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Below is a list of every known person from the Kahana.

Picture Name Role Status Overview
Miles Straume Spiritualist Unknown; living on the Island in 1977. Miles Straume arrived on the Island looking for Ben Linus, whom he found thanks to Kate. He wanted $3.2 million dollars from Ben after which Miles would report Ben as dead. He escaped the attack on the Barracks and joined the survivors at the beach.
Frank Lapidus Helicopter pilot Alive; landed Ajira Airways Flight 316 on the Hydra island in 2008. Frank Lapidus is a helicopter pilot whose role was to move people between the freighter and the Island. Originally supposed to be Flight 815's pilot, Frank believed that the official story of the plane's crash was a fabrication. Frank was flying the helicopter that carried the Oceanic 6 off the Island.
Brandon Crew member Deceased, presumably from a brain aneurysm. After suffering symptoms of time-transported consciousness following his abortive trip to the Island with George Minkowski, Brandon died.
Naomi Dorrit Science team leader Deceased, killed by Locke. Naomi was hired to provide protection to the team from the freighter operating on the Island and to get the team back safely after they had completed their mission.
Unnamed Kahana crew member Crew members Deceased, committed suicide. An individual had committed suicide in the room where Sayid and Desmond were assigned to stay in the quieter part of the freighter during their time on Kahana.
George Minkowski Communications officer Deceased, died from an apparent brain aneurysm. George Minkowski is the communications officer from the freighter who made first contact with Jack. After suffering flashes similar to Desmond's, he is kept strapped to a bed in the freighter's sick bay until freed by Sayid and Desmond. He later dies of an apparent brain aneurysm.
Regina Radio contact Deceased, committed suicide. Kahana's contact with the Island, after Minkowski falls ill. She launched and tracked the rocket for Daniel's experiment. She killed herself by jumping off Kahana wrapped in heavy chains.
Mayhew Mercenary Deceased, died on the freighter after being badly injured by the Monster. Accompanied Keamy to the Island.
Ray Doctor Deceased, throat slit by Keamy. He administered a sedative to Minkowski. He activated the alarm when Sayid brought Daniel, on the satellite phone, to Desmond. His body washed up on the island "before" he was killed on the freighter.
Captain Gault Captain Deceased, shot by Keamy. Gault, the captain, reveals himself to Sayid and Desmond following Regina's suicide and informs them that Charles Widmore owns the freighter. He also implies Ben Linus in the staged plane wreckage and 324 dead bodies inside. He was killed during Keamy's mutiny.
Kocol Mercenary Deceased, killed by the Others. A freighter mercenary, killed in the battle at the helicopter.
Lacour Mercenary Deceased, killed by the Others. A freighter mercenary, killed in the battle at the helicopter.
Redfern Mercenary Deceased, killed by the Others. A freighter mercenary, killed in the battle at the helicopter.
Omar Mercenary Deceased, killed by the Others. Omar, from Florida, assists Keamy as a member of the freighter's military team.
Martin Keamy Mercenary team leader Deceased, killed by Ben. Keamy, from Las Vegas, is an ex-Marine mercenary who heads up the freighter's military team tasked with apprehending Ben Linus. Keamy survived an attack by the Monster.
Kevin Johnson Deckhand Deceased, killed when Kahana exploded. "Kevin Johnson" is Michael Dawson's alias while serving aboard Kahana as a deckhand.
Jeff Mechanic Deceased, killed when Kahana exploded. Jeff is a mechanic seen working with Michael to repair the engines.
Hendricks Freighter pilot Deceased, killed when Kahana exploded. Hendricks is the freighter's pilot.
Unnamed Kahana crew members Crew members Deceased, killed when Kahana exploded. The background extras among the crew on the Kahana are presumed killed during the freighter's destruction, and as extras are unlikely to be significant to the canonical storyline.
Charlotte Lewis Cultural anthropologist Deceased, died from an apparent brain aneurysm. Charlotte Lewis talked about having work to do but was only seen attempting to gather information about the Flight 815 survivors from Locke's group, and tested Daniel's ability to identify three face-down playing cards. She assisted Daniel in disabling the poisonous gas at the Tempest and chose to remain on the Island.
Daniel Faraday Physicist Deceased, killed by Eloise Hawking. Daniel Faraday was a physicist, part of the science team. He performed an experiment where a rocket was sent from the freighter to the Island, helped assist Desmond to find his "constant" and, thus, saved his life. He, with the assistance of Charlotte, disabled the poisonous gas at the Tempest.

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