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Artwork by Ryōma Itō.
"Judgemaster or not, you cannot pass."
—Llednar Twem

Llednar Twem (レドナ・トェム Redona Twemu) is a villain in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. He appears in the story after Marche Radiuju defeated the Totema Exodus. He replaced Judgemaster Cid Randell as Prince Mewt's guardian. Some see Llednar as Mewt's ideal image of himself as his name is Mewt Randell reversed; Llednar (Randell) Twem (Mewt). His job class is Biskmatar. In Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Radio Edition, he is voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa.



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Llednar Twem is the embodiment of Mewt Randell's darker side, created by the Li-Grim to stop Marche Radiuju from reverting the world back to normal. The Li-Grim places a Fortune Law on Llednar, rendering him invincible. Despite his invincibility, he fails twice. First, he attacks Marche just before he can reach Mateus. However, Judgemaster Cid, realizing that Mateus' crystal will shatter if Llednar uses Omega, is forced to put an Advanced Law on him to prevent him from using Omega. When Llednar attempts to defy the law, Cid slaps him with a Red Card, sending him off to prison. He is subsequently released however, and confronts Marche again, this time one-on-one. Once again, Judgemaster Cid arrives, and Llednar, not forgetting his previous encounter with Cid, flees rather than risk the same fate again. On his third encounter with Marche, Cid once again intervenes, this time by using an Anti-Law to nullify the Li-Grim's Fortune Law. Llednar is rendered vulnerable, and turns to stone when Marche defeats him.




Weapons Armor Armlets Shoes
Excalibur Peytral Genji Armlet Caligula


Below are Llednar's stats during mission "Memories".

Move Jump Speed Evade Weapon Attack Weapon Magic Magic Power Magic Resist
5 3 145 70 412 375 329 386


Both of his Biskmatar is Dark Magic; which is negative magic, and Flair; which are a few ancient sword techniques.

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