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Items in Vagrant Story work largely in the same manner as items in the Final Fantasy Series. However, since there are no Shops, the player cannot buy them, and must find them through Chests or by defeating enemies. There are three major forms of items, Consumables, Keys, and Sigils. The latter two are used to open locked doors.




There are the basic healing items.

Item Effect
Cure Root Restores 50 HP
Cure Bulb Restores 100 HP
Cure Tonic Restores 150 HP
Cure Potion Fully restores HP
Mana Root Restores 25 MP
Mana Bulb Restores 50 MP
Mana Tonic Restores 150 MP
Mana Potion Fully restores MP
Vera Root Lowers RISK by 25
Vera Bulb Lowers RISK by 50
Vera Tonic Lowers RISK by 150
Vera Potion Removes all RISK
Acolyte's Nostrum Restores 100 HP and MP
Saint's Nostrum Restores all HP and MP
Alchemist's Reagent Restores 25 HP and lowers RISK by 25
Sorceror's Reagent Restores 50 HP and lowers RISK by 50
Yggdrasil's Tears Cures Paralysis
Faerie Chortle Cures Poison
Spirit Orison Cures Numbness
Angelic Paean Cures Curse
Panacea Cures Paralysis, Poison, and Numbness
Snowfly Draught Blocks Magic on the target
Faerie Wing Temporarily increases Agility stat and boosts jump height
Eye of Aragon Temporarily reveals traps
Elixir of Queens Increases HP
Elixir of Mages Increases MP
Elixir of Kings Increases Strength
Elixir of Sages Increases Intellegence
Elixir of Dragoon Increases Agility
Audentia Increases HP
Virtus Increases MP
Valens Increases Strength
Volare Increases Agility



Key Location Found Location(s) Used
Bronze Key Defeat the Earth Dragon in the Snowfly Forest Rue Morge (Town Center South)
Shasras Hill Parks (Town Center East
Chest Key Defeat the Wyvern Knight in Iron Maiden B1 The Gallows (Wine Cellar)
Hidden Resources (Abandoned Mines B2)
The Branks (Iron Maiden B1)
The Warrior's Rest (Keep)
Crimson Key Defeat Duane in the Town Center Rue Vermilion (Town Center West)
Gold Key Chest in the Crumbling Market, Undercity West The Timely Dew of Sleep (Limestone Quarry)
Shelter from the Quake (Escapeway)
Tears From Empty Sockets (Undercity West)
Corner of Prayers (Undercity West)
The Soldier's Bedding (Keep)
Iron Key Chest in Weapons Not Allowed, Undercity West Crossroads of Rest (Undercity West)
Remembering Days of Yore (Undercity West)
The Sunless Way (Undercity West)
Bandits' Hallow (Abandoned Mines B2)
From Squire to Knight (Town Walls North)
Noble Gold and Silk (Undercity East)
Platinum Key Defeat the Damascus Crab in the Snowfly Forest East Implament (Iron Maiden B1)
Rood Inverse Beat the game Train and Grow Strong (City Walls East)
Glacialdra Kirk Ruins (Town Center West)
Crossroads of Rest (Undercity West)
Silver Key Chest in the Chapel of Meschuance, Temple of Kiltia Sewer of Ravenous Rats (Undercity West)
Shelter From the Quake (Escapeway)
Everwant Passage (Abandoned Mines B1)
The Washing Woman's Way (Undercity West)
The Auction Block (Limestone Quarry)
Those Who Drink the Dark (Temple of Kiltia)
The Resentful Ones (Temple of Kiltia)
Steel Key Chest in the Fallen Knight, Forgotten Pathway Hanging (Iron Maiden B1)


Sigil Location Found Location Used
Acacia Sigil Defeat Arch Dragon in Great Cathedral Hall of Broken Vows (Great Cathedral L2)
Anemone Sigil Defeat Wyvern Queen in Iron Maiden B1 Urge the Boy On (The Keep)
Aster Sigil Chest in Catspaw Blackmarket, Undercity East Dream of the Holy Land (Limestone Quarry)
Azalea Sigil Defeat Ogre Zombie in Iron Maiden B2 Wiping Blood from Blades (The Keep)
Calla Sigil Defeat Flame Dragon in Great Cathedral Heretic's Story (Great Cathedral L3)
Cattleya Sigil Defeat Dark Elemtnal in Fear of the Fall, Undercity West Rue Crimnade (Town Center East)
Chamomile Sigil Defeat Minotaur in the Wine Cellar Smokebarrel Stair (Wine Cellar)
Clematis Sigil Chest in Larder for a Lean Winter, Undercity West Dream of the Holy Land (Limestone Quarry)
Columbine Sigil Kill Iron Golem in Iron Maiden B1 A Storm of Arrows (The Keep)
Eulalia Sigil Defeat Lich in Bazaar of the Bizarre, Undercity East The Dreamer's Climb (Limstone Quarry)
Fern Sigil Chest in Coal Mine Storage, Abandoned Mines B1 Live Long and Prosper (Abandoned Mines B1)
Hyacith Sigil Defeat Wyvern in Abandoned Mines B1 Earthquake's Mark (Abandoned Mines B1)
Kalmia Sigil Defeat Wraith in Starvation, Iron Maiden B1 A Storm of Arrows (The Keep)
Laurel Sigil Kill Lich in Monk's Leap, Grand Cathedral L1 Poisoned Chapel (Grand Cathedral L1)
Lily Sigil Kill Lizardman in the Catacombs Withered Spring (Catacombs)
Mandrake Sigil Kill Wraith in the Cauldron, Iron Maiden B1 Rue Aliano (Town Center South)
Marigold Sigil Defeat Dragon Zombie in Iron Maiden B2 A Taste of the Spoils (The Keep)
Melissa Sigil Defeat Nightstalker in Undercity East The Laborer's Bonfire (Limestone Quarry)
Palm Sigil Defeat Dao in the Grand Cathedral Melodies of Madness (Grand Cathedral L2)
Schirra Sigil Defeat Ravanna in Iron Maiden B2 A Taste of the Spoils (The Keep)
Stock Sigil Chest in Sale of the Sword, Undercity East Blackmarket of Wines (Wine Cellar)
Tearose Sigil Defeat Sky Dragon in the Abandoned Mines B2 The Cauldron (Iron Maiden B1)
Tigertail Sigil Defeat Asura in Iron Maiden B3 Wiping Blood from Blades (The Keep)
Verbana Sigil Defeat Dark Dragon in Iron Maiden B2 Urge the Boy On (The Keep)

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