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The fiction of the Kiss Players franchise is related through a serial radio drama aired weekly, with special installments packaged with toys, a monthly manga and several installments of the 15 Go! Go! manga, with toy pack-in booklets, flyers and on-package text filling in other details. This page covers the brief, mostly-inconsequential "plots" of the radio dramas. For a detailed summary of the overarcing storyline of the series, and links for more information on the manga see: Kiss Players (fiction)

Weekly Kiss Players shows

Note that the broadcast order of the radio plays is not the actual chronological story order of the plays. This order is noted below.

# Brief summary Chronological
story order
Original airdate
1 Marissa Faireborn boasts about her new boyfriend, Optimus Prime, who she awakened from a "deep sleep" with a kiss. 8 3 April 2006
2 Shaoshao Li details how she is working with Hot Rod to expose the evils of her former employer, the EDC, and is starting to overcome her distrust of Transformers. 9 10 April 2006
3 New EDC recruit Atari Hitotonari worries about her car-sickness, and despite her resolve, complains about having to kiss her Autrooper. 1 17 April 2006
4 Marissa describes how Prime will not let her fight, because he fears for her safety. She resolves to kiss him so that he can share her knife-wielding skills. 11 24 April 2006
5 Shaoshao talks with disgust about her job as an EDC Kiss Player and how she had to kiss robots. She's not much happier that she's still doing it even now, but she notes that she'll swallow her pride to save Hot Rod if she has to. 12 1 May 2006
6 Atari wails repeatedly about how embarrassed she is by the kiss fusion process. 2 8 May 2006
7 Marissa talks about her surfing skills, wondering if she could share them with Optimus. He tells her that he's already quite experienced. 13 15 May 2006
8 Outraged at Hot Rod's smug self-confidence and lack of martial arts ability, Shaoshao decides to train him herself. She's not very happy when he points out she could just kiss him and share her knowledge that way. 14 22 May 2006
9 Atari explains that she has recently had her life saved several times by Marissa and Optimus Prime. Since their power clearly comes from kissing, she worries her own kisses are not good enough. 21 29 May 2006
10 Marissa relates how Optimus transformed her surfboard into a knife, so that he could actually use the knife-wielded skills she shares with him. She's not best pleased about it. 15 5 June 2006
11 Hot Rod puts his tonfa weapons to use as Shaoshao continues his martial arts training. 16 12 June 2006
12 While Atari is out on patrol, she gets car-sick, but things get even worse when a Legion attacks. 4 19 June 2006
13 Marissa and Atari meet for the first time. 20 26 June 2006
14 Shaoshao expresses her anger at Optimus Prime's square jaw. 22 3 July 2006
15 Atari expresses her admiration for the senior members of her EDC squad. 3 10 July 2006
16 Marissa identifies herself as the "godmother" of Prime's gun and "surfblade". 17 17 July 2006
17 Shaoshao describes Hot Rod's skills at fishing. 23 24 July 2006
18 Atari worries about Shaoshao. 18 31 July 2006
19 Marissa talks about washing Optimus, particularly his stick shift and the rim of his gas tank. Yeeeah. 19 7 August 2006
20 Shaoshao discusses Hot Rod's weapon, the Exhaust Rod. 8 14 August 2006
24 Atari's Autrooper inexplicably shrinks after a kiss, and sneaks inside her shirt while she is daydreaming about desserts. 8 21 August 2006
22 Marissa reflects on the events of the summer. 27 28 August 2006
23 Shaoshao reminisces about her past. 28 4 September 2006
24 Atari senses a humanity within her Autrooper. 5 11 September 2006
25 Marissa reflects on Optimus Prime's past. 29 18 September 2006
26 Shaoshao thinks about Hot Rod's past. 30 25 September 2006
27 The ghost of Starscream has possessed Atari, and has Doctor Arkeville create him a new body, only for it to be destroyed by Autroopers. 7 2 October 2006
28 Marissa loses her underwear. 25 9 October 2006
29 Shaoshao gets her hands on Marissa's underwear. 26 16 October 2006
30 Made sick by team-mate Ringo Chikuma's driving, Atari begins to feel that she is all alone. 10 23 October 2006
31 Marissa relates how Optimus Prime has been suffering a recurring nightmare, and has begun to feel destructive impulses. 31 30 October 2006
32 Shaoshao and Hot Rod witness the ghostly image of a young girl riding on the shoulder of a Legion. 32 6 November 2006
33 When Atari is ignored by her team-mate Kayu Michikusa, she spitefully breaks a promise to her. 33 13 November 2006
34 Marissa and Optimus Prime go on their "last date". 34 20 November 2006
35 As Hot Rod also begins to suffering disturbing nightmares, Shaoshao whispers lies into his ear. 35 27 November 2006
36 When Kayu's Autrooper goes berserk, Ringo mercilessly shoots it down despite Atari's pleas. In response, Atari blacks out and her Autrooper goes on a rampage, injuring or perhaps killing Ringo. 36 4 December 2006
37 Marissa and Optimus attack the EDC, battling Shaoshao and Hot Rod and settling their differences. The foursome joins forces with Atari, and they prepare to finally uncover the mystery at the heart of the EDC. 37 11 December 2006
38 Out in space, the three Mini-Cassettes Rosanna, Glit and Sundor join up to become a musical group called the Cassette Players. 38 18 October 2006

