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These are all the items that can be found in the Nintendo DS version of Final Fantasy IV. The name column lists the Nintendo DS names, the second column lists other names given to the items in the previous versions of the game, J2e translation, SNES, PlayStation and Game Boy Advance.

If using one of the aforementioned translations, use the find function (Ctrl+F) to find it's matching Nintendo DS name in this article. For matching names to their translations, this gives a more accurate look.



Name Other names Price Effect
Alarm Clock AlmClock; Alarm N/A Heals the Sleep status effect.
Antarctic Wind S. Pole; Notus 200 Casts Blizzard.
Antidote - 40 Cures Poison.
Arctic Wind Boreas 1200 Casts Blizzara.
Bacchus's Wine BacchusWine; Bacchus; Bacchus's Cider 3800 Inflicts Berserk on the target.
Bestiary Monsters Has the same effect as Libra.
Blue Fang Lit Storm Inflicts Lightning damage to all enemies.
Bomb - - Teaches Rydia the Bomb.
Bomb Core Spirit; Kamikaze - Inflicts damage equivalent to user HP.
Bomb Crank Right Arm; Big Bomb; Bomb Arm - Casts Fira.
Bomb Fragment Fragment; Bomb - Casts Fire.
Bronze Hourglass Copper; Hourglass1; Hourglass Inflicts Stop for a short time.
Cockatrice Cocktric; Cockatris - Teaches Rydia the Cockatrice summon.
Coeurl Whisker Whisker; Coffin; Coeurl's Whisker - Inflicts Instant Death on the target.
Cottage Cabin Fully restores all party members' HP and MP, and removes all negative status effects. Can only be used outdoors or at a save point. Does not revive KO'd characters.
Cross - Removes the Curse status effect.
Dark Matter DkMatter - Summons an optional boss in New Game+.
Decoy Scape; Illusion - Casts Blink.
DietFood DietFood Cures Pig.
Dry Ether DryEther; Ether2 Restores 100 MP.
Echo Herbs EchoHerb; Echo Note Cures the Silence effect.
Elixir - Fully restores HP and MP.
Emergency Exit EmergencyExit; Exit Warps party out of dungeon.
Ether Ether1 Restores 50 MP.
Eye Drops EyeDrop; Eyedrops Cures Blindness.
Gaia Drum Earthdrm Casts Quake.
Gnomish Bread DwfBread; Eagle Eye; Dwarven Bread Casts Sight
Goblin Imp - Teaches Rydia the Goblin.
Gold Hourglass Golden Hourglass; Hourglass3 - Inflicts Stop on all enemies.
Gold Needle GoldNeedle; Soft Heals Petrification.
Golden Apple GoldenApple; Au Apple - Raises max HP by 100.
Gysahl Greens Gysahl's Vegetables; Carrot; Gysahl Summons the Fat Chocobo to particular locations.
Heavenly Wrath GodsRage; Thor Rage; Rage of the Gods Casts Thundara.
Hermes Sandals Hermes; Hermes' Shoes Grants Haste to the target.
Hi-Potion Cure2; HiPotion Restores moderate HP
Light Curtain Star Veil Casts Reflect.
Lilith's Kiss LilithKiss; Succubus; Kiss of Lilith Casts Osmose.
Lunar Curtain Moon Curtain; Moon Veil Casts Reflect and Protect.
Lustful Lali-ho Playboy; Smut; Magazine - Pornographical Dwarf Magazine.
Maiden's Kiss MaidensKiss; MaidKiss Removes the Frog status effect.
Mallet LuckyMallet Removes the Mini status effect.
Megalixir - - Restores HP and MP to all party members.
Member's Writ Pass Allows access to the downstairs area of the Troia Pub.
Mindflayer MindFlay; Mage; Mind Flayer - Teaches Rydia the Mindflayer summon.
Ninja Sutra - - Adult book entailing the "secrets" of Eblan.
Phoenix Down PhoenixDown; Life Revives one fallen ally.
Potion Cure1 Restores 100 HP.
Rainbow Pudding - - Used in the Namingway quest.
Red Fang Red-Fang; Inferno Inflicts Fire damage.
Remedy Heal Removes all status effects.
Silent Bell SilencBell; Mute Bell; Bell of Silence Inflicts the Silence status effect.
Silver Apple SilverApple; Ag Apple - Raises max HP by 50.
Silver Hourglass Hourglass2 - Inflicts Stop.
Siren Alarm Forces enemy encounter with the rarest enemy formation and group.
Soma Drop SomaDrop - Raises max MP by 10.
Spider Silk SpidrWeb; Silk Web; Spider's Web Inflicts the Slow status effect.
Stardust - Casts Comet.
Tent - Recover 1000 HP and 100 MP for all party members and removes all negative status effects. Does not revive KO'd members except for the DS version. Can only be used outdoors or at save points.
Unicorn Horn Unicorn; Unihorn - Removes the Sleep, Hold, Berserk and Confuse status effects from all allies.
Vampire Fang VampFang; Vampire - Casts Drain.
White Fang Wh.Fang; Blizzard Inflicts Ice damage on all enemies.
X-Potion Cure3 Restores 1000 HP.
Zeus's Wrath ZeusRage; Rage of Zeus Casts Thunder.

Non-DS Items

GBA Name Other names Price Effect
Gysahl Whistle Flute; Whistle Allows you to use Fat Chocobo anywhere from the item-screen. Removed from the Nintendo DS version due to the change in the Fat Chocobo system.

Key Items

Name Other names Effect
Adamantite Adamant Incredibly strong metal that can be used for tempering a sword.
Baron Key Baron; BaronKey Used to open locked doors in the town of Baron.
Black Tail - Trade with Tail Collector for Onion Armor.
Blue Tail - Trade with Tail Collector for Onion Shield.
Carnelian Signet BombRing; Package; Bomb Ring Ring given by King Baron to deliver to Mist.
Crystal -
Dark Crystal Darkness 8th and final crystal, hidden in the Sealed Cave.
Earth Crystal Earth Taken from the Dark Elf to be used in exchange for Rosa's life.
Frying Pan FryPan; Pan Given by Yang's wife to energize Yang.
Green Tail - Trade with Tail Collector for an Onion Helm.
Luca's Necklace Luka; Luca; Necklace Necklace worn by Luca, used to enter the Sealed Cave.
Lugae Key Lugeie; Tower; TowerKey; Lugae's Key Dropped by Lugae, gives access to the cannon room.
Magma Stone Magma; Magma Rock Drop into the well in Agart to gain access to the Underground.
Pink Tail PinkTail; Pink Trade with Tail Collector for an Adamant Armor.
Rat Tail RatTail; Rat Trade with Tail Collector for an Adamantite.
Red Tail - Trade with Tail Collector for an Onion Sword.
Sand Pearl DsertLite; SandRuby; Sand Ruby Created by Antlions and used to cure Rosa's desert fever.
Whisperweed Echoer; TwinHarp; Twin Harp Given to you by Edward before facing the Dark Elf, echoes his own harp and voice.
Yellow Tail - Trade with Tail Collector for Onion Gloves.


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