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The following is a list of abilities in Final Fantasy Mystic Quest.


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Ability Description Enemy
6 Psudopods Hits both players up to 6 times. Squidite


Ability Description Enemy
Attach Non-elemental damage. Ghost, Specter (Mystic Quest)
Axe Non-elemental damage. Minotaur, Minotaur Zombie
Axe Bomber Non-elemental damage. Ice Golem, Stone Golem


Ability Description Enemy
Bad Breath Inflicts multiple statuses. Plant Man, Stheno
Bark Non-elemental damage. Were Wolf
Beak Non-elemental damage. Garuda, Roc
Beam Lightning-elemental attack. Iflyte, Jinn
Bite Non-elemental damage. Gorgon, Manticor, Twinhead Wyvern
Blackness Non-elemental damage and Blind. Squidite
Blind Fin Inflicts Blind.
Blind Flash Inflicts Blind. Beholder, Gather
Blinder Non-elemental damage and Blind. Adamant Turtle, Edgehog, Garuda, Manticor, Roc
Blizzard Water-elemental attack. Gargoyle, Mage, Sorcerer, Vampire
Blow Dart Non-elemental damage. Ninja, Shadow
Body Odor Non-elemental damage and Paralyze. Mad Toad
Body Slam Non-elemental damage. Adamant Turtle, Land Turtle
Bone Missile Non-elemental damage. Flamerus Rex, Skullrus Rex
Bow & Arrow Non-elemental damage. Cerberus
Branch Non-elemental damage. Mad Plant, Plant Man


Ability Description Enemy
Choke Up Non-elemental damage. Phanquid, Squidite
Claw Non-elemental damage. Basilisk, Flazzard, Salamand, Sphinx
Coldness Water-elemental attack. Ghost, Specter, Stoney Roost
Confu-Touch Inflicts Confusion. Specter
Corrode Gas Inflicts Death. Stone Golem
Cure Restores HP. Mage, Sorcerer, Thanatos, Water Hag
Cure Arrow Inflicts non-elemental damage to one target and restores HP. Dark King


Ability Description Enemy
Dash Non-elemental damage. Gorgon
Dark Cane Non-elemental damage. Dark King
Dark Sabre Non-elemental damage. Dark King
Dissolve Non-elemental damage. Jelly, Ooze
Dive Non-elemental damage. Hot Wings, Stoney Roost
Doom Dance Inflicts Death. Dullahan, Shadow, Zuh
Doom Gaze Inflicts Death. Beholder
Doom Powder Inflicts Death. Skuldier
Double Hit Non-elemental attack that hits twice. Desert Hag, Specter
Double Kick Non-elemental attack that hits twice. Centaur
Double Sword Non-elemental attack that hits twice. Avizzard
Dragon Cut Non-elemental damage. Iflyte, Jinn
Drain Steals HP to restore own HP. Fangpire, Leech, Vampire


Ability Description Enemy
Electrapulse Lightning-elemental attack that lowers Magic. Mad Toad, Phanquid, Squidite


Ability Description Enemy
Fang Non-elemental damage. Basilisk, Salamand
Fin Non-elemental damage. Desert Hag, Water Hag
Fire Fire-elemental attack. Avizzard, Jinn
Fire Breath Fire-elemental attack that hits both characters. Dualhead Hydra
Fire Sword Fire-elemental attack. Dark King
Fireball Fire-elemental attack. Cerberus, Leech, Manticor
Flame Fire-elemental attack. Adamant Turtle, Flazzard, Salamand
Flame Pillar Fire-elemental attack that hits both characters. Iflyte, Jinn
Flame Sweep Fire-elemental attack that hits both characters. Hot Wings
Full Nelson Non-elemental attack. Freezer Crab, Mad Plant, Snow Crab


Ability Description Enemy
Gaze Inflicts Confusion. Naga
Giant Blade Non-elemental damage. Snow Crab
Golden Web Either inflicts Petrify or non-elemental damage. Dark King


Ability Description Enemy
Head Butt Non-elemental damage. Red Bone, Skeleton, Skuldier
Headoomerang Non-elemental damage to both characters. Dullahan, Thanatos
Horn Non-elemental damage. Behemoth, Gorgon
Hurricane Wind elemental attack. Pazuzu, Zuh
Hydro Acid Non-elemental damage. Jelly, Ooze
Hypno-sleep Inflicts Sleep. Dullahan, Ice Golem, Iflyte, Red Cap, Thanatos


Ability Description Enemy
Ice Block Water-elemental attack. Ice Golem
Ice Sword Water-elemental attack. Dark King
Icy Foam Water-elemental attack. Freezer Crab, Snow Crab
Iron Nail Non-elemental damage that also reduces Defense. Dark King, Garuda


Ability Description Enemy
Kick Non-elemental damage. Mint Mint, Red Cap


Ability Description Enemy
Laser Dark King
Lullaby Inflicts Sleep.


