters into my own hands. - Tomaj

Found it!

Turns out Tomaj had the Log the whole time.
- Kytes
I say we let him write the whole thing!
- Vaan
Hear, hear!
- Filo
Do you own dirty work!
- Tomaj

On Balthier's Trail

It's such a relief knowing Fran's alright But what's Balthier doing in the mountains? I guess we'll find out when we catch up with him. The sooner the better. - Penelo

Gone Too Far

I can't believe the scoundrel had the nerve to try to kidnap Fran! It's time I teach Ba'Gamnan a lesson he won't forget! - Filo

Dark Clouds

Storms rage around the Pillar of Heaven. Fran is safe and in our number. Never have I spoken to a Viera before, but they share much in common with aegyl. Still, there is something very different about her. Perhaps it is her anima? - Llyud


Sounds like Fran doesn't make any more sense to you then she does to us, Llyud. Don't get me wrong though. I like having her around. I hope she decides to stay. - Kytes

Planning the Plan

I couldn't agree more, Kytes! All we need is a plan to convince her to stick around... You'll think of something!
- Tomaj

I'll think of something? Umm, I don't know about that...
- Kytes

Executing the Plan

Well, I thought about it, but Fran just doesn't seem like she'll fall for flowers or that sort of thing. Maybe Cu Sith could make her something special. - Kytes

Canceling the Plan

Bad news. Apparently, Cu Sith can't make anything besides weapons. When I asked about those momentos she's been making she just squinted her eyes at me. So much for the plan. - Tomaj


There were tremors in the mountains and nobody's returned since. I searched the caves but couldn't find anyone, and before I knew it the Strahl was gone. I hope for the best but somehow I doubt everyone just got lost... - Tomaj


I'm starting to get worried. I questioned sky pirates, the aegyl, and even had Cu Sith ask the Yarhi, but no one knows where everyone's gone. It's as if they vanished into thin air. But they have to be somewhere... - Tomaj


If this is a joke, I'm not laughing. I know they're out there. Somewhere. Will search again tomorrow.
- Tomaj
You must'nt exhaust yourself so, Master Tomaj. They'll be back before you know it.
- Cu Sith, Master Artificer,


I saw Fran and Balthier today. They tell me everyone's alive and well, and that I need only stay put and wait for them to return. I'm too tired to go anywhere, anyway. - Tomaj

Back Onboard

Sorry for the scare we gave you, Tomaj. I thought you'd give up on us and be halfway back to Ivalice by now. Well looks like Clan Galbana is back together! - Vaan

A North Wind

Clouds sail Serenely past, but the wind is chill. Warriors I once called ally were among the party that attacked the ship. Had I not et you, I would be as they. I shudder at the thought. - Llyud

The Queen

I can hardly believe Vaan and Penelo are really friends with the Queen! You told us before, and I believed you, but I don't think it really sunk in until now. I wouldn't want to be on the Queen's bad side. She'd probably throw me in a dungeon! - Filo

The Emperor

I can't believe we're going to see Larsa! If only it were under better circumstances. I almost feel guilty being happy over it.
- Penelo
Don't. I'm sure he'll be happy to see you, too.
- Vaan


I paid a visit to Rabanastre while Vaan and the others were down in Giza. Migelo was worried about everyone, naturally, but he seemed to relax a bit once I told him what had been going on. At least he gave me a warmer welcome than I got in the Sandsea... - Tomaj

True Captain

To be honest I never thought much of Basch from what I'd heard about the war and the Empire. Now I realise that everything he does is to protect others. One day, I'm going to be like him. - Kytes

A Calm

We have passed below the veil of clouds and come to Glabados Ruins, a place build for the children of Feolthanos. We aegyl are not without family, but we do not share the bond that you do. Our lives are short. What might those lives be like with such bonds? - Llyud


When I first heard there were people living on the volcano, I couldn't believe my ears. I can only imagine how reclusive the ancient viera must have been to choose such a place. How could anyone live like this? - Tomaj


I keep wondering what I could have done to save Mydia. But there's no time for that now. We have a promise to keep. - Vaan

Falling Stars

We breached the Mist-bound gate. I have seen the hatred of my ancestors held against each other play out before me. I have not known war, but I see its sadness and hatred, and I know I must bring it to an end. - Llyud

Being a Sky Pirate

I think I finally see what Penelo wanted us to understand. Being a sky pirate isn't about treasure. It's about being free, and doing what you think is right. Right now that means saving Llyud, whatever it takes! -Filo

Last Minute

This is what we've all been waiting for. If you're not ready now, you never will be. You are ready, aren't you? Once this is all over, maybe I'll go into business for myself. Lots to be done before then, though! -Tomaj

Looking Back

I know it's a little late to bring this up, but I hope I've been a good captain. Our time in Lemurés has had its ups and downs, but I hope someday we'll look back on it and smile. -Vaan

We're Behind You

We who cannot be with you in body will be with you in spirit! Nono will keep the ship in shape, Lord Larsa will watch over Ivalice, and of course, Master Tomaj and I will be waiting for your safe return. Don't make us wait long! -Cu Sith, Master Artificer

Blank Page

So you've reached Feolthanos. There's not much left to write. The rest is up to you. I'm leaving the last page of the log blank, for when you come back. -Tomaj

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