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This article lists the enemy abilities used in Vagrant Story, which enemies use them, and what the ability does.


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Enemy abilities



Ability Description Enemies
Accursed Umbra Tieger
Acid Breath Basilisk, Earth Dragon
Acid Flow Marid, Guildenstern, Death
Acid Sneeze Slime
Acrid Ooze Slime
Apocalypse Guildenstern, Asura
Aqua Blast Ghost, Zombie Mage, Dark Eye, Imp, Crimson Blade, Water Elemental, Marid, Shadow
Aqua Bubble Giant Crab, Iron Crab, Damascus Crab
Avalanche Lv1 Water Elemental, Lich
Avalanche Lv2 Wraith, Water Elemental, Shadow
Avalanche Lv3 Lich Lord, Marid


Ability Description Enemies
Banish Harpy, Shrieker
Bear Claw Tieger
Bite Wyvern, Dragon, Sky Dragon, Snow Dragon, Arch Dragon, Flame Dragon, Wyvern Knight, Wyvern Queen, Dark Dragon, Dragon Zombie
Blasphemous Howl Harpy
Blessing Orc Leader, Neesa
Bloodsuck Stirge
Bloody Sin Guildenstern
Bonecrusher Neesa


Ability Description Enemies
Ceasar's Thrust Kali, Ravana, Asura
Cherry Ronde Rosencrantz
Clearance Grissom, Ogre Lord
Cureall Orc Leader, Gremlin, Ogre
Cure Curse Crimson Blade
Cure Numbness Crimson Blade, Goblin Leader, Neesa, Tieger
Cure Paralysis Crimson Blade, Goblin Leader
Cure Poison Crimson Blade
Curse Death, Wraith, Lich Lord, Nightmare, Guildenstern, Asura


Ability Description Enemies
Dark Chant Dark Eye, Dark Elemental, Nightmare, Wraith, Lich Lord
Degenerate Dullahan, Ghost, Goblin Leader, Lich, Orc Leader, Nightstalker, Tieger, Ogre Lord, Kali, Guildenstern, Shrieker
Devitalize Harpy
Dispel Goblin Leader, Quicksilver, Guildenstern
Divine Breath Arch Dragon
Drain Heart Dullahan, Dark Crusader, Orc Leader, Quicksilver
Drain Mind Lich, Fire Elemental, Grissom, Orc Leader, Quicksilver, Harpy, Gremlin, Water Elemental, Lich Lord, Ogre Lord


Ability Description Enemies
Emetic Bomb Tieger
Enlighten Death
Explosion Lv1 Duane, Lich
Explosion Lv2 Wraith, Imp


Ability Description Enemies
Fireball Ghost, Zombie Mage, Dark Eye, Fire Elemental, Imp, Crimson Blade, Ifrit, Shadow
Fire Breath Wyvern, Hellhound, Wyvern Knight, Wyvern Queen
Fire Storm Ifrit, Guildenstern, Death
Flame Sphere Lv1 Fire Elemental, Lich
Flame Sphere Lv2 Wraith, Fire Elemental, Shadow
Flame Sphere Lv3 Lich Lord, Ifrit
Frost Breath Snow Dragon
Frost Fusion Orc Leader, Nightstalker, Dark Crusader


Ability Description Enemies
Gaea Strike Lv1 Earth Elemental, Lich
Gaea Strike Lv2 Lich, Earth Elemental, Imp, Shadow
Gaea Strike Lv3 Dao
Giga Rush Minotaur, Minotaur Zombie, Minotaur Lord
Granite Punch Golem, Damascus Golem, Iron Golem
Gravity Dao, Guildenstern, Death


Ability Description Enemies
Heal Crimson Blade, Goblin Leader, Orc Leader, Lich, Neesa, Gremlin, Ogre, Ogre Lord
Heaven's Tear Kali, Ravana, Asura
Herakles Crimson Blade, Dullahan, Zombie Mage, Orc Leader, Gremlin, Last Crusader
Hex Flux Neesa