CD collections and special episodes

The weekly installments of the Kiss Players radio drama (save for episode #38) were included on CDs packaged with the Kiss Players toyline.

  • Episodes 1-5 were included with Convoy X Melissa.
  • Episodes 6-10 were included with Atari X Autrooper.
  • Episodes 11-20 were included with Hot Rodimus X Syaosyao.
  • Episodes 21-30 were included with Autorooper X Atari.
  • Episodes 31-37 were included with the Sparkbot set

The first four sets also included a ten-minute long bonus play each, as follows:

Title Chronological story order Packaged with
"Someday, Under the Sun" Between #19 and #13 Convoy X Melissa
Optimus Prime takes Marissa to the beach so that she may surf under the safe cover of night, but as she swims out into the sea, she finds herself subject to the advances of an octopus. Prime wades into the water to disentangle her, only to discover that it's not simply an octopus—it's a Legion! As Prime struggles with the creature, Marissa stabs it with her knife, and it hurls her away. Marissa kisses Prime and they fuse together, using the Surfblade to dispose of the Legion. After the battle, as the sun begins to rise, Prime and Marissa spot an Autrooper, and beat a hasty retreat. But someday, Prime promises, they'll be able to come to the beach under the light of the sun. 
"Atari's Close Call?!" Between #24 and #21 Atari X Autorooper
Atari discovers that that omelette she ate for breakfast had a Legion inside it, and the creature is now running rampant inside her body. She kisses her Autrooper, causing it to shrink down so that it can enter he body and get rid of the Legion. The fight carries the two tiny terrors throughout out Atari's digestive system and into her stomach, where the Autrooper destroys the Legion with Atari's stomach acid. Unfortunately for Atari, she has to stick her finger down her throat and puke up the Autrooper in order to get him out. 
"A Big Catch Tonight?!" Between #20 and #28 Hot Rodimus X Syaosyao
Hot Rod and Shaoshao visit the rebuilt Tokyo Bay Bridge for a fishing date, only to wind up under attack from an army of Legion units. 
"You, I and the Spinning Earth" After #37 Autorooper X Atari
Venturing through the Spiral Vagina into the secret Genital System facility beneath EDC headquarters, Prime, Hot Rod and the girls destroy the anti-electron field surrounding Earth. Then, they discover Galvatron's corpse and realize that everything that has occurred has been the result of a mad scheme by EDC commander Hitoshizuku Amao to resurrect her dead daughter. Galvatron's cells are extracted from the Legion, Autroopers, Kiss Players, Prime and Hot Rod, and Galvatron's body is reconstituted, and then fired back into space. 

Weekly Kiss Players Position shows

When the series transitioned into its second year, the loss of the manga made the radio drama a lot more pertinent, and the segments shifted from inconsequential ruminations to a continuous plot that was incredibly fanwanky.

# Brief summary Original airdate
39 While performing at Robots in Disguise Fortress Maximus, Marissa, Atari and Shaoshao are approached by the mysterious Sparkbots and whisked off through time.
40 In 1985, Marissa witnesses Optimus Prime's battle with Megatron atop Sherman Dam. When she kisses the Autobot leader, a piece of what the Sparkbots call the "Allspark" emerges from within him.
41 In 2010, Shaoshao retrieves a piece of the Allspark from Rodimus Prime.
42 In 2011, Atari obtains another piece of the Allspark from Generation One Fortress Maximus.
43 Marissa gets the next piece of the Allspark from Ginrai.
44 Star Saber, Dai Atlas and Star Convoy are hit up for Allspark pieces.
45 Optimus Primal is next on the Allspark hit-list.
46 Lio Convoy and Big Convoy get smooched for justice.
47 In the year 2000, Shaoshao goes after the Allspark piece within Robots in Disguise Optimus Prime.
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