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Artwork of Llyud by Ryōma Itō.
Sprite Llyud's sprite. Portrait
Kana リュド
Romaji Ryudo
Age 20
Race Aegyl
Home Lemurés
Job class Dragoon
Quickening Fanfare
Voice actor(s)
Voice actor(s)
Revenant Wings character
"A warrior from the sky continent of Lemurés. He exhibits a curiosity not commonly found among the Aegyl, for which he is regarded as something as a curiosity himself."
Revenant Wings instruction booklet

Llyud is a playable character in the game Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. A member of the reclusive Aegyl race, he is rejected by them for siding with outsiders. Later, another main character, Filo, seems to gain feelings for him after the party is stranded on Tswarra, Isle of the Lost.


"We aegyl are not complete. We lack the heart that makes you humes whole."

Several years before the start of the game, Llyud was constantly curious, apparently travelling from island to island investigating different things, something that apparently got him in trouble fairly often. It was also partially Llyud's curious nature that made him join Vaan, Penelo, Kytes and Filo.

At first, Llyud was like the rest of his kind; socially withdrawn, seemingly emotionless, and rarely interacted with anyone outside his race. He travelled with another aegyl called Ansei to protect Lemurés from sky pirates from Ivalice. Both Lyud and Ansei are attacked by monsters, but are saved by Vaan, Penelo, Kytes, and Filo. He joins them to help Ansei and stays with them for the duration of their quest. Llyud initially does not understand the emotional behavior of Vaan and his friends because he lacks an Anima to have emotions or understand them but he stays with them to stop the Judge of Wings and protect his homeland. After the party's Airship crash at the Isle of the Lost, Vaan demands Llyud to show some emotions for once while the first does not understand that question.

Afterwards, the party meets Velis, who befriends Penelo quickly but when the Judge of Wings appears, she turns Velis into a Yarhi and order him to fight the party, Llyud coldly kills Velis and say that he does not know why Penelo was crying. However, his time with Vaan and company allowed Llyud to develop relationships with others and show moments of genuine emotion, giving him a soul that his people lacked. Along the way, fellow Aegyl mock him on how he makes friends with the Hume race. When Lemurés crumbles in the end, Llyud remains to depart the world with his home after having thanked his friends for everything they did for him.


His Job is Dragoon, though his abilities are unique amongst the other Dragoons of Ivalice games, dealing with support abilities as well as attacks. His Quickening, Fanfare, boosts all currently summoned ally Yarhi by giving them an extra level. It can be obtained by defeating Hashmal.

Level Name Description
3 Jump Deal damage to all foes in range.
7 Revive Consume HP to revive one KO'd ally.
12 Lancet Drain HP from one foe to user.
18 Transfuse Consume HP to restore HP to one ally.
25 Vanishga Render all allies in range invisible.
33 Crimson Wings Deal damage to foes in a line extending from the user.
42 Enfuse Spirit Consume HP to raise all group attributes.

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