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This article is a list of enemy abilities from Final Fantasy Tactics. This only lists the ability's name, what the ability does and which enemies can use it. For a more in-depth look at the abilities, go to the linked genus and enemy pages.



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Other Units





Ability Description Genus
Almagest Damage enemies with time-space mechanism created by the stars. Behemoth, Ultima Demon


Ability Description Genus
Bad Breath Causes abnormal status with bad breath Malboro
Beak Petrifies enemy by pecking at their weak point. Aevis
Beam Powerful gaze nullifies your magic, lowering Magic Attack. Ahriman
Beef Up Absorbs energy of the earth, raising physical attack power. Minotaur
Bequeath Bacon The ultimate altruistic attack. Permanently kills the Wild Boar, and the target gains a level. Pig
Bewitching Gaze Powerful gaze causes abnormal status. Ahriman
Bite Attacks enemy by biting. Bomb
Blaster Attacks enemy by emitting shining energy. May Petrify or Stop. Panther
Bloodfest Steals enemy's HP by sucking their blood. 2/3 of Target's Max HP. Goblin
Bomblet Attacks enemy by shooting Kobomb; the Explosive will also self-destruct. Bomb
Breath Fire Attacks enemy by exhaling fire. Fire elemental. Minotaur


Ability Description Genus
Cat Scratch Attacks enemy by kicking. Panther
Charge Damages enemy by tackling. Dragon
Choco Beak Attacks enemies with giant beak. Chocobo
Choco Cure Recover HP by flapping wings. Chocobo
Choco Esuna Heals abnormal status with purifying wings. Chocobo
Choco Meteor Attacks enemy with small meteor. Chocobo
Choco Pellets Attacks by throwing a hidden ball. Chocobo
Chop Chops with bony hands. Skeleton
Claw Attacks enemy with sharp nails. Panther


Ability Description Genus
Dark Whisper Each of the 3 heads attack by summoning spirit of darkness. May cause instant Death or Sleep status. Hydra
Dischord Dispels positive status by emitting mysterious sonic waves. Mindflayer
Doom Eye power perceives enemy's life span and hastens death. Ahriman
Drain Touch Possesses enemies by touch, absorbing their energy. Ghost
Dread Gaze Powerful gaze discourages you. Lowers Brave level by 10. Ahriman


Ability Description Genus
Ectoplasm Attack with the core of mystery. Ghost
Earthsplitter Attacks enemy by stomping and sending shockwaves. Earth elemental. Minotaur
Eye Gouge Blinds the enemy by attacking its eyes. Goblin


Ability Description Genus
Featherbomb Attacks enemy by dropping feather bomb on their head. Aevis
Feral Spin Attacks enemy by swinging pickaxe. Minotaur
Fire Breath Attacks enemy with fire breath. Dragon
Flame Attack Attacks enemy with flame. Fire elemental. Bomb


Ability Description Genus
Gigaflare Attacks enemies pouring a high-energy stream over them. Behemoth, Archaeodaemon
Goblin Punch Attacks enemy by beating them to death. Deals damage equal to damage received. Goblin
Glitterlust Get some shiny gil from enemy. Aevis
Goo Spits fluid over enemy to immobilize them. Malboro
Gore Strikes enemy with horns. Behemoth
Guardian Nymph Raise defense level against physical attack with help of tree-spirit. Adds Protect status. Treant


Ability Description Genus
Heave Attacks enemy with rushing thrust. May instantly kill enemy. Behemoth


Ability Description Genus
Ice Anima Attacks enemy by releasing ice spirit. Skeleton
Ice Breath Attacks enemy with arctic breath. Dragon
Ink Blinds enemies by spitting black ink. Mindflayer


Ability Description Genus
Leaf Rain Attacks enemy by dropping tree leaves. Treant
Level Drain Steals part of one's soul, decreasing one level. Mindflayer
Lick Creates invisible wall out of spit to reflect magic. Adds Reflect status. Malboro
Life Nymph Recovers HP with help of tree-spirit. Treant


