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Lobsters have been featured in several Muppet productions.

The group of red lobsters first appeared in a Swedish Chef sketch on episode 209 of The Muppet Show, where a group a Spanish-speaking, pistol-wielding Lobster Banditos rescued one of their compatriots from being boiled in hot water.

The lobsters continued to appear, both individually and in a group, on The Muppet Show and were later featured in The Jim Henson Hour, Muppets Tonight, and other productions.



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Final Fantasy

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Final Fantasy Enemy
Sea Scorpion
Sea Scorpion PSP
Japanese うみサソリ
Romaji Umisasori
NES Name Lobster
PS Name Sea Scorpion
GBA Name Sea Scorpion
PSP Name Sea Scorpion

The Sea Scorpion, also known as the Lobster, is an enemy in the original Final Fantasy. It has the lowest HP of all the enemies in the Sunken Shrine and is easily picked off by a Thundara spell.


Unlike many of the creatures in the Final Fantasy series, sea scorpions actually exist. They are the largest known members of the arthropods and have six or eight legs. Prehistorical species grew to over two meters and scuttled around like huge, deformed crabs, while today's versions are much smaller and inhabit only the darkest depths of the ocean floor.

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the sea scorpion can be attained as a summon if over 30 can be killed directly after saving within 5 minutes

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A Lobster is a type of shellfish that players can use as food. They are considered to be one of the most popular healing foods in the game, especially on free-to-play servers, because they heal 12 hitpoints each,[1] and they can easily be caught in bulk.

Players can catch lobsters with a Fishing level of 40 or higher, granting 90 Fishing experience.[2] Lobsters can be caught at any Cage/Harpoon fishing spot with a lobster pot.

A player uses a lobster pot to fish for lobster.

Raw lobsters can be cooked with a Cooking level of 40 or higher, granting 120 Cooking experience.[1] Players may accidentally burn lobsters while cooking until they reach a Cooking level of 74 (See Cooking gauntlets for lower requirements).

On free-to-play servers, lobsters can be caught on Karamja island near the banana plantation. The closest place to bank is the deposit box by the Entrana Monks, and it is recommended to use an Explorer's ring to cut run time. They can also be caught in the north eastern corner of the Wilderness, but this is also not recommended, and the risk of being attacked by revenants renders this method useless.

For members, lobsters can be caught at in Catherby, Relleka, and Jatizso. Players may also fish for lobsters in the Fishing Guild, which requires level 68 Fishing to enter[3]. Catherby is the recommended place to fish for members below 68 fishing.

Though many players cook lobsters in Karamja while fishing, it is better to sell them to the Grand Exchange and just buy cooked lobsters instead, as raw lobsters have higher market prices than cooked ones.

Lobsters as food

Free-to-play popularity

They are the most popular food for player-killing, due to their low price and the fact that they can easily be collected in bulk. Wealthier players will use lobsters while training on monsters as well.

It is also common for players to fish and cook lobsters on Karamja, use them to train on lesser demons in the dungeon and then repeat the cycle. Bring a tinderbox and hatchet of any kind, cut a dead tree near the volcano entrance to make a fire. Less wealthy players will find trout (7 hitpoints) and salmon (9 hitpoints) more cost-effective ways of training combat.

In free-to-play worlds, before the Grand Exchange was released, lobsters were one of the most profitable commodities to players fishing for them as well as merchants in Edgeville and many other banks. This is partly because Edgeville is the nearest town in the wilderness that has a bank where players of clan wars, player killers, and wilderness duelers prepare and these players are in need of food during battles. Traded in bulk, cooked lobsters could sell from 200 to 250 coins each and rarely can even sell for 300 coins each. Each full inventory of lobsters gives the player 2,430 fishing exp.

When the Grand Exchange was set up in Varrock and the 10 December 2007 updates took effect (which put up the 5k trade limit, removed player-killing in the Wilderness and virtually all macroers), prices of cooked lobsters dropped from 200 to 250 coins to as low as 150 to 200 (due to the ease of trading cooked lobsters), but prices of raw lobsters sky-rocketed from as low as 100 coins each to as high as 339 each. The increase in the prices of raw lobsters was due to the fact that loss of macroers, which provided most of the supply of lobsters in the economy, were also lost. However, when player-killing worlds were put up, which also increase the demand for food, prices of cooked and raw lobsters rebounded to beyond 300 coins where stood for a few weeks before declining slowly to its present prices.

Pay-to-play popularity

While lobsters are often used for training on pay-to-play servers, it is not recommended that they are used for player killing in Bounty Hunter or on PvP worlds. Instead, sharks or at least monkfish are recommended so that the player is not easily killed. An alternative for members with low level Fishing is to use the thieving skill to steal them in Relleka or Miscellanea at level 42 thieving, though in Relleka there is no bank nearby to store them--unless the player is wearing Fremennik Sea Boots 1, 2, or 3 (obtained by completing the Fremennik Province Diary) in which case you can talk to Peer the Seer to access a bank deposit box. If you wish to cook the lobsters before banking them, Yrsa has an everlasting fire in her hut, quite close to the marketplace.

However, most members use lobsters for questing and training combat on low to medium-levelled NPCs, and/or when they need quick cheap food.


Lobsters were a popular item for macroers to produce, especially in free-to-play worlds at Karamja and member worlds at Catherby, because of the high demand of both raw and cooked lobsters, and they would sell for quite a good profit.

This was all changed by the "Trade and Drop Changes" game update on 10 December 2007, which attempted to block virtually all forms of real world trading from the game[4]. As a result, lobster fishing macros are now rare. Due to the disappearance of macros, the price of raw lobsters began to sky-rocket, rising to over 300 coins.


Players have been known to sell burnt lobsters as a "rare black lobster" for outrageous prices in the past. The term "rare black lobster" is now mostly used by new players.

Lobsters were also a target for the inventory scam, in which players are tricked into trading their inventory for some lobsters. This is now obsolete due to the removal of unbalanced trade.


Tools/Utensils Lobster pot/None
Ingredients Raw lobster
Fishing Level 40
Fishing Method Caging
Fishing Spot Cage/Harpoon
Fishing Experience 90
Cooking Level 40
Level at which it stops burning 74
Cooking Experience 120
Range Only? No
Instructions Use raw lobster with a fire or range.
Servings 1
HP per Serving 12


  • Back in RuneScape Classic, the colouration of the lobster was actually the other way around. Raw lobsters were a bright red colour when caught, and turned a deep brown when cooked. It was not until the implementation of the Runescape 2 upgrade that it was changed to the way it is now.
  • A glitch was found while fishing, if you have started barbarian training, start to harpoon fish without a harpoon, while wielding a magnifying glass with a lobster pot in your inventory, then start to cage lobsters, you can move your hand rapidly like barbarian harpooning but the text "You attempt to catch a lobster" and you can still catch lobsters until you stop. This glitch has not yet been fixed by Jagex. There are no benefits from performing this glitch.


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