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This article contains art, spin-off fiction, theories, reference and community material created by fans inspired by Lost.
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Living Lost: Why We're All Stuck On the Island
J. Wood
Garrett County Press
Publish Date
January, 2007

Cultural criticism based on the Lost narrative and how it intersects with the experience of war, terrorism, misinformation and message management.


Publisher's summary

"Miracles, viruses, plane crashes and acts of terror perpetrated by a group of Others: This is the perplexing and radical world of the television show Lost. With wit and insight, J. Wood explores the show's strange engagement with the contemporary experiences of war, (mis)information, and terrorism, and argues for an idea as weird as the show itself: That we're all stuck on the island."


  • The book is 266 pages long.
  • is having the author keep a blog of literary and historical connections after each of the later 16 episodes of the third season.
    • Episode 7: Lost in Portland Not in Portland
    • Episode 8: Flashes of Lost Flashes Before Your Eyes
    • Episode 9: Lost in a Strange Land Stranger in a Strange Land
    • Episode 10: Luck of the Lost Tricia Tanaka is Dead
    • Episode 11: Enter Lost Enter 77
    • Episode 12: Lost Shrugged Par Avion
    • Episode 13: Locke's Unlucky Episode The Man from Tallahassee
    • Episode 14: Lost Exposed Exposé
    • Episode 15: Lost Behind Left Behind
    • Episode 16: One of Us One of Us
    • Episode 17: Catch-22 Catch-22
    • Episode 18: D.O.C. D.O.C.
    • Episode 19: The Brig The Brig
    • Episode 20: The Man Behind The Curtain The Man Behind The Curtain


  • Introduction
  • Timeline of first two seasons
  • Narratives and Nodes
    • Twins & Twinning
    • Black & White
    • Cons
    • Parents & Children
    • Good & Bad People
    • Games
    • Names
    • Psychology
    • Beasts
    • Obsession
    • Literary References
    • Electromagnetism
    • Cold
    • Body Parts
    • Red Herrings & Overdeterminedness
    • (The Numbers)
  • Triangulating the Signal
  • Appendix: The Manifest's Destiny (an index of characters and their thematic connections)

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