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Final Fantasy

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The Final Fantasy series has featured many villains, both minor and major, who serve as antagonists to the player party throughout the game. Below is a list of the key villains from each installment.


Main Series

Final Fantasy

  • Garland - The first boss of the game, he used to be a loyal knight, but he has betrayed Cornelia and kidnapped Princess Sara.
  • Four Fiends - Four Demons representing the four elements: earth, water, fire, and wind. They capture the four Crystals and steal their light, causing chaos in the world.
  • Chaos - The demon king, created when Garland merges with the essences of the four fiends. He is the one causing the time loop.

Final Fantasy II

  • Borghen - The Emperor's general.
  • Dark Knight - Maria's brother, Leon, under the Emperor's control.
  • The Emperor - The ruler of Palamecia. He comes back to life after dying by fusing with the dark powers of Hell, thus becoming the ruler of Hell himself.

Final Fantasy III

  • Xande - A pupil to the great Archmage Noah. Xande was given the gift of mortality from his master. However, he couldn't handle this, and so set out to get back his immortality.
  • Cloud of Darkness - Appears whenever there is an imbalance between light and darkness, to return everything to a world of nothingness.

Final Fantasy IV

  • Baigan - Baron's captain of the Royal Guards. He betrays his kingdom to gain more power.
  • Dr. Lugae - An insane scientist that follows Golbez, and performs experiments on humans to serve his own purposes. He turns Edge's mother and father into monsters.
  • Archfiends - The four fiends were Golbez's minions, each of which battled the heroes at least two times. Their names were inspired by names of devils in Dante's Inferno. They are Scarmiglione, Cagnazzo, Barbariccia, and Rubicante.
  • Golbez - Cecil's brother who was under the control of Zemus. Golbez took command of the Red Wings airship fleet attacked the world in an attempt to steal the Crystals and summon the Giant of Babil.
  • Zemus - A Lunarian who hates humans, and decides that the Lunarians should just take Earth for themselves. He can control people's minds, and after he dies, his hate becomes a creature called Zeromus.

Final Fantasy V

  • Gilgamesh - One of Exdeath's minions. He searches for Excalibur, but ends up with Excalipur instead.
  • Demons of the Rift - Thirteen powerful fiends sealed in the Void and released by Exdeath to destroy the Warriors of Light.
  • Exdeath - A warlock born of a tree infused with evil spirits. He wishes to take control of the Void and consume the world with it.

Final Fantasy VI

  • Ultros - A wisecracking Octopus which the party encounters throughout the game. He follows them to get revenge for his rising number of defeats, but eventually gets a job working at the colosseum and gives up his chase.
  • Gestahlian Empire - Lead by Emperor Gestahl, the Empire seeks the power of magic to control the world, and has developed Magitek as a result of their research into Espers.
  • Kefka - An experimental Magitek Knight driven insane by his augmentation. Kefka develops a hatred of everything and begins acquiring power on his own while serving Gestahl.

Final Fantasy VII

  • Shinra - The power company that controls the world. Shinra extracts life energy from the planet for profit and has conducted a series of genetic experiments involving this energy. Staff members include the Turks and President Rufus Shinra.
  • Professor Hojo - Shinra's top scientist and Sephiroth's father who conducted a number of experiments with Jenova's cells on his son, leading to the development of SOLDIER.
  • Jenova - The Calamity from the Skies, Jenova fell to the planet long ago and attempted to destroy it. Her cells are used by Shinra to create SOLDIER.
  • Sephiroth - The first and strongest SOLDIER, who desires to merge with the planet's life-force and become a god.

Final Fantasy VIII

  • Edea Kramer- A Sorceress possessed by Ultimecia who the protagonists must face. Ultimecia uses her body to conquer the world using Galbadia's military.
  • Seifer Almasy- Squall Leonhart's rival. Seifer is dedicated to being Ultimecia's Sorceress Knight.
  • Ultimecia- A Sorceress from the future who possesses and manipulates people from the past in order to achieve Time Compression.

Final Fantasy IX

  • Queen Brahne - The Queen of Alexandria who was a sweet queen until Kuja corrupted her. She now seeks the power of the Eidolons and will destroy all other nations to get it.
  • Garland- the leader of the dead planet of Terra. He is using his Angels of Death to disrupt the Cycle of Souls in Gaia to create a homeland for lost people, living inside the Genomes.
  • Kuja - A Genome with a soul, he can be considered Zidane's older brother. Garland's Angel of Death, it is in his nature to cause wars and chaos. Upon learning of his mortality, he resolves that if he can't live, no one can.
  • Necron - A mysterious entity which appears after Kuja is defeated and seeks to return the world to nothingness.

Final Fantasy X

  • Seymour Guado - A half-human, half-guado maester who believes that the only way to end Spira's suffering is to destroy it.
  • Yunalesca - Yu Yevon's daughter who gives Spira false hope through the final summoning.
  • Jecht - the main character's father, who became Sin against his will.
  • Yu Yevon - The summoner who is worshiped by all of Spira. In reality, he is the source of all their troubles, terrorizing the world clad in his armor known as Sin.

Final Fantasy XI

  • Shadow Lord - Lord of the Beastmen, it was he who started the Crystal War and formed the Beastmen Confederacy. Final boss of the original Final Fantasy XI.
  • Kam'lanaut - A Zilart prince. Eald'narche's brother. He was seen to the public as a hero and founder of Jeuno's current state.
  • Eald'narche - A Zilart prince, he wants to open the gates to paradise, and tried doing so by manipulating the Shadow Lord. Final boss of Rise of the Zilart.
  • Nag'molada - A member of the Armahrwn Society and a diplomat of Jeuno. His desire for the "truth" is what sets many of the bad events in motion in Chains of Promathia. He is unique as he is more of an anti-hero, until the final chapters.
  • Promathia - The Twilight God, and creator of the Beastmen. He punished the people of Vana'diel for trying to open the gates to paradise. Final boss of Chains of Promathia.
  • Razfahd - The young, mislead vizier of Aht Urghan, his lust for power and control nearly leads to the second Ragnarok through Alexander's manipulation and revival.

