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The following is a list of magic spells available in Final Fantasy VIII. There are a total of fifty spells in the game, divided into nine categories. Eight of these categories are based on which GF refinement ability is used to refine the spell from items, the ninth category is for three spells which cannot be refined from items and are otherwise not sorted into any of the other categories.


List of Spells

Name Description Refinement Ability Image
Fire Low-powered fire-elemental damage F Mag-RF
Fira Mid-powered fire-elemental damage F Mag-RF
Firaga High-powered fire-elemental damage F Mag-RF
Flare High-powered non-elemental damage F Mag-RF
Blizzard Low-powered ice-elemental damage I Mag-RF
Blizzara Mid-powered ice-elemental damage I Mag-RF
Blizzaga High-powered ice-elemental damage I Mag-RF
Water Low-powered water-elemental damage I Mag-RF
Thunder Low-powered lightning-elemental damage T Mag-RF
Thundara Mid-powered lightning-elemental damage T Mag-RF
Thundaga High-powered lightning-elemental damage T Mag-RF
Aero Low-powered wind-elemental damage T Mag-RF
Tornado High-powered wind-elemental damage to all enemies T Mag-RF
Cure Low-powered curative spell L Mag-RF
Cura Mid-powered curative spell L Mag-RF
Curaga High-powered curative spell L Mag-RF
Death Instantly kill target enemy L Mag-RF
Holy High-powered holy-elemental damage L Mag-RF
Forbid Mag-RF
Life Revive a KO'd ally with minimal health L Mag-RF
Full-Life Revive a KO'd ally with maximum health L Mag-RF
Regen Target slowly recovers HP over time L Mag-RF
Zombie Inflict Zombie status on target L Mag-RF
Haste Increase target's speed Time Mag-RF
Slow Decrease target's speed Time Mag-RF
Stop Stop target from moving Time Mag-RF
Quake Earth-elemental damage to multiple targets Time Mag-RF
Demi Reduce target's HP by half Time Mag-RF
Double Lets target cast two spells at once Time Mag-RF
Triple Lets target cast three spells at once Time Mag-RF
Esuna Heals the target of status ailments Supt Mag-RF
Dispel Heals the target of magic effects Supt Mag-RF
Protect Increases the target's defense Supt Mag-RF
Shell Increases the target's magic defense Supt Mag-RF
Reflect Reflects magic off of target Supt Mag-RF
Drain Damages target and heals self by same amount Supt Mag-RF
Aura Enables the target to use Limit Breaks even when at full health Supt Mag-RF
Bio Does poison-elemental damage and inflicts Poison ST-Mag RF
Break Inflicts Petrify on the target ST Mag-RF
Blind Inflicts Blind on the target ST Mag-RF
Silence Inflicts Silence on the target ST Mag-RF
Berserk Inflicts Berserk on the target ST Mag-RF
Sleep Inflicts Sleep on the target ST Mag-RF
Confuse Inflicts Confusion on the target ST Mag-RF
Pain Inflicts Blind, Silence and Poison on the target ST Mag-RF
Meltdown Inflicts Vit 0 on the target ST Mag-RF
Meteor Hits ten random targets for random damage Forbid Mag-RF
Ultima High-powered non-elemental damage to all enemies Forbid Mag-RF
Apocalypse High-powered non-elemental damage to all enemies. Strongest spell in the game N/A
Float Inflicts Float on the target N/A
Scan Reveals stat information about the target N/A

Blue Magic

Main article: Blue Magic (Final Fantasy VIII)

Guardian Forces

Summon Attack Obtaining Description Image
Quezacotl Thunder Storm Log into Squall's computer in Balamb Garden/Receive from Quistis when leaving the Garden Lightning elemental damage to all enemies
Shiva Diamond Dust Log into Squall's computer in Balamb Garden/Receive from Quistis when leaving the Garden Ice elemental damage to all enemies
Ifrit Hell Fire Defeat him during the Fire Cavern exam. Fire elemental damage to all enemies
Siren Silent Voice Draw from Elvoret/Draw from Tri-Point Moderate non-elemental damage and attempts to inflict Silence
Brothers Brotherly Love Defeat them in the Tomb of the Unknown King Earth elemental damage to all enemies. Does not hit flying enemies or enemies with Float status
Diablos Dark Messenger Use the Magic Lamp and defeat Diablos Deals percentile damage equal to Diablos's level. Caps at 9999.
Carbuncle Ruby Light Draw from the Iguions/Draw from Krysta Casts Reflect on all party members
Leviathan Tsunami Draw from NORG/Draw from Trauma Water elemental damage to all enemies
Pandemona Tornado Zone Draw from Fujin/Draw from Red Giant Wind elemental damage to all enemies
Cerberus Counter Rockets Defeat it in Galbadia Garden (Disc 2)/Draw from Gargantua Casts Double and Triple on all allies
Alexander Holy Judgment Draw from Edea (second fight)/Draw from Catoblepas Holy elemental damage to all enemies
Doomtrain Runaway Train Use the Solomon Ring after having six Remedy+s, six Steel Pipes, and six Malboro Tentacles in the player's inventory Low Poison elemental damage to all enemies, but attempts to inflict every status effect
Bahamut Mega Flare Go to the Deep Sea Research Center and go up to the core. Answer his questions with "It's not our will to fight", "Never", and the hidden third option to fight Bahamut and acquire the GF Major non-elemental damage on all enemies
Cactuar 1000 Needles Touch the Jumbo Cactuar on Cactuar Island and defeat it. Deals 1000 damage every ten levels Cactuar gains.
Tonberry Chef's Knife After killing 20 Tonberries, the Tonberry King will enter the battlefield and must be defeated to gain the GF Minor non-elemental damage to a random enemy
Eden Eternal Breath Go down to the deepest level of the Deep Sea Research Center and draw it from the Ultima Weapon Major non-elemental damage to all enemies. Caps at 99999

Non-Junctionable Guardian Forces

Summon Attack Obtaining Description Image
Odin Zantetsuken Solve the Centra Ruins puzzle and defeat Odin within 20 minutes. Instantly kill all normal enemies; Appears randomly in random battles
Gilgamesh Zantetsuken, Excalibur, Masamune, Excalipoor Have Odin when fighting Seifer (fourth battle); replaces Odin. Randomly selects attack: Zantetsuken: Instantly kill all normal enemies (fails on bosses). Excalibur: Moderate physical damage to all enemies. Masamune: Heavy physical damage Excalipoor: 1 point of damage; Appears randomly in any battle;
Boko ChocoFire, ChocoFlare, ChocoMeteor, ChocoBocle Use Gysahl Greens From weakest to strongest: ChocoFire, ChocoFlare, ChocoMeteor, ChocoBocle; all are non-elemental attacks that hit all enemies; Levels up with Chocobo World
Phoenix Rebirth Flame Use a Phoenix Pinion Revives all KO'd characters and deals moderate Fire-elemental damage
Moomba MoombaMoomba Use a Friendship which is only acquired through Chocobo World Reduces one target's HP to one, or if the target has more than 9999 HP, deals 9999 damage
MiniMog Moogle Dance Use the MiniMog command ability; GF can learn it through the Mog's Amulet item which can only be acquired through Chocobo World Heal 1500 to all GFs juctioned

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