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This is a list of items that appear in Final Fantasy Adventure.


Restorative Items

Name Price Description
Candy - gil Restores 10 HP.
Cure 40 gil Restores 30 HP.
Elixir - gil Max HP/MP.
Ether 320 gil Restores 10 MP.
Eyedrop 60 gil Removes Blind status.
Moogle 120 gil Removes Moogle status.
Pure 30 gil Removes Poison status.
Soft 90 gil Removes Stone status.
Unicorn - gil Removes abnormal conditions.
X-Cure 160 gil Restores 100 HP.
X-Ether 640 gil Restores 15 MP.

Buff Items

Name Price Description
Crystal - gil Max Attack gauge.
Nectar Stone - gil Temporarily boost Attack.
Stamina Stone - gil Temporarily boost Stamina.
Wisdom Stone - gil Temporarily boost Wisdom.
Will Stone - gil Temporarily boost Will.

Junk Items

Name Price Description
Fang - gil Sell, exchange for info in Jadd.
Gold - gil Sell
Opal - gil Sell
Ruby - gil Sell

Attack Items

Name Price Description
Blaze 240 gil Strong Fire spell.
Blizzard 80 gil Weak Ice spell.
Flame 60 gil Weak Fire spell.
Frost 320 gil Strong Ice spell.
LitBlt 100 gil Weak Thunder spell.
Pillow 100 gil Inflicts Sleep.
Silence 100 gil Inflicts Silence.
Thunder 400 gil Strong Thunder spell.

Key Items

Name Price Description
Amanda's Tear - gil Cure Lester of his curse.
Bone Key - gil Opens door to Underground.
Mystic Mirror - gil Reveals identity of evil beings.
Oil 500 gil Lossen up minecart wheels.
Pendant - gil Reverses waterfalls.
Silver - gil Used to make special armor/weapons.
Bronze Key - gil Opens door to the Marsh Cave.
Key 15 gil Opens locked doors.
Mattock 60 gil Break rocks and unstable walls.

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