Ability Description Enemies
Ignis Wheel Neesa
Invigorate Shrieker, Dark Crusader, Last Crusader
Iron Ripper Tieger


Ability Description Enemies
Judgment Guildenstern, Asura


Ability Description Enemies
Last Ascension Guildenstern
Leadbones Ghost, Gremlin, Guildenstern, Ravana, Shrieker
Lightning Bolt Ghost, Zombie Mage, Dark Eye, Imp, Crimson Blade, Djinn, Air Elemental, Shadow
Luft Fusion Orc Leader, Dark Crusader


Ability Description Enemies
Magic Cancel Crimson Blade, Orc Leader, Nightstalker, Neesa, Tieger, Gremlin, Ogre
Meteor Lv1 Dark Elemental, Lich
Meteor Lv2 Wraith
Meteor Lv3 Nightmare, Lich Lord
Meteor Lv4 Death
Mind Blast Wraith, Shadow


Ability Description Enemies
Numbing Hook Gargoyle
Numbing Needle Mimic


Ability Description Enemies
Papillon Reel Rosencrantz
Pincer Iron Crab, Damascus Crab
Poison Breath Dark Dragon
Poison Mist Duane, Goblin Leader, Death, Zombie Mage, Imp, Lich, Dullahan, Wraith
Poison Sneeze Poison Slime
Poltergeist Wraith
Prostasia Dark Crusader, Crimson Blade, Orc Leader, Ogre, Last Crusader, Shrieker
Psychodrain Ghost, Zombie Mage, Lich, Dark Eye, Guildenstern, Shrieker


Ability Description Enemies
Quickshock Neesa


Ability Description Enemies
Radial Surge Lv1 Lich
Radial Surge Lv2 Imp, Wraith
Radial Surge Lv3 Lich Lord
Radial Surge Lv4 Death
Raven Eye Kali, Ravana, Asura
Recharge 25 MP Lich Lord, Death, Water Elemental, Air Elemental, Lich
Recharge 50 MP Duane, Lich Lord, Death
Recharge 100 MP Fire Elemental, Dark Elemental, Air Elemental, Earth Elemental, Water Elemental, Marid, Ifrit, Djinn, Nightmare, Dao
Recover 50 HP Rosencrantz
Rending Gale Rosencrantz
Reaper's Scythe Wraith
Restoration Crimson Blade
Rot Breath Dragon Zombie


Ability Description Enemies
Searing Breath Flame Dragon
Silence Lich, Lich Lord, Quicksilver, Tieger, Gremlin, Ogre, Guildenstern, Wraith
Soil Fusion Orc Leader, Dark Crusader
Solid Shock Ghost, Dark Eye, Zombie Mage, Nightstalker, Wraith
Spark Fusion Orc Leader, Dark Crusader
Spiral Shell Ichthious
Spirit Surge Wraith, Lich, Lich Lord
Stun Blast Dark Eye
Stun Cloud Goblin Leader, Lich Lord, Imp, Last Crusader, Gremlin, Guildenstern, Ogre Lord
Surging Balm Ogre Lord, Ravana, Asura


Ability Description Enemies
Tail Attack Dragon, Earth Dragon, Sky Dragon, Snow Dragon, Arch Dragon, Flame Dragon, Dark Dragon, Dragon Zombie
Tarnish Ghost, Lich Lord, Orc Leader, Lich, Nightstalker, Gremlin, Kali, Guildenstern, Guildenstern
Thermal Breath Dragon
Thunderbolt Djinn, Guildenstern, Death
Thunder Breath Sky Dragon
Thunderburst Lv1 Air Elemental, Lich
Thunderburst Lv2 Lich, Grissom, Wraith, Air Elemental, Shadow
Thunderburst Lv3 Djinn
Tidal Rush Giant Crab, Iron Crab, Damascus Crab
Tornado Ogre Lord
Tyrant's Mace Kali, Ravana, Asura


Ability Description Enemies
Vile Scar Rosencrantz
Vulcan Lance Ghost, Zombie Mage, Dark Eye, Imp, Earth Elemental, Crimson Blade, Dao, Shadow

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