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Up to date as of February 07, 2010

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List of recent music with event or update and date introduced in reverse chronological order. Only music (track number 431) since Christmas 2006 are listed as earlier information is not available. See Music for complete list.

Number Name Location Date Event or update
631 These Stones Mage Training Arena basement 1 February 2010 Rune Mechanics quest
629-630 Battle of Souls, Desolate Ruins Soul Wars 11 January 2010 Nomad's Requiem quest
626-628 Silent Knight, Ghost of Christmas Presents, Smorgasbord Land of Snow 21 December 2009 2009 Christmas event: A Christmas Warble
617-625 The Fallen Hero, Jaws of the Dagannoth, Maiasaura Quest locations 15 December 2009 Update:Blood Runs Deep
Honky Tonky Harmony, Honky Tonky Medieval, Honky Tonky Newbie Melody, Honky Tonky Parade, Honky Tonky Sea Shanty Rising Sun Inn, Dancing Donkey Inn, Blue Moon Inn, Jolly Boar Inn, Rusty Anchor Inn 15 December 2009 Hidden update
I'm Counting on You Vampire Slayer quest, automatic if already completed
616 Final Destination Kuradal's Dungeon 8 December 2009 Update:Kuradal's Dungeon
614-615 The Horn of Chill, Zaros Stirs Ghorrock fortress dungeon, Senntisten Temple 3 December 2009 The Temple of Senntisten quest
613 The Duke Upper floor of Lumbridge Castle 9 November 2009 Update:Patch Notes (9 November 2009): Added some new music to the upper floors of Lumbridge Castle.
610-612 Trick or Treat?, Itsy Bitsy..., Poison Dreams Grim Reaper's House and Spider Realm 26 October 2009 2009 Hallowe'en event
609 Elven Seed Light puzzle room 13 October 2009 Within the Light
607-608 Living Rock, Scape Theme Living Rock Caverns 17 September 2009 Update:Living Rock Caverns
606 Fight of the Dwarves Quest locations 9 September 2009 Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf
605 Exhibit 'A' Fighting the Skeletal Horror 10 August 2009 Fur 'n' Seek
603-604 Lamistard's Labyrinth, The Heist Quest locations 21 July 2009 The Curse of Arrav
600-602 Waiting for Battle, Mobilising Armies (music track), Command Centre Mobilising Armies 8 July 2009 Update:Mobilising Armies
599 Eruption Wilderness Volcano 22 June 2009 Update:Extended Agility courses
598 Kharidian Nights Uzer Mastaba 16 June 2009 Extra music for Missing My Mummy
594-597 Penguin Possible, The Pengmersible, Desert Island Bear, Ice Day for Penguins (unlocked in the Penguin Hunting Area after the quest) Quest locations 2 June 2009 Hunt for Red Raktuber
592-593 Ancestral Wisdom, The Plundered Tomb Quest locations 19 May 2009 Missing My Mummy
590-591 The Muspah's Tomb, Rest for the Weary Quest locations 21 April 2009 The Tale of the Muspah
588-589 Hare-brained Machines, Lazy Wabbit Event locations 8 April 2009 2009 Easter event
586-587 Frost Fight, Lair of Kang Admi Quest locations 1 April 2009 Glorious Memories quest
579-585 But We Can Fight, Demise of the Dorgeshuun, Don't Panic Zanik, Face Off, Godslayer, The Chosen Commander, The Throne of Bandos Quest locations 17 March 2009 The Chosen Commander quest
577-578 Snack Attack, Trees aren't your Friends Event locations 25 February 2009 Sandwich Lady random event and Evil TreeDistraction and Diversion
575-576 Soul Wars, The Waiting Game Soul Wars 10 February 2009 Soul Wars Minigame
574 The Phoenix Phoenix Lair 6 January 2009 In Pyre Need
572-573 Cavernous Mythology, Winter Funfare Land of Snow 16 December 2008 Myths of the White Lands quest
