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The following is list of accessories in Final Fantasy Tactics.



Accessories based on increasing movement.

Name Price Effect Description
Battle Boots 1,000 Move +1 Battle boots made from layers of leather.
Spiked Boots 1,200 Jump +1 The spikes along the bottoms of these boots improve the wearer's footing, allowing him or her to jump farther.
Rubber Boots 1500 Immune: Immobilize, Lightning These resin boots conform perfect to the shape of the wearer's feet, negating lighting-based magick damage.
Winged Boots 2,500 Auto-Float Lightweight boots decorated with fluffy feathers.
Germinas Boots 5,000 Move +1, Jump +1 Boots that fit the feet perfectly, increasing the wearer's mobility.
Hermes Shoes 7,000 Speed +1 Expensive shoes made by a famous cobbler.
Red Shoes 10,000 Magick Attack +1, Move +1 Shoes that have been dyed a deep crimson.
Gaius Caligae 10 Move +2


Accessories based on increasing Attack power.

Name Price Effect Description
Power Gauntlet 5,000 Physical Attack +1 A sturdy glove that increases weapon attack power.
Magepower Glove 20,000 Magick Attack +1 A glove that boosts the wearer's magickal attack power.
Bracer 50,000 Physical Attack +3 A thin leather bracer.
Genji Glove 10 Physical Attack +2, Magick Attack +2
Brigand's Gloves 30,000 Speed +1, Auto-Haste
Onion Gloves 10 Immune: All negative statuses except Chicken, Oil, Athiest, and Faith


Accessories based on protection against negative statuses.

Name Price Effect Description
Protect Ring 5,000 Immune: Sleep, Doom A ring forged from a metal imbued with magick.
Magick Ring 10,000 Immune: Silence, Berserk A ring inlaid with a magickal gemstone.
Reflect Ring 10,000 Auto-Reflect A ring engraved with arcane symbols that can reflect magick cast upon the wearer.
Angel Ring 20,000 Immune: Blind. Auto-Reraise. A ring that bestows an angel's aegis upon its owner.
Cursed Ring 10 Physical Attack +1, Magick Attack +1, Speed +1, Auto-Undead, Immune: Traitor A ring forged from metal inhabited by spirits
Sage's Ring 10 Immune to all elements, boosts all elements


Accessories based on protection from negative statuses.

Name Price Effect Description
Diamond Bracelet 5,000 Physical and Magick Attack +1, Immune: Slow A bracelet embedded with shining magickal jewels.
Guardian Bracelet 7,000 Immune: Immobilize, Disable A bracelet embedded with deep crimson jewels.
Nu Khai Armband 10,000 Immune: Confuse, Charm, Halves: Dark An armband worn during a ceremony to worship gods of darkness.
Jade Armlet 10,000 Immune: Stone, Stop A bracelet embedded with well-polished green jewels.
Japa Mala 15,000 Immune: Undead, Vampire, Toad Poison, Boosts all elements A string of prayer beads made from 108 fruits of the sacred fig tree.
Empyreal Armband 10 Speed +1, Immune: Slow, Stop, Immobilize


Accessories that boosts evasion to attacks from all directions.

Name Price Effect Description
Shoulder Cape 300 Evasion: Physical +10, Magick +10 A small woolen cape.
Leather Cloak 800 Evasion: Physical +15, Magick +15 A sturdy leather cloak.
Mage's Cloak 2,000 Evasion: Physical +18, Magick +15, Magick Attack +1 A hooded cloak often worn by mages.
Elven Cloak 8,000 Evasion: Physical +25, Magick +25 A short cloak made of thin material that has been imbued with a magickal power.
Vampire Cape 15,000 Evasion: Physical +28, Magick +28 The outside of this cloak is black, while the inside is deep crimson.
Featherweave Cloak 20,000 Evasion: Physical +40, Magick +30 This cloak is as light and soft as a feather.
Invisibility Cloak 10 Evasion: Physical +35, Start: Invisible This cloak makes the wearer invisible - until he or she is discovered.


Accessories that give positive statuses. Can only be equipped by females, Cloud Strife, and Onion Knights.

Name Price Effect Description
Cherche 30,000 Auto-Float, Auto-Reflect A perfume with a refreshing fragrance.
Sortilége 30,000 Auto-Protect, Auto-Shell A perfume with a rich redolence.
Chantage 60,000 Auto-Reraise, Auto-Regen A perfume with a soothing scent.
Septième 30,000 Auto-Haste, Magick Attack +1, Start: Invisible A perfume with an otherworldly aroma.

Lip Rouge

An accessory that that gives positive statuses. Can only be equipped by females, Cloud Strife, and Onion Knights.

Name Price Effect Description
Tynar Rouge 10 Auto-Protect, Auto-Shell, Auto-Haste, Physical and Magick Attack +3, Boosts Holy Magickal lip rouge from the popular Feyforge brand. It is a limited-edition product, making it difficult for even the riches women to obtain.

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