Final Fantasy XII

  • Venat - A rogue Occuria, it believes that mankind should be able to forge their own history, free of the gods, and uses the Archadian Empire to further this goal.
  • Dr. Cid - A scientist of Archadia who, with the help of Venat, created the manufactured Nethicite that allows Archadia to come to power.
  • Vayne Solidor - The would-be Emperor of Archades who murders his father to gain control of the Empire. He wishes to use the power of Nethicite to conquer Ivalice and declare himself the next Dynast King.

Spin-Off Games

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

  • Mysterious Girl - a powerful girl who slightly resembles Rydia. She is gathering the eight Crystals for an unknown reason.
  • Kain? - the evil side of Kain Highwind who joins the Mysterious Maiden in her plot to retrieve the Crystals.
  • Dark Knight - much like Kain's evil side, Cecil's has reappeared. He attempts to deceive Ceodore and his family, and kill the party.
  • The Creator - the original creator of the Crystals who seeded them on many worlds to create life, it has deemed the inhabitants of the Blue Planet as evolutionary failures that must be destroyed.

Final Fantasy X-2

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

  • Vile Four - Four elemental monsters that serve the Dark King, they attack the four regions of the world and drain the Crystals of their strength.
  • Dark King - A green skinned spider king in the guise of a human watching the world secretly from atop the Focus Tower. It is he who ordered the Vile Evils to drain the Crystals in an attempt to destroy the world.

Final Fantasy Adventure

  • Devias - The son of Medusa, and ruler of the desert city, Jadd. He turned Amanda's little brother, Lester, into a parrot, and was responsible for Julius obtaining the Pendant.
  • Dark Lord - An evil tyrant who seeks the Power of the Mana Tree, so he can take over the world.
  • Julius Vandole - Found and raised by Dark Lord, Julius is actually the last citizen of the Vandole Empire. After learning this, he seeks the Power of Mana, so he can rebuild Vandole and use it to dominate the world.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

  • Warriors of Chaos - Ten champions summoned by Chaos to seize the Crystals and drown the world in darkness.
  • Chaos - the God of Discord who seeks to destroy Cosmos and end existence.

Compilation of Final Fantasy VII

Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-

  • Fuhito - A twisted scientist for AVALANCHE who is using the Materia embedded in the back of his commander, Elfé's hand to destroy humanity and return them to the Planet.
  • Zirconiade - an ancient Summon with the power to destroy the world.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

  • Kadaj - A remnant of Sephiroth who embodies Sephiroth's insanity. He becomes Sephiroth after fusing with Jenova.
  • Loz - A remnant of Sephiroth who embodies Sephiroth's physical strength.
  • Yazoo - A remnant of Sephiroth who embodies Sephiroth's allure.
  • Sephiroth - the original villain of Final Fantasy VII, who is resurrected with the help of his three remnants. He now wants to crush Cloud's spirit and then find a new planet to call home, using the Planet as his vessel.

Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-

  • Professor Hojo - Having uploaded his consciousness into a large computer network, Hojo later fuses with the Deepground Soldier Weiss. He hopes to summon the Omega Weapon, to start life over again.
  • Tsviets - The leading warriors of Deepground. They have no idea that they are actually being controlled by Hojo.

Ivalice Titles

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Final Fantasy Tactics

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

  • Llednar Twem - The personification of Mewt's anger and hatred.
  • Li-Grim - The incarnation of all the dreams that make up the world of Ivalice. She pretends to be Mewt's mom and grants him everything he wishes for.

Vagrant Story

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

  • Khamja - A foreign syndicate, comprised of ruthless leaders with ties to Cid's past.
    • Illua - Leader of Khamja. An expert samurai, she carries her dark grimoire with one hand and a deadly katana with the other.
    • Ewen - A agile and secretive ninja, Ewen is a man of few words, prefering to let his katana do the talking.
  • Neukhia - A demon from the Rift, called by the twin Gran Grimoires.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

  • Raem - A monster born from the cataclysm that spread Miasma through the world. It feeds on memories.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates

  • Cu Chaspel - A servant to Galdes, with ties to the protagonist Yuri and Chelinka's family.
  • Galdes - A leader, Hierophant of the Crystal Temple. Has a plan involving crystal users.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King

  • Dark Lord - An evil king that once ruled over the land

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time

  • Larkeicus - An ancient immortal archaeologist and inventor who has a plan to alter the past.

Media Spin-Offs

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

  • Phantoms - Alien ghosts that came to earth via a meteor crash. They attack humans out of pain and agony.
  • General Hein - A general who won't listen to Aki Ross about the phantoms, and will destroy them at any cost, even the world.

Final Fantasy: Unlimited

  • Oscha - The Earl's right-hand man, one of the Four Lords of Gaudium.
  • Herba - One of the Four Lords of Gaudium.
  • Fungus - One of the Four Lords of Gaudium.
  • Pist Shaz XI - One of the Four Lords of Gaudium.
  • Soljashy - A new member of the Lords of Gaudium.
  • Earl Tyrant - A young child in control of Wonderland. A spoiled child, he is really the human embodiment of Chaos.

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