571 The Dance of the Snow Queen Event locations 16 December 2008 2008 Christmas event
566-570 Black of Knight, Dangerous Logic, The Evil Within, The Sound of Guthix, Temple Desecrated Quest locations 26 November 2008 While Guthix Sleeps
565 Stealing Creation Mystic's Camp 11 November 2008 Stealing Creation minigame
563-564 The Art of Hocus-Pocus, Magic and Mystery Rimmington/Port Sarim 28 October 2008 2008 Hallowe'en event and Swept Away quest
559-562 Dream Theatre, The Ruins of Camdozaal, Undead Army, Zombie Invasion Quest location 29 September 2008 Defender of Varrock quest
557-558 Bane of Summer, The Vacant Abyss Quest location 15 September 2008 Summer's End quest
556 Circus Minigame location 2 September 2008 Balthazar Beauregard's Big Top Bonanza
555 Second Vision Minigame location 12 August 2008 Runecrafting Guild / The Great Orb Project
554 Ardougne Ago Quest location 5 August 2008 Meeting History quest
552-553 Shining Spirit, Troubled Spirit Quest locations 29 July 2008 Spirit of Summer quest
550-551 The Adventurer, The Mentor Automatic or Lumbridge 14 July 2008 Learning the Ropes tutorial
547-549 Jailbird, A Pirate's Life for Me, Something Fishy Quest locations 11 June 2008 Rocking Out quest
543-546 Cool for Ali Cats, Desert Smoke, Slain to Waste, Under the Sand Pollnivneach 5 June 2008 Smoking Kills quest
540-542 Arma Gonna Get You, Dillo-gence is Key, TokTz-Ket-Ek-Mack TzHaar City 13 May 2008 TokTz-Ket-Dill quest
538-539 Icy Trouble Ahead, Icy a Worried Gnome Perils of Ice Mountain 7 May 2008 Perils of Ice Mountain quest
532-537 Bloodbath, The Columbarium, Conspiracy: Part 1, Conspiracy: Part 2, The Terrible Caverns, The Terrible Tunnels Blood altar, quest locations 22 April 2008 Legacy of Seergaze quest
530-531 Guthix's Hunter, Waiting for the Hunt Fist of Guthix, North of Varrock 9 April 2008 Fist of Guthix minigame
529 Bittersweet Bunny Easter Bunny warren 18 March 2008 2008 Easter event
524-528 A New Menace, Creepy, Exam Conditions, Incarceration, Safety in Numbers Quest locations 11 March 2008 Kennith's Concerns quest & Stronghold of Player Safety update
523 The Wrong Path Surok Magis, in front of the Dagon'hai Shortcut 4 March 2008 Cutscene where Surok escapes in Hunt for Surok miniquest.
522 Charmin' Farmin' Vinesweeper Minigame 19 February 2008 Vinesweeper Minigame released.
519-521 Brain Battle, Jungle Community, Surok's Theme The Great Brain Robbery quest, north of Tai Bwo Wannai Village, What Lies Below quest 5 February 2008 Update:Audio Week and Improved Edgeville Dungeon; Scape Summon was deleted (reported bug - see Music#Renamed_or_deleted_tracks.) Players who already completed the quest will automatically get credit. Jungle Community is locked, players need to revisit the area to the north of Tai Bwo Wannai Village.
515-518 Bish Bash Bosh, Hot 'n' Bothered, Shaping Up, Spa Bizarre Oo'glog 29 January 2008 As a First Resort... quest
511-514 Animal Apogee, The Route of All Evil, The Route of the Problem, Scape Summon Summoning Obelisks, Chaos Tunnels, opening music during Summoning update 15 January 2008 Update:Summoning! and Wolf Whistle quest
508-510 Copris Lunaris, Scarabaeoidea, Tune from the Dune 2 January 2008 Dealing with Scabaras quest
507 Land of Snow Land of Snow 18 December 2007 2007 Christmas event
502-506 Bounty Hunter Level 1, 2, 3; Clan Wars (music track), Venomous Bounty Hunter, Clan Wars, Scorpion Pit in Wilderness 10 December 2007 Update:Wilderness Changes, Bounty Hunter and Clan Wars!