Ability Description Genus
Magick Nymph Recovers MP with help of tree-spirit. Treant
Malboro Spores Infects enemy with Malboro spores, turning them into Malboros permanently! Malboro
Mind Blast Confuses target and destroys its mental health. Mindflayer


Ability Description Genus
Oily Touch Covers enemies in oil, increasing fire damage. Ghost


Ability Description Genus
Pickaxe Attacks enemy with a pickaxe. Minotaur
Peck Use this technique to lower physical attack power. Aevis


Ability Description Genus
Reckless Charge Run like hell and tackle enemy. Pig


Ability Description Genus
Self-Destruct Damages enemies by self-destruction. Adds the Oil status. Bomb
Sleep Touch Possesses enemies by touch, making them fall asleep. Ghost
Snort Charm enemy with major nose breathing. Pig
Spark Attacks enemy with flame, and also heals self. Bomb
Spin Punch Attacks enemy by punching from four directions. Goblin
Spirit Nymph Raise defense level against magic attack with help of tree-spirit. Treant
Squeak Raise dead unit with incredible cry and recover HP. Pig


Ability Description Genus
Tackle Attacks enemy by tackling. Standard monster attack. Goblin
Tail Sweep Attacks enemy with bushy tail. Dragon
Talon Dive Attacks enemy by jumping and scratching with toe nails. Aevis
Tentacles Attacks enemy by swinging filthy tentacles. Malboro
Tentacles Attacks enemies by using tentacles as a whip. Mindflayer
Thunder Anima Attacks enemy by releasing thunder spirit. Skeleton
Thunder Breath Attacks enemy with thunder breath. Dragon
Toot Heavy scent causes abnormal status. May cause Confusion and/or Sleep. Pig
Tri-Attack Three heads attack independently. Hydra
Tri-Flame Each of the three heads attack by summoning fire spirit. Hydra
Tri-Thunder Each of the three heads attack by summoning thunder spirit. Hydra
Tri-Breath Three heads attack enemy with various breath. Hydra
Twister Damage all enemies with a tornado. Wind elemental. Behemoth, Ultima Demon


Ability Description Genus
Vampire Recovers HP by sucking enemy's blood. May inflict the Vampire status. Panther
Venom Fang Uses poison to make enemy sick. Adds Poison status. Panther


Ability Description Genus
Water Anima Attacks enemy by releasing water spirit. Skeleton
Wind Anima Attacks enemy by releasing wind spirit. Skeleton
Wing Buffet Attacks enemies with flapping wings. Ahriman


Ability Description Genus
Zombie Touch Possesses enemies by touch, making them undead. Inflicts Zombie status. Ghost

Other Units

Ability Description Genus
Seal Turns the target into stone by sealing its spirit. Celia, Lettie
Shadowbind Stops target's movement by anchoring its shadow to the ground. Celia, Lettie
Suffocate Immediately kills the target. Celia, Lettie
Allure Charm an enemy, causing them to lose judgment and luring them into becoming an ally. Celia, Lettie


Ability Description Enemy
Ague Inflicts Slow. Cúchulainn, Hashmal
Aphony Inflicts Silence. Adrammelech, Belias
Befuddle Inflicts Confusion. Adrammelech, Belias
Bind Inflicts Stop. Zalera, Hasmal
Darkness Inflicts Blind. Zalera
Disempower Reduces MP to 0. Ultima the Arch Seraph
Divine Ultima Magic damage in a wide area. Ultima the Arch Seraph
Fowlheart Inflicts Disable. Adrammelech, Cúchulainn, Zalera
Grand Cross Inflicts any combination of the following status effects: Petrify, Blind, Confusion, Silence, Berserk, Toad, Poison, Slow, or Sleep. Ultima the High Seraph/Arch Seraph
Midgardsormr Summons a monster that crashes into the enemy. Elidibus
Nightmare Inflicts Sleep. Cúchulainn, Zalera
Petrify Inflicts Petrify. Adrammelech, Belias
Poisonous Frog Inflicts Toad and Poison. Elidibus
Speedsap Reduce Speed by 3. Hashmal
Zodiark Darkening Cloud. Summon monster focuses star light energy, and unleashes it in a blazing beam of destruction.

MP Cost: 99


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