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Little gecko
variations: Fire gecko
Golden gecko
location: Core Region
Image:Lil Gecko.gif

The little/normal geckoes are the easiest of them to kill. They appear quite early in the game. (already in the Fallout 2 Quest - Rescue Smoke, where they roam the Arroyo Hunting Grounds) They can be skinned, if you have the Gecko Skinning perk.

Little Geckos have horrible detection AI, and it is often possible for the player to walk right in front of them and not be noticed. This makes it easy to get inside attack range without being caught. While it has been suggested that little geckos attack only when provoked, this is not true.

Little Geckos will eat any iguana-on-a-stick or jerky dropped on the floor. They will also equip weapons like spiked knuckles and power fists!


Statistic Value
Strength 4
Perception 3
Endurance 3
Charisma 1
Intelligence 1
Agility 5
Luck 3
XP 55
Derived Statistics
Statistic Value
Carry Weight 125
Sequence 6
Hit Points 25
Healing Rate 1
Armor Class 13
Action Points 7
Critical Chance 3
Unarmed Damage 0
Melee Damage 2
Type Resistance Threshold
Normal 20% 0%
Laser 20% 0%
Fire 10% 0%
Plasma 10% 0%
Explosive 20% 0%
Electrical 30% 0%
EMP 500% 0%
Poison 15%
Radiation 6%
Skill Value
Small Guns 0
Big Guns 0
Energy Weapons 0
Unarmed 17%
Melee Weapons 0
Throwing 0

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