501 The Trade Parade Grand Exchange 26 November 2007 Update:The Grand Exchange
500 Tournament! Duel Arena 20 November 2007 Update:Duel Arena Tournaments and Changes
496-499 Catacombs and Tombs, Dusk in Yu'biusk, Temple of Tribes, Zanik's Theme Yu'biusk, goblin temple in Goblin Cave 12 November 2007 Land of the Goblins quest
495 Grimly Fiendish Grim Reaper's house 22 October 2007 2007 Hallowe'en event
494 Roots and Flutes Karamja Jade vine maze 9 October 2007 Back to my Roots quest
493 Altar Ego Ourania Runecrafting Altar 18 September 2007 Update:The ZMI Altar
487-492 Bolrie's Diary, Healin' Feelin', The Longramble Scramble, Storeroom Shuffle, Terrorbird Tussle, Waste Defaced Gnome Village Dungeon, Poison Waste Slayer Dungeon 3 September 2007 The Path of Glouphrie quest
482-486 Armageddon, Armadyl Alliance, Bandos Battalion, Strength of Saradomin, Zamorak Zoo God Wars Dungeon, Armadyl's Eyrie, Bandos's Stronghold, Saradomin's Encampment, Zamorak's Fortress 28 August 2007 God Wars Dungeon
480-481 Knightmare, Lore and Order Keep Le Faye/Black Knights' Fortress, Seers' Village courthouse 24 July 2007 King's Ransom quest
479 School's Out Mr. Mordaut's classroom 17 July 2007 Surprise Exam! random event
478 Barb Wire Ancient Cavern 3 July 2007 Barbarian Training miniquest
477 Melzar's Maze Melzar's Maze June 2007 Graphical improvement
476 Impetuous Puro-Puro 11 June 2007 Impetuous Impulses minigame
474-475 Fe Fi Fo Fum, Mouse Trap Taverley tree patch, Tower between Goblin Village and Ice Mountain 4 June 2007 Grim Tales quest
473 Looking Back Varrock Museum 29 May 2007 Update:Varrock's New Look
467-472 Down and Out, Everlasting, Illusive, Inadequacy, On the Up, Untouchable Lunar Isle and Dream World 15 May 2007 Dream Mentor quest
463-466 HAM and Seek, Ham Attack, Slice of Silent Movie, Slice of Station HAM Tunnel, Dorgesh-Kaan train station 24 April 2007 Another Slice of H.A.M. quest
462 Rising Damp Brine Rat Cavern 10 April 2007 Olaf's Quest quest
461 Easter Jig 2007 Easter event 2 April 2007 Update:Easter Antics
460 Alternative Root Chaos Altar shortcut (a.k.a Tunnel of Chaos) 27 March 2007 What Lies Below quest
458-459 Dorgeshuun City, Dorgeshuun Deep Dorgesh-Kaan, Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon 20 March 2007 Update:Dorgesh-Kaan
457 Zombiism Harmony Island 6 March 2007 The Great Brain Robbery quest
456 Mutant Medley Basement of the Tower of Life 19 February 2007 Creature Creation minigame
453-455 Creature Cruelty; Magic Magic Magic; Work Work Work Tower of Life, South of Ardougne 19 February 2007 Tower of Life quest
449-452 Garden of Autumn, Garden of Spring, Garden of Summer, and Garden of Winter South-east of Al Kharid 12 February 2007 Sorceress's Garden minigame
443-448 Island of the Trolls, Major Miner, Norse Code, Ogre the Top, Volcanic Vikings, Jester Minute Jatizso and Neitiznot 6 February 2007 The Fremennik Isles quest
441-442 Espionage, Have an Ice Day Iceberg 29 January 2007 Cold War quest
440 Undead Dungeon south-western Morytania 22 January 2007 The Lair of Tarn Razorlor miniquest
436-439 Back to Life, Beetle Juice, The Depths, Labyrinth Sophanem Dungeon 10 January 2007 Contact! quest
434-435 Assault and Battery, Pirates of Penance Barbarian Outpost 4 January 2007 Barbarian Assault minigame
431-433 Jungle Bells, Jungle Island XMAS, Sea Shanty XMAS near Karamja volcano Christmas 2006 Christmas event 2006


  • 9 February 2008 - Update:Music system temporarily off
  • 13 February 2008 - No music was released with the Catapult Construction quest.
  • 26 August 2008 - No music was released with the All Fired Up quest.

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