Ability Description Enemy
Mega Flare Fire-elemental damage to both characters. Dark King
Mega Punch Non-elemental damage. Ice Golem
Mega White Water-elemental attack that damages both characters. Dark King
Mirror Sword Non-elemental damage. Dark King
Mucus Non-elemental damage. Zombie
Muffle Inflicts Silence. Garuda, Mage, Sorcerer
Multiply Creates more copies of user. Ghost, Mummy, Shadow, Specter


Ability Description Enemy
Neck Choke Non-elemental damage. Mummy, Water Hag


Ability Description Enemy
Para Gas Non-elemental damage and Paralyze. Chimera, Gidrah
Para-Breath Non-elemental damage and Paralyze. Dualhead Hydra, Twinhead Wyvern
Para-Needle Non-elemental damage and Paralyze. Edgehog, Sting Rat
Para-Snake Non-elemental damage and Paralyze. Medusa
Para-Stare Non-elemental damage and Paralyze. Dark King
Para-Touch Non-elemental damage and Paralyze. Zombie
Piledriver Strong non-elemental attack. Pazuzu, Zuh
Poison Flour Non-elemental damage and Poison. Mummy, Skullrus Rex
Poison Fluid Non-elemental damage and Poison. Giant Toad, Mad Toad, Poison Toad
Poison Snake Non-elemental damage and Poison. Medusa
Poison Sting Non-elemental damage and Poison. Scorpion, Snipion, Sting Rat
Poison Thorn Non-elemental damage and Poison. Plant Man
Poisonbreath Non-elemental damage and Poison to both characters. Dualhead Hydra, Twinhead Wyvern
Power Drain Non-elemental damage that also Attack. Ghost, Specter
Pseudopod Non-elemental damage. Beholder, Gather
PsychShield Repels attacks. Pazuzu, Zuh
Punch Non-elemental damage. Brownie, Mint Mint, Red Cap


Ability Description Enemy
Quake Earth-elemental attack that damages both characters. Cerberus, Chimera, Gidrah, Land Worm, Manticor, Skullrus Rex, Sorcerer, Were Wolf
Quake Axe Earth-elemental attack that damages both characters. Dark King
Quicksand Earth-elemental attack that also lowers speed. Land Worm, Leech. Sand Worm


Ability Description Enemy
Rapier Strong non-elemental attack. Dullahan, Edgehog, Land Turtle, Scorpion, Thanatos
Riddle Inflicts Confusion. Centaur, Sphinx
Rip Earth Earth-elemental attack that damages both characters. Flamerus Rex
Roundhouse Non-elemental attack. Minotaur
Rotten Mucus Non-elemental damage and Poison Zombie


Ability Description Enemy
Scimitar Non-elemental damage. Ninja
Scissors Non-elemental damage. Scorpion, Snipion
Screech Voice Non-elemental damage. Medusa, Stheno
Scrunch Non-elemental damage. Adamant Turtle, Dualhead Hydra, Land Worm, Sand Worm
Self-destruct Massive damage, but user dies. Beholder, Shadow
Silence Inflicts Silence. Avizzard
Silence Song Inflicts Silence. Gargoyle
Silver Web Inflicts Poison and Confuse. Dark King
Sky Attack Non-elemental damage to both characters. Pazuzu, Zuh
Sleep Powder Inflicts Sleep. Mummy, Skuldier, Skullrus Rex
Sleep Lure Inflicts Sleep. Lamia, Naga
Smokescreen Inflicts Blind. Shadow
Snake Head Non-elemental attack that hits up to 5 times. Medusa
Snowstorm Water-elemental attack that damages both characters and heals user. Ice Golem
Sonic Boom Inflicts Confusion and Wind-elemental damage. Chimera, Fangpire, Vampire
Spark Lightning-elemental attack that lowers Magic. Dark King, Ooze
Spider Kids Non-elemental damage. Dark King
Spooky Laugh Inflicts Confusion. Avizzard, Red Bone, Skeleton, Skuldier
Stab Non-elemental damage. Jelly, Ooze, Slime
Stare Inflicts Confusion. Minotaur Zombie, Red Cap, Snow Crab, Stone Golem
Sting Non-elemental damage. Edgehog, Sting Rat
Stomp Stomp Powerful non-elemental attack. Ice Golem
Stone Beak Either inflicts Petrify or non-elemental damage. Hot Wings, Pazuzu, Stoney Roost
Stone Gas Inflicts Petrify. Dualhead Hydra, Skullrus Rex
Stone Gaze Inflicts Petrify. Cerberus, Mad Toad, Medusa, Mummy, Stheno
Sucker Stick Non-elemental damage to both characters. Squidite
Super Stab Non-elemental damage. Dark King
Sword Non-elemental damage. Red Bone, Skeleton, Skuldier


Ability Description Enemy
Tail Non-elemental damage. Snipion
Three Heads Non-elemental attack that hits up to 3 times. Gidrah
Thunder Lightning-elemental attack. Dualhead Hydra, Gargoyle, Manticor, Naga, Sorcerer, Stone Golem, Twinhead Wyvern
Thunder Beam Lightning-elemental attack. Beholder, Dullahan, Ooze, Thanatos
Tornado Wind elemental attack. Chimera, Gidrah, Snow Crab, Twinhead Wyvern
Triple Fang Non-elemental attack that hits up to 3 times. Cerberus, Were Wolf
Twin Fang Non-elemental attack that hits up to 2 times. Flamerus Rex, Skullrus Rex
Typhoon Wind-elemental attack that damages both characters. Garuda, Vampire


Ability Description Enemy
Uppercut Non-elemental damage. Fangpire, Vampire


Ability Description Enemy
Water Gun Water-elemental attack. Desert Hag, Water Hug
Whirlwater Water-elemental attack that damages both characters. Water Hag
Whip Tongue Non-elemental damage. Giant Toad, Mad Toad, Poison Toad
Windstorm Wind-elemental attack. Pazuzu
Wraparound Non-elemental damage. Lamia, Naga

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