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"A magnetized cavern…Wonder how that could be put to use…"
The Lodestone Cavern in the DS version
Lodestone Cavern on the overworld in the DS version.

The Lodestone Cavern, also known as the Magnetic Cave or Cave Magnes, is a cave in Final Fantasy IV, located on a small, densely forested island to the northeast of Troia. The cave is home to the Dark Elf, who stole the Crystal of Earth from Troia. The Dark Elf perpetuates a strong magnetic field in the cave that leads to anyone wearing metal equipment to be rendered helplessly paralyzed in battle.




Final Fantasy IV

Cecil Harvey, Tellah, Yang and Cid Pollendina arrive to the Lodestone Cavern in order to retrieve the stolen Earth Crystal. At the bottom floor, they confront the Dark Elf, but are defeated by it. Using the Whisperweed, Edward plays a tune that is transmitted to the heroes' corresponding Whisperweed which dispels the magnetic field, allowing Cecil and his friends to defeat the Dark Elf and recover the Earth Crystal.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

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Palom and Leonora head into the cavern to evade Baron's soldiers while fleeing with the Earth Crystal, hoping that the metallic field will slow them down.

The soldiers strip themselves of their weapons and armor, chasing the two mages into the Crystal Chamber. There, the Dark Elf (The After Years) is accidentally awakened by Leonora. They are powerless against its dragon form, until Maenad summons Shiva to destroy it. They attempt to trick Maenad, but she uses Shiva to defeat the heroes as well.

The Crystal is stolen, and the heroes are left near-dead on the floor.


Enemy Formations

Final Fantasy IV

The cave's second floor

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years



B2F (Small Room)


B3F (Small Room)

B3F (Passage)




The background theme that plays inside the Lodestone Cavern is Final Fantasy IV's "Dungeon" theme.


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