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Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse stand in front of posters for Alias and Lost in the Los Angeles production offices of ABC on the Disney lot (Lost: The Complete Third Season (DVD) extra featurette "Lost in a Day")

Alias was a television series that shares a number of overlaps with Lost, both in storyline as well as cast and crew.

Warning: This page contains numerous spoilers for Alias.


Shared crew

Shared cast

Terry O'Quinn as FBI Asst. Director Kendall

Shared character names

  • Sydney's father was Jack
  • Sydney's half-sister was Nadia.
  • Sydney's lover was Michael.
  • Fellow agents included Tom and Rachel.
  • Francie's lover in season one was called Charlie (also, his surname was Bernard).
  • Emily is the wife of the evil boss Arvin Sloane.
  • Arron was the little boy kidnapped by Sark
  • Danny Sydeny's fiancee
  • Sayid was the man the Bristows met in Iraq
  • Clementine was the first name Sydney suggested for her baby.

Shared episode names

  • "So It Begins" was the title of the second episode of Alias's first season; it was also the title of the thirteenth released Lost mobisode.

–Arron was the little boy who was kidnapped by Sark. –Danny Sydeny's fiancee

Shared music

–Danny Sydney's fiancee

Shared sets

  • The Swan Orientation film was shot on the APO set from seasons 4 and 5 of Alias in Burbank by the Alias crew. [1] [2]
  • The plane used in Alias season 3 episode 15 is the same set used in the Pilot of Lost

Alias's allusions to Lost

  • Alias season 4 episode "A Clean Conscience" features a scene set in LAX. A boarding announcement for "Oceanic Airlines to Sydney" can be heard over the loudspeaker.




  • Sydney believes she is working for a deep cover unit of the CIA, when in fact she is working for an organization unaligned with the CIA that has designs on global domination. This mirrors the ruse used to recruit Juliet to conduct medical research for six months in Portland.
  • Sydney does not know whether or not her father and mother are working for the CIA or for enemy organizations. These mysteries are not solved until late in the series' run. Sydney's father turns out to be "good" while her mother is "bad."
  • The Renaissance-age Italian Rambaldi drew a sketch of a woman which identically resembles Sydney, a suggestion of time travel.
  • Sydney is cloned as are other people in the series. Cloning turns out to be one of the main tactics of SD6.
  • Sydney's lover Michael Vaughn becomes of questionable character in the final season, although he is ultimately revealed to be "good."
  • Sydney learns she has a half-sister, Nadia, that she never knew about. Nadia's father is actually Sydney's evil boss Arvin Sloane.


  • Nikki's show Expose bears several resemblances to Alias. Both have one word titles. Nikki is posing as an undercover stripper and ultimately learns that the person she is working for is the villain she has been trying to uncover. Sydney frequently went undercover in a wide range of disguises, many of them sexy, and likewise learned that her boss Arvin Sloane was evil.
  • Sloane convinced himself that he was the good guy, doing the right thing for his country, much as Ben has stated that he is the good guy.


  • A recurring theme in Alias is the number 47, much like the Numbers in Lost; however, 47 does not take a prominent role in the storyline, and is just used as a calling card for Milo Rambaldi and his followers, and occasionally just as an Easter egg by the writers.
    • For example, Page 47 of each of Rambaldi's manuscripts are blank, and require a special liquid to make the text visible.
    • When remembering what happened in the two years she cannot remember, Sydney Bristow, the main protagonist of Alias remembers a door with a large 47 written on it.
    • Many of the hotel rooms, safety deposit boxes, vaults and keycodes in Alias are either 47, or contain that number.
  • The names of the evil organizations included a number -- SD6 and Prophet5.
  • Eccentric, prophetic genius Italians and their numbers: Rambaldi (47) and Enzo Valenzetti (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42).


  • In the last season of Alias, a pregnant Sydney is kidnapped and finds herself in an operating room. In Lost, Claire has had an almost identical experience.

Daddy/Mommy issues

Capture of an enemy

  • One of the main story arcs in season 2 of Alias is the capture of an enemy, who supposedly gave herself up to get inside the C.I.A. This has some parallels to Henry Gale's imprisonment during Season 2 of Lost.

Season finales

  • The Season 1 finale of Alias and the Season 3 finale of Lost featured similar situations. In both instances a leading man (Charlie in Lost and Vaughn in Alias) is confined to an area that is flooding. Both men look through a glass window to a person who is watching from the other side who is in considerably less danger (Sydney in Alias and Desmond in Lost). In both cases the onlookers try to smash the glass window with a nearby fire extinguisher and fail to do so.

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