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This is a list of all enemy abilities from Final Fantasy III.

NES DS Description Enemy
Atom Edge Zantetsuken Major non-elemental damage to the party. Odin
Breath Inflicts Paralyze.
Blizzard Snowstorm Minor Ice-elemental damage to the party. Unne, Ahriman
Explode KOs user to inflict damage to a target.
Flame Minor to moderate Fire-elemental damage. Salamander, Amon, Zande, Ahriman
Flare Wave Particle Beam Massive non-elemental damage to the party. Cloud of Darkness
Glare Three versions. Version 1 inflicts Petrify. Version 2 inflicts Sleep. Version 3 inflicts Confusion.
Mega Flare Mega Flare Major non-elemental damage to the party. Bahamut
MindBlast Mind Blast Inflicts Paralyze on the second and fourth character. Kuoichi
Split Creates a copy of user with same current HP as user.
Summon Two versions. Version 1 summons Unne Clone. Version 2 summons Doga Clone. Greater Demon, Bluck.
Thunder Moderate Lightning-elemental damage to the party. Garuda, Cerberus, Ahriman
Tsunami Tidal Wave Moderate Water-elemental damage to the party. Leviathan
WallChange Changes elemental weakness and absorbs all other elemental attacks.

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