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Loffrey Wodring
Sprite(s) Image:FFT-Rofel.gif
Japanese ローファル・ウォドリング
Romaji Rōfaru Wodoringu
Age 39
Gender Male
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Voice actor(s)
Job Class Divine Knight
Affiliation Knights Templar
Final Fantasy Tactics Character
"For you, Ramza...I shall cast open the very gates of hell. Faolos cheos de vanda! Zorda ramud feolio...Zomal, Reeve of Time, by oath unto you am I bound. Timeless, cross you now the vastness of Time's gulf. Throw wide Her gates that we may pass!"

Loffrey Wodring, also known as Rofel Wodring, is a minor character from Final Fantasy Tactics. He is one of two Knights Templar that accompanies Folmarv Tengille during the later phases of the game.




Recruiting Wiegraf

Loffrey was the man assigned to recruit the former leader of the Corpse Brigade, Wiegraf Folles, into the Knights Templar. Finding Wiegraf at his sister's grave, the two men began talking. Wiegraf initially refused Loffrey's offer, claiming he had never be controlled, but Loffrey was able to convince the knight by telling him that the Corpse Brigade and the Church have the exact same goal, the removal of Ivalice's aristocracy.

Negotiating With Dycedarg

Loffrey was sent by the Church of Glabados to negotiate with the Order of the Northern Sky following the Battle of Fort Besselat. He journeyed to Eagrose Castle to meet with Dycedarg Beoulve, hoping he would accept the Church's mediation to end the War of the Lions so that the church would become more powerful. Dycedarg refused, since his half-brother Ramza Beoulve had opened the sluice gate at Fort Besselat bringing the battle to a halt with both sides still strong. Loffrey then mentioned that he knew about Dycedarg murdering Balbanes Beoulve with Mosfungus poison.

Unaware that Dycedarg's brother Zalbaag was listening, Loffrey and Dycedarg argued, giving Zalbaag several hints that Dycedarg was in fact the murderer. Loffrey, being part of the Lucavi plot, then completed the other part of his mission by giving Dycedarg the Capricorn Zodiac Stone, fully aware that it would cause Dycedarg to become Adrammelech. Loffrey then left, leaving behind a chain reaction that would result in the deaths of both of Ramza's half-brothers.

Betraying Funebris

Loffrey then joined Knights Templar leader Folmarv and another Knight Templar, Cletienne Duroi at St. Murond Temple, where they betrayed High Confessor Marcel Funebris. Folmarv demanded the location of the portal to Necrohol of Mullonde, and Funebris admitted that it was in Orbonne Monastery. He then begged for mercy, but the three knights had other ideas. As Folmarv and Cletienne left the room, Loffrey killed Funebris.

In the hallway, they ran into Ramza who had come to confront Folmarv. When Ramza relinquished the Scriptures of Germonique, Loffrey picked them up and learned that a simple incantation was all that was necessary to open the Mullonde portal. Folmarv, Loffrey, and Cletienne attacked, but were defeated and forced to flee.

Opening the Portal

The three Knights Templar then ventured to Orbonne Monastery with their prisoner, Alma Beoulve, in their attempt to resurrect Ultima. In the Underground Book Storage, Loffrey positioned a contingent of knights on the fourth basement to keep Ramza away and then joined Folmarv and Cletienne in the fifth basement. He opened the portal, allowing Folmarv and Cletienne to pass through. Ramza defeated the knights, however, and rushed down to the fifth level to confront Loffrey. Loffrey fought back with more allies, but Ramza and his team managed to fatally wound Loffrey.

Loffrey had one final surprise for Ramza however. As he began dying, he recited the incantation a second time, opening the portal to Necrohol of Mullonde. Once Ramza and Loffrey were on the other side, Loffrey sealed the portal, preventing Ramza's return. He then breathed his last and ceased to be.

Loffrey's True Nature

During the battle, Ramza declares that he senses something evil about Loffrey, saying that it is the same as with Celia and Lettie. Celia and Lettie were actually Ultima Demons, so Loffrey might also be an Ultima Demon, though this is unclear. Given his immediate knowledge of the inscriptions and magicks in the Scriptures of Germonique, it would be